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Comments on song "Lapak Jhapak Tu Aa Re Badaravaa"
david0203 on December 19, 2006
es chevere este video. pongan mas de boot polish ps
shortdevil2 on January 12, 2007
thnx man. great song
Jagdish Thakral on February 18, 2007
thank you very much its so refreshing to hear
Gerrit Smith on March 01, 2007
Creative brilliance. Magnificient.
shortdevil2 on April 01, 2007
si! esta pelicula es buena, y esta cancion es muy buena. me gusta esta
cancion. p.s- no soy latino o espanol
AlinaSm on April 25, 2007
Wow!!!! perfect song.makes you feel so unusual!
vishunj on April 26, 2007
Thanx to all of you for your comments :)
serviceisgod on June 03, 2007
Absolutely amazing! Manna Dey at his very best!
vishunj on July 13, 2007
Hi, I am certainly confused now :). As I wrote earlier my conclusion was
based on raagmala site. I will definitely try to look up for the raga. It
may not be one particular raga, it could consist several of the ragas from
the Kanada and Malhar family. But all views and any info are most welcome.
suresh verma on July 15, 2007
Just superb ! Manna Dey is just fabulous. And what a performance by David !
Raj Kapoor re-shot 'Boot Polish', initially independently directed by his
assistant Prakash Arora, again and added songs to the originally planned
'songless' film. And Shankar Jaikishan gave super hit music to make the
film also a big hit.
akashrajsinha2525 on July 17, 2007
aha !!! a golden song .
david0203 on July 28, 2007
sube mas videos de boot polish
saurabh523 on July 29, 2007
hahah wow too good...
Desikan Nambakkam on August 16, 2007
Dear Vishunj, It is great you could find this song and upload. I request
you to locateother songs in the Movie "Nanhe munne bache tere muthi mein
kya hai" and "Taher zara wo jane wale babu mister gore kale." and "Raat
gayi aur din aayegi ..."which were equally if not more popular in those
vishunj on August 17, 2007
Thanx and I will definitely try to upload the songs..right now I am a bit
busy. But will try :)
blazygrl on August 24, 2007
please upload the film, many thxx
rtkirani on October 29, 2007
Beautiful song!
serviceisgod on November 14, 2007
Amazing! Nobody can probably sing this song like the original, rendered by
Manna Dey himself!
OldSongsListner on November 24, 2007
You are right, I don't think anyone can sing this song. Love the range he
pulls. Amazing. Big fan of Manna Dey. Amazing
Asad Ahmed on December 02, 2007
striker380 on December 20, 2007
this movie is really great!i saw it like 2 months,it was sad about the 2
Tamkin Riaz on January 15, 2008
Just Great AskTamkin
atulks on January 22, 2008
When Bootpolish was made initially it did not had a single song. When Raj
Kapoor was shown the film then he told the film will bomb on the
box-office. Then he hurredly summoned Shailendra, Hasrat Jaipuri & Shankar
Jaikishan and inserted some eight to nine songs at various points of the
film. This was the genius of R.K. which gave a great musical like
Bootpolish. - A.K.Srivastava, Mysore
V. Siddhartha on January 26, 2008
Please don't ever let this gem off Youtube. We use the term classic often
as a compliment for great musical hits , but this one is one of those to
which the word classic fits to a "t." A great raga-based song performed
with such humor and wit--how often do we see that combination? Matchless.
Thank you, thank you.
bhiiisham on March 30, 2008
It's Manna De singing. The songs just a semi comical-satirical song with
the bald guy trying to convince the rains to start
bethells86 on April 04, 2008
Is this version Manna Dey's for sure?
shailesh2k1in on April 05, 2008
he is inviting the rains..raga is "miya ke malhaar"
bethells86 on April 20, 2008
I hired and we watched the movie, family enjoyed it. Must admit I haven't
heard a lot of Manna Deys singing(maybe have without knowing was him, like
this one). I like his singing very much.
geva90 on May 10, 2008
thats my grandmoter ancal
geva90 on June 18, 2008
my reletive (: rip david
Nagarjun Roy on July 02, 2008
aceji on August 06, 2008
ADWANI is today's famous politician but there is a famous name from the
past in this clip. He is Buddho ADWANI, the man without any teeth. What a
brill film and superb music by Shanker Jaikishen.
Naresh Mankad on August 17, 2008
