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Comments on song "Mai Ri Main Kaase Kahun Pir Apne Jiya Ki (Sung By Madan Mohan)"
mousiqar on November 21, 2009
excelent,what a delivery of notes/bunesh/really gives pleasue to listen
this beautiful song
nasrarehman on February 15, 2010
wahh wahhhhhhhhh...thanks
Naveen Gupta on May 06, 2010
I am in love with this song, I have heard this song hundreds of time in recent weeks each week it sound like first time,, What to say about Lata and Madan Mohan If I get opportunity i will just hold Lata's feet she is godess saraswati... MAA Tujhe Salaam
djshah1955 on May 13, 2010
this osng on rehana sultan now wife or b r ishra
not on vahida raheman
rehna sultan win natinal award for this film
Atul Shah on May 14, 2010
the instrument u r reffering is sitar played by ustad rais khan.
Atul Shah on May 14, 2010
for ur kind information madanji was a great singer i have personaly seen him singing & composing his songs.
waawduk on May 15, 2010
the actress was rehana sultana & not waheeda. but gr8 subtle movie with great music & lyrics. can one post original in voice of Bade Ghulam Alikhansaheb's "Baiyann naa dharo"
wagishkashyap on May 26, 2010
EverGreen Songs,thanx for loading
TheDaytripperr on June 11, 2010
> cool. dinno that. thanks a bunch.
Navtej Singh on June 16, 2010
madan sahab ne ye ga kar apne aap ko amar kar liya. music to unhone bahut diya per is gane ko apni awaj de kar ye bhi bata diya ki unka dil kitna pure hai. har koi is tarah nahi ga sakta jab tak wo rafi saheb na ho. lata ji per to yeh bhi ilzam aate hain ki unhone suman kalyan pur ka career kharaab kiya per is gane ko sun ne ke baad madan sahab per kya tohmat lagaoge?
kamaldutta9 on June 17, 2010
Sorry about that. Indeed it was Rehana Sultan. I got the names mixed up. Great music anyway.
tubepipevision on July 02, 2010
Just like the incident reported by kamal Dutta about Madan Mohan Ji singing this song for play back in place of Lata Ji, it reminds me of another superhit song of Lata Ji which was sung by Madan Ji for similar reasons. It was "Naina Barse rim jhim" from Woh kaun Thi. The film unit had reached Shimla for filming of this song and the song was not recorded. To salvage the situation Madan Ji recorded this song in his own voice and sent the tape to Unit at Shimla. Sadhna matched the expressions.
push2612 on July 17, 2010
One of the rearest one. Very difficult to get in Madan Mohanji's voice
Love it.
yadvinderpaul on September 01, 2010
this is a wonderful and evergreen song. Only the music director to the stature of madan mohan could have composed ot.
Reetu Sharma on November 10, 2010
awesome music madanji is gr8 composer
Aniketsonuk on November 11, 2010
Very Beautiful song! Beautiful by both Lataji as well as Madanji!
Good lyrics also! Can anybody tell me lyricist Name.
ziglib23 on November 23, 2010
just when I was beginning to despair that songs like this were forgotten- just listen to the 17 year old Abhilasha render this song - Madan Mohanji- touched by the hand of God and your music lives in the next generation. and the next ... and the next.
SKASHOKKUMAR on December 05, 2010
Madan Mohan lives for ever in our lives. He was one of the greatest music
directors and he has sung this song beautifully.
sushilchhabra123 on December 11, 2010
...GULSHAN BANWRA...he was a loving personality he worked in hindi films as very less kown comedian and asone of the best best lyricist ...sushil chhabra
sushilchhabra123 on December 11, 2010
Amazing song of time sung by MADAN JI resung by LATA ji and Compossed by GULSHAN BANWRA JI
sushilchhabra123 on December 11, 2010
.yes VERY TRUE...
heramehta on December 16, 2010
Excellent, I was waiting to listen this Madan Mohan's Voice. Thanks for uploading sucha nice song.
raviprotima on December 29, 2010
Gulshan Bawra was not the author of this song. It was the legendary Majrooh Sultanpuri
MUkund101 on January 03, 2011
It's none other than the legendary Majrooh Sultanpuri.
MUkund101 on January 03, 2011
It's not vaheeda. It must be Rehana Sultan.
