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Comments on song "Made In India Made In India"
kapilvirk on August 25, 2008
that album was made for nazia hasan but she pulled out of it
harshid4india on October 08, 2008
alisha is super cute
jholworld on November 11, 2008
shez like a cute
rahulvinal on March 10, 2009
which albam is this song from "hi rabba hi rabba meri jaan usi tasiri java" i cant find it in you-tube.
Ahmad Ishaque on October 07, 2009
Yeh Java ke program ki script hai...aur isse sabit ho jata hai ki dunya
tikoni hai..jabke iska har kona lambai mein aadha hai
Ahmad Ishaque on October 07, 2009
Acha tumhe zyada knowledge hai kya???? mujhe is par shak hai.aur yaad
rahe tum par bhi...
hrishipooja on July 26, 2010
can any 1 tell me the rap song which started like this''ek baar muze pyaar
tu kar ek baar mere sath tu chal--ek baar muze mud ke tu dekh ,,ek baar
bass ek baaar...i was a kid at that time i guess around 1996-1997,,if
anyone knows the actual name or link of this song pleaseeee tell me.
cerika100 on October 15, 2010
I sang this song in my first year of collage nd was super hit..nd they all
shouted at me like once more..still remember that day...
divaa tandon on May 17, 2014
this song's for NaMo!!
Annie M on May 26, 2014
love this song
Akshay Meshram on May 29, 2014
:-) *nice song*
Shanthy Thangavelu on May 29, 2014
Alisha, one of my fav's. An original.
Madina Maudarbocus on June 01, 2014
And the handsome prince carried her away and they lived happily ever after
happy Selim maijdee on June 12, 2014
best song
Malvinder Kaur Mangat on June 14, 2014
so funny! the way themes were thought for these videos! coming from
extremely good looking family of men starting with my father...later in
life i tried to experiment and it bombed! i thought i had enough of these
so called himbos but guess even the others let me down!
Syed Shujath on June 16, 2014
this is
my favourite song 
Swathy Sunilkumar on June 17, 2014
Proud to be an Indian
Kajol Ahmad on June 22, 2014
Supar song & singsr
Mare bahat peary singsr
Nirmaan Aggarwal on June 24, 2014
I saw this when I was 8. Still amazing! Made in India! :)
Ankit Tak on June 26, 2014
Ok.. Guys.. We all were kids when we first heard this song... And It
refreshes our memories from childhood now...
Kanwarpreet singh Kharoud on July 05, 2014
I was quiet young when I first saw this video, but today after is many
years, I can say that it's a good song and a decent video too.
Shantam Sharma on July 10, 2014
Am i the only one who figured out the similarities between dark horse and
this video!??
sudhir vikram Bhargava on July 13, 2014
Excellent superb awesome . Thanks .
ranjitaulakh happy on July 13, 2014
love this song
emeroeld dsouza on July 19, 2014
That Indian guy was soooooooo hot
Pratap Geddada on July 29, 2014
super song stil and ever fresh. really milind suman is top model of
Xiilappy Xii on August 10, 2014
This video also popular in Malaysia..

#peace from Malaysia
Xiilappy Xii on August 10, 2014
This video also popular in Malaysia..

#peace from Malaysia
princerulez on August 15, 2014
HIT LIKE, if u listened to this song again on 15th aug 2014 ;)
Yasir Khan on August 15, 2014
oo I heard this song in my childhood but just remembered the tune not the
lyrics.. anyway pleased to hear it again after years.The video is somewhat
crap LOL but i still liked it !! Those 90s were THE days wish I could go
back in time!
Dhairya Khale on August 25, 2014
After seeing the video, my pet frog died. Now I'm having constipation.
Aygun Samadova on August 28, 2014
Nice song! Reminds me my school years :)
Greetings from Azerbaijan :)
m2monty on August 28, 2014
my favorite one since my childhood .now I'm 26
I used to be waiting for this song at Doordarshan .ahhahahaha
aaega aaega gya and TV volume at max.
deepika prashar on September 09, 2014
This song give me a feeling of a queen...just love this song..lovely
Bruce Wayne on September 10, 2014
At least now we know what Narendra Modi's favourite song is. xD
Rohit Ajani on September 11, 2014
I was about 10 years old when I first heard this song.Now I feel good that
I've heard it agian
Каныбек Парманов on September 14, 2014
Каныбек Парманов on September 15, 2014
mritunjay guha on September 18, 2014
my childhood's favorite
Jass Mehmi on September 21, 2014
russiancatsima on September 24, 2014
Wow.If all men in India looked like young Milind Soman, then there would
be a very congested traffic to this country...:)
Very nice video, thanks, and sweet song.
Alisha Rahman on September 24, 2014
When I was in school we used to sing this song I was in a English version
everyone loved this song.Made in India 
Alisha Rahman on September 24, 2014
But this version isn't that good I like the one we sang in our school
Kinjal Parikh on September 27, 2014
This song is inspired from video of MJ's Remember the
Theonehere100 on September 27, 2014
Here;s the story of a hopelessly westernized lady who wants to marry an
Indian guy.
Rose Mary Joseph on September 28, 2014
Heard it when I ws a kid...reminds me hw different world ws back then
Rose Mary Joseph on September 28, 2014
Heard it when I ws a kid...reminds me hw different world ws back then
Mimi Kidman on September 29, 2014
Let this be !
Even an american man would like to have an american woman as his wife.
This is not racism. She is showing the love that she has for her country.
I respect her for that.

But there are certain bollywood films and songs in which actors and
actresses say that India is the best country in the world, It is the
greatest country in the world. They will make the entire world dance to
their tunes.. In these movies, foreign countries are often criticised.
English people are criticised.
Why do they do so ? Bollywood films are sold internationally. Imagine how
those English people would feel when they are criticised in these bollywood
indira saidova on October 04, 2014
Ochen' krasivaya pesnya i muzika. Prosto super!!!
indira saidova on October 04, 2014
Hit 90x godov.
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