The great Manna is in mettle here, really vintage Manna Dey! Remeber some
of his best duets? One such a gem is not available, can anybody try for
"Din albele pyar ka mausam.." from Begunah?
ketu29 on August 27, 2008
rafi sahab,manna da,talat mehmood,hemant da,
kk -the greatest ever, not necessarily in that order.
bhiiisham on September 07, 2008
David was among the best actors I have seen... notches above most (maybe
all) actors of that time. Too bad he never got his dues... one of the evils
of cinema I guess...the tall dark and handsome's get the credit they do not
deserve, while the true actors are hardly known.
geva90 on September 08, 2008
your so true man.. thats the hard life you got to have artafical quallities
to get famoues, true skiil people dont get credit... your indian?
Farhad Music on December 15, 2008
ahaha awesome classic tune.
Sankara Subramanian on December 23, 2008
Ji, what a beautiful song. In carnatic music this raag is called dharbari
kaanada.Thank u very much for your wonderful collecttion.
studer3500 on February 01, 2009
many thanks for such a wonderful classical song. I am not keen on Indian
"leading" actors as most (with very few exceptions like Rajinder Kumar)
can't act and copy Western actors like Charlie Chaplin, Elvis etc.
Supporting actors like David, Balraj Sanhi, Mehmood and Mukri were a cut
above the so-called "actors" of past and current era.
BOB IYER on April 17, 2009
This song based on raag Darbari kanada is brilliantly sung by Manna Babu
,one of the most talented playback singers of Bollywood. With the success
of this comical song based on pure classical raga he was made to sing
several other such songs by other directors. "Chalo hato kaheko jhuti
batiyaan ", " Ek Chatur Naar",,Pyaar ki aag mein tan "etc. to name a few.
Subhajit Sen on May 23, 2009
Arguably the most beautiful classical music based song by Manna Dey. Did
not know about the comical aspect of the video. Thanks for posting.
tefbendir1 on May 27, 2009
deliler hapishanesi rıtım orkestrası
subroto81 on June 01, 2009
ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING..Manna Dey is AWesome here...TRUE DESI MUSIC.BANGLA power..india ZINDABAD!!! Thank you everyone for your comments. Very Knowledgeable people here.
Bharat Desai on June 01, 2009
RK was never afraid of exprimenting. Only RK-SJ-MD trio could have created
such a classicaal magic with such comic lyrics so well performed by David &
Co. Thanks.
Sunthar Visuvalingam on June 24, 2009
You might appreciate this classic better by watching it again after reading
my discussion entitled "The Lapak Jhapak approach to Bollywood, Indian
aesthetics and Vedic ritual" Click on my user-name above, and when you get
to my YouTube profile, click on the link to my svAbhinava website: you'll
see the link to the discussion in the "What's New" section, top of the left
sidebar. Enjoy! Sunthar
Sunthar Visuvalingam on June 24, 2009
The contentious identity of the râga is also discussed and the solution
proposed is that this illustrates the 'semblance of râga' (râgâbhâsa) that
hovers between the KâNaDa and Malhâr families. There's also a funny
comparison to the Frog-Hymn of the Rig Veda... Sunthar
Sunthar Visuvalingam on June 24, 2009
If you read my essay, you'll see that I include Adana within the Kanada
family (in that they both share the same scale). Actually, Miyan ki (unlike
the original form of Shuddha) Malhar also has a Kânada 'limb' (anga), which
further explains the relative ease with which the 2 râgas can be melded for
such 'unorthodox' situations. Sunthar
pandit2406 on June 25, 2009
YouTube does not allow posting of URLs here. So click on my username above (pandit2406), and when you get to my YouTube profile, click on the link to my svAbhinava website: you'll see the link to the discussion in the "What's New" section, top of the left sidebar.

subroto81 on June 29, 2009
Truly classical indian music from no influences from anywhere else.
tejashyamgopal on July 11, 2009
I cant help but hear the closeness (as a lay man) between
this song
Jhanak Jhanak tori baje payaliya
and Cham cham baje re payaliya

maybe the raaga is the same or something..

just an observation ..pls dont start a whole new thread abusing me...:)
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