The222333666 on January 27, 2011
kya aaj ke jamane me bhi ase phankar paida honge hamare desh me so sweet sir i m proud of it that i m a bhartiya
charugupta64 on March 07, 2011
Absolute treat for Madam Mohan's fans. This is only song that I know is sung by this not his composition? I know lyrics are by MajroohSP..but music is by MM.and the woman is not Waheeda, it is Rehana Sultana. MM was in army...he left that to follow voice of his heart n decided to pursue music. He defied his father and it is said his music reflects that defiance but I find his music a beautiful translation of every emotion of luv. His immortal music is a treat to music lover
pistachioguy on March 20, 2011
After listening to Madan Mohan's pathos-filled rendition of this song, it
is very difficult for me to listen to Lata's version of it. I stop the
recording there.
mozheart on April 03, 2011
I am addicted to his voice. Despite his paan chewing mouth, I hear more
sentiments than in the otherwise perfect Lata version.
arvindgokhale on April 09, 2011
A great song rendered by both Lata and Madan Mohan
sudhirkakkar on April 11, 2011
sushilchhabra123 on April 20, 2011
Madan Mohan Ji sung this song very well his Music is immortal and the above story is very true before singing this song such permision was granted from legend singer Lata Ji and innitially she sung this song on the telephone after Madan ji told all the lyrics to her so this composition was finallized so Madan ji sung this song ..after some time when lata ji returned from abroad THIS WONDERFUL SONG was again recorded
Prem Chauhan on May 09, 2011
Those who are specially blessed by Almighty with a sense of feeling pain from the music and singing, they will have to agree with me that the amount of pain and melody , which Madan Ji could put in this song unmatched...Lata ji does not seems to closer to this performance...She could not touch that peak ...Madan Has Been greatest...
purutoke on May 11, 2011
Madanji tusi great ho.This song is touching my heart.This song is all time great.
sudhirkakkar on May 13, 2011
: Another song that comes immediately to mind is NAINA BARSEY RIM JHIM RIM JHIM.
Brahmoham on May 22, 2011
What a treat... thank you!
Viney Mehra on May 26, 2011
Rakesh Sharma on June 09, 2011
No this was planned by Lata ji & song recordists of HMV, when LATA ji was deliberately singing it with some errors, which on repetition annoyed Madan Mohan ji a bit and Lata ji requested MM ji to explain the tune in his own voice. He reluctantly agreed but asked to stop the recording. The Minoo Katrak(song recordist) left, pretending that no recording is on, where as it was on.That is how this great voice of this Great Maestro could ever be recorded. Really magical.
amitbivalkar on June 23, 2011
We @ Humraahi Pune are doing a show on 14th July Shri Madan Mohan's Death Anniversary in Pune with 22 musicians live and 4 singers
sharmanarotam1611 on July 19, 2011
Madan Mohan ji was known for being maestro for creating music for Ghazals. This song is perhaps the only recorded song in his voice and stands out amongst the best Bollywood songs. I wish many other music directors had recorded songs in their voice. It would have been interesting and a challenge to many singers of the day. Further, this would have added to the list of limited singers that we had in those days.
apparaoarani on July 29, 2011
SharmaNarotam ji , It is a Challenge ,you are write , For example you here the song " Baandhi preethi phool dore , man leke chithchor door jaanaa na " (written by Pt.Narendra Sarma) for film " Malathi Madhav " (1951) sung by Music director Sudhir Phadke and Latha . both are availble in UT . You can find those vibrations ( Gamakams ) in Sudhir Phadke's song , and in Latha's song just a plain song - Arani.Apparao-Hyderabad.A.P.
videsai2002 on August 28, 2011

Brahmoham on September 18, 2011
Why does this song bring tears to my eyes - The pathos is heart rending. Lovely to hear Madan Mohanji sing. Of course Lataji is incomparable, but that is not the point is it? MMji's voice is the expression of the mind that conceived the tune... the rawness has an authenticity and magic that an accomplished singer can only match with much effort. Thanks for uploading.
archelsa on October 16, 2011
Amazing song and voice. Just love it.
sujata6660 on October 16, 2011
From 2 years I am searching this song of Madan Mohan followed by Lata. Million thanks for uploading.
Sujata Gupta
Rahul Nandkeolyar on October 27, 2011
This is brilliant!!! Thank you so much for uploading.
egotist01 on November 01, 2011
This is the end of the world.Thanks & God Bless...
cibby sangwani on November 05, 2011
madan mohan ji ki aawaj bhi melodious hai
bhorkar22 on November 07, 2011
what a melodious song ? madan mohan ji ka jawab nahin.
PARAMJEET SINGH KAHLON on December 16, 2011
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