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Comments on song "Kora Kagaz Tha Yeh Man Mera"
blatter52 on February 10, 2008
jkenhar on February 20, 2008
Fantastic song,this movie has such a beautiful songs.
Akash Shukla on February 28, 2008
hands down, this is one of my favorite sogns EVER.
sanubhatta on February 28, 2008
Baaf re Baaf...kishor da ki awaaz ka koi jawaab nahi...sala hazaro singer marte hain to ek kishor paida hota hai..
arshad on March 09, 2008
beautyful music by r d burman and great singing by two great lata kishore
paulkrist44 on March 09, 2008
The music for Aradhana was by SD Burman, Rahuldev's father. The son did not
really make such great music as the father, not at least so often.
vadlamani on March 12, 2008
Fantastic song. Hats off to Singers, Lyrics and Music. OLD is GOLD.

Srinivas Vadlamani
boningsaring on March 14, 2008
whenever i listen this song,i,m lost to my beautiful valley of of abode where this film song was shot..truely mesmirizing song!!evrgreen!!
boningsaring on March 14, 2008
whenever i listen this song,am jsut lost to my beautiful valley of abode where this film song ws shot!! what a mesmirzing n hauting song eternally!!
boningsaring on March 17, 2008
hw abut backgrounds n picturisation? any comment?
Appreciationsociety on March 23, 2008
God I feel like crying - these old songs capture a mood. Thank you for posting.
V. Siddhartha on April 05, 2008
A duet of two voices soaked in honey of the most sublime quality! Kishore
is at his best here-- melodiously romantic in his rendition. As for Lata,
well, she is Lata. What more is there to say about our most beloved,
peerless muse. No wonder some fans describe her as Goddess Saraswati
incarnate. The landscape is beautiful but the acting is formulaic and
stereotyped-- the stuff of hundreds of Bollywood movies by now.But who
really cares as long as the lyric uplifts you? Great job, Rajshri.
sagarvasani on April 07, 2008
awesome song!!!!!much better now a days videos!!!!!!!!!
boningsaring on April 07, 2008
No indra, u r wrong!! The backround scene is in Kullu/Manali in Himahchal state!
boningsaring on April 07, 2008
No indra, u r wrong!! The backround scene is in Kullu/Manali in Himahchal state!
prabou75 on April 08, 2008
what a nice melody
Klaus325 on April 11, 2008
Sharmila was such a beauty in those days...
yokoangel on April 12, 2008
I just love how they did there eye makeup like that back in those days.
mkp on April 13, 2008
One of my all time fav's...Lata ji's voice is so sweet in this more words...just enjoy...each
time you listen.
Navanita Chakraborty on April 13, 2008
the melanchony voice of lata and the eternal voice pf kishore take u into
the most beatiful world of romance when u hera this cong..really what a
composition.enjoy it and love it
Navanita Chakraborty on April 13, 2008
the melanchony voice of lata and the eternal voice pf kishore take u into
the most beatiful world of romance when u hera this cong..really what a
composition.enjoy it and love it
champa chameli on April 22, 2008
Where can you find song like this again.not in this time. Beautiful song
roopamchandi93 on May 03, 2008
dats kinda rude dnt u think so ?
roopamchandi93 on May 03, 2008
i dnt think so dat d actors starred in dis song are black n i guess dey r indians
dubai3000 on May 03, 2008
so what? 90% of indians are dark and ugly
bizmath on May 04, 2008
Look yeh... who are u too judge whos is whos??
Firstly respect all other people... we are all god creatures... do not argue as argueing will not lead you any where... life is too short...
Do not discriminate against others... as you cannot help the way you are born...
Dubai AlSaleh on May 10, 2008
go say whatever you want, doesn't change that fact indians are ugly and
kashmiries are beautiful
beatuyqueen60 on May 11, 2008
my mom loves this song she saays everytime she hears it she falls in love.
0032luci on May 12, 2008
Vandana a fost si va ramane filmul preferat mie,a fost filmul copilariei
mele si mi-a insuflat dragostea penru filmul indian
suzusatin on May 13, 2008
It`s high time that people every where should know that, it`s an absolute fact that we have beautiful and ugly people any where in the world, there`s nothing like these people are beautiful and that people are ugly, there`re beautiful and ugly people in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Australia.
We made the world and it`s our main concern to always say the truth about our world and not to be one sided, only just to please our own people, like some people are going about it and that leads tohatred
dawood3k on May 13, 2008
SImPly BeAutIFulllllllllllllllll
beatuyqueen60 on May 14, 2008
whats the nam,e of the movie?and repect peoples cutltures whatever it is and their gods cultures teach people a lot of things and if a teachher ak you about a culture like for instance the indian cultureand the question is :what did the indian people did to help grow the crops?answer:the indians ask the girls young girls to cook food and rain began to grow
Davidarora on May 15, 2008
I am an Indian and I believe Kashmir is part of India. I am agree with you that Kashmiries are beautiful. That mean Indians are beautiful to as they are part of India. May God bless you! I don't think anyone is ugly as they are unique creation of God.
Dubai AlSaleh on May 15, 2008
its not, culture is very different
Sandy Persaud on May 17, 2008
movie is called ARADHANA, I just found that out too, I'm going to go and
buy it toooo
beatuyqueen60 on May 21, 2008
shut up dubai300 if people see a picture you you might look like dark skin ugly dumhead
miniwong13 on May 22, 2008
This song is beautiful!And for Dubai3000 you are a very sad and sick person and there is no hope for people like you. Man you need help from the professionals:)
a2z66 on May 23, 2008
one of the ever lasting songs.
Mathew Joseph on June 16, 2008
long live kaka
rukchu on June 25, 2008
this is for dubai3000, "JIN KE GHAR SHEESHAY KAY HOTAY HAI WOH AURON KAY GHAR PATHER NAHIN MARTHAY" MEANS (One who have glass home shall never pelt stones on others).
n8n818 on July 12, 2008
hey does any 1 know this song it s like this bari mushkil paregi judyeee koi kisi se pyar na kare frm wich movie its frm plz looking 4 it 4 a long time
shreyaR on July 17, 2008
ur namesz is written in mine too BDK.LOVE YOU...XX
hpguyone on July 20, 2008
what a song mama every lover has to listen this song!!!!
great long live
CindyTheIndianRose on July 21, 2008
Really good to hear this classic beautiful song :)
th3dilwalebollyw0od on August 14, 2008
Chandrasorupan on August 18, 2008
Thank you for uploading this golden old song.

I love more olden goldies like this

Siva, Sydney.
KingOfMumbai1989 on September 08, 2008
Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar are such amazing singers!!! This song just rocks!!
podgybear on September 16, 2008
Sharmila is so beautiful n Rajesh Khanna very hadsome
huma7586 on September 18, 2008
that lovely song is from the film Phir teri kahani yaad aaye.
tapobrataha on September 26, 2008
Sublime, surreal. Can't be bettered.
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