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Comments on song "Lo Chalee Main, Apne Devar Kee Barat Le Ke"
sagar2007 on January 31, 2008
Wonderful scene. :)
wantuzad on February 06, 2008
wow innocent salman
viraj01 on February 26, 2008
what do you mean innocent salman i know he killed the person but it was
accident not being mean
Sarah Singh on March 11, 2008
great song but when she died it could of been shown better i think like
instead of falling down stairs it could of been in labour or something.
don't mean to be a downer
babigyal9 on March 12, 2008
na but i fink its lyk she's d only one hu knows bwt d oda 2.. but they dnt
say nefin cus ov d famli, so it had 2 kinda b lyk tha..
bolly1luver on March 25, 2008
i luv dis movie! 1 of da best! a classic of madhuri n salman! it was sooo
gud, comedy, roamnce n family drama all filled in 1 !! i luv it! n da sngs
r da best!
aradhna on March 28, 2008
so sad pooja dies!!
tigeracademy singh on April 08, 2008
salman khan has always been a better actor than the overactor shahrukh
mbrocs13 on April 20, 2008
i luv this song!! and i cried
janicegabgabriel on April 26, 2008
I love this song... its really kool can't stop waching it. Very nice.
Liger Renegade on May 20, 2008
Salman was so good in this movie, he was born to play characters like Prem.
I just wish movies can go back to being like this, they were such a treat
to watch.
SoulStorm87 on August 10, 2008
Renuka has such a beautiful smile just like madhuri
nida1986 on August 21, 2008
Man,,i love this song,,i so wana watch the film, can sum1 plz upload it,
thankx x
hooKS299 on September 06, 2008
the part after this song is so sad!
funfilledlife07 on September 17, 2008
madhuri is the best..
sajzkal on September 29, 2008
inshallah 1 day i cn take ma devaars baraath wid proud x x x pliz guys do
pray dat i do x x
kessaven on October 13, 2008
i wish i had a bhabhi like you i pray lol
naughtyinae on October 14, 2008
Love the Song! And Love Madhuri :)
sajzkal on October 15, 2008
i dedicate this song to u dewarji x x jaldi shadi karo mujeh bhi hukam
chalaaneh hain... hum bhi hazaar saappne dekteh hain lol
kessaven on October 15, 2008
lol aap ki hukum saar akhon pe bhabhi ji!!
Payal Patel on October 17, 2008
I love this song! But the part after this is really sad, I cried =(
jotibains on November 20, 2008
i loved this movie.. it was soo emotional at the end.. it made me cry..
bengaligl on December 11, 2008
hum apke hain kaun
shay1112 on December 15, 2008
this movie was so depressing :[ but im glad my parents made me watch it
hot4u01 on December 16, 2008
someone needs to upload the whole movie please!!!
gorramshiiny on December 31, 2008
They have it on veoh, search HAHK1, HAHK2, and HAHK3 :)
Saad Shafique on January 05, 2009
lol that poor baby
Sudeshna Hamal on January 08, 2009
salman was sooo thinn back then!!..
yup it's me on January 11, 2009
MIQena on January 13, 2009
Wow What an I say Classic Colourful and Lovely film with a really sad scene
:(, but still great!
desidol22 on January 18, 2009
and soo sweet looking =[
divyanka1984 on February 28, 2009
I Love This Song And Salman Khan Madhuri Dixit Too
shania2124 on April 05, 2009
i hate how she dies in the movie she was one sweetheart babhi,,,, love this
ranabhola on April 11, 2009
neither do I. For me this movie ends here.
MillYd4b3St on May 04, 2009
da sista is so pretttyyyy. x
gorramshiiny on May 09, 2009
if you download that veoh web player thing, you can get the whole thing in
a few parts. But I bet you could also torrent it...
sugarstorm05 on May 11, 2009
great L song for antakshari :P
dilbara18 on May 28, 2009
i love how she dances with her aanchal! its sooo sweet! why did she have to
die? =(
Latti Jawadi on June 08, 2009
Same here! :O Bollywood, became hollywood . and that! is a disaster :>
Whats Madhuris sisters name? :O
darpar1 on June 15, 2009
I had the good fortune of living through the 90s and a very small part of
the 80s. There is something about this movie that brings back childhood
movies. But yeah, I, myself, don't understand why bollywood feels like it
has to try to be like hollywood. Bollywood definitely started to go
downhill around 2004 or 2005.
darpar1 on June 15, 2009
I tend to watch the old bollywood films on youtube if they have english
subtitles. Have you watched any of the horror movies made by the Ramsey
brothers? I, myself, was actually thinking about HAHK being remade. I don't
think Salman Khan will be able to put on this image again, though. Lol. In
HAHK, he looked like a nice and sensitive person. Now, he looks like some
player who picks fights with people in a bar. Lol. It's funny to look at
him in Maine Pyar Kiya and to look at him now. Lol.
darpar1 on June 16, 2009
HAHK stands for "Hum Aapke Hain Koun." I didn't know that until recently.
Yeah, the image comparison is really funny. Another interesting thing to
think about is that he is not that muscular in his 1994 movies, but he is
jacked up in his 1995 movies. I wonder how he put on all that muscle in
just a year. As for films by the Ramsey brothers, I thought "Purana
Mandir," and "Veerana" were pretty good. Their horror movies have typical
horror movie elements but aren't really scary, which I like.
darpar1 on June 17, 2009
I thought those horror films were definitely worth watching. I thought they
had pretty good plots. Yeah, I would be really interested to hear what he
would have to say. Yeah, I respect him a lot because he is not too obsessed
with his look. The only thing he might have done is get a hair transplant,
but that's not really a big deal. In Maine Pyar Kiya, he was toned. Now, he
is big and bulky. I think he was a swimmer in high school, so that's
probably why he was lean.
darpar1 on June 18, 2009
I suppose he is obsessed in that sense. It probably does take a lot of hard
work for him to maintain that bulky a body, considering that he is over 40.
Well, he is rich, famous, and handsome, but I heard that he mistreated his
girlfriends. He beat Ashwariya Rai and threatened her, and he poured a
glass of beer over Somy Ali's (another one of his ex-girlfriends) head. As
for Katrina, I get the feeling that she is using him to boost her career.
If he wasn't so brash, I think he would be married.
darpar1 on June 19, 2009
Yeah, he probably is going to stay single. Well, I have heard some good
things about him. I know he loves children and he donates a lot of money to
hospitals and orphanages. But then he has gone to jail for poaching and
killing a homeless person with his reckless driving. What's interesting is
that all these bad incidents started happening after he got muscular. This
makes me wonder if he took steroids. As I mentioned earlier, I noticed that
he put on a lot of muscle for just one year.
Latti Jawadi on July 18, 2009
Do anyone know if the baby is Renukas or someones IRL. Or is it just a
random, baby .. ehh? :P sooooooooooo cute anyway! <3
Joël on August 15, 2009
look good. Her dupatta from her saree is everytime left. And from 2:37 she
weare it on right
ssssdd123 on August 29, 2009
every line of song is just so meaningful and situational...all looking so
presentable.. lovely
algoseer on October 06, 2009
the beat is like those of the marathi songs.even the way renuka dances.
Anishack on October 13, 2009
would like to know the meaning of this song anyone can u translate please??
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