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Comments on song "Main Kya Janoon Kya Jadoo Hai"
V. Siddhartha on August 20, 2009
Glorious, as all your uploads of KLS have been!
buttegowda on August 20, 2009
Dear Sir, You made my day. Thanks for posters of Zindagi. I hope to see the
upload of other songs from Zindagi. Great music by Pankaj Mullick and
excellent singing from KLS.
IMIRZA777 on August 20, 2009
Great upload.. Thanks
chandrakant rudrapatna on September 02, 2009
A fabulous song by a fabulos singer. Thanks for posting
samjhave on September 24, 2009
Thank you all my freinds.
samjhave on October 09, 2009
Thank you all for your kind appriciation.
hamidfchohan on January 30, 2010
What an unimmitable voice of the greatest K L Saigal. Thanks for being so kind to load this gem.
justaname5 on February 06, 2010
I remember hating the voice of KL Saigal in my teens, even as my parents
and grandparents could not get enough of him. Now I myself can't get enough
of his voice. lol...His voice is like well aged wine, one will not
appreciate this voice the first time one hears it, but once you acquire
this taste, nothing else will do! You are hooked forever.
Naresh Warikoo on February 26, 2010
Unsurpassed! Even Lata couldn't come anywhere near in her dedication to
Saigal. God bless for the upload!
kanwarjit1000 on July 19, 2010
@egotist01 Absolutely True! Nevertheless, we should not forget the fact
that Saigal sang it in his thirtees, whereas, Lata sang this number in her
sixties. What Lata sang in her thirties, and what would have Saigal
commented upon her singing, is anyone's guess? Saigal is Saigal. Poori Sadi
beet gai, doosra koi nahin aya Saigal jaisa. Saigal ko suno to lagta hai
Poora Aasman saath men ga raha hai. Hairat hoti hai ki woh kaun thay?
Listening to him first time, PC Barua, KC Dey thought "Gandharv"!
gopal iyer on July 29, 2010
Lovely song by KL saigal.Also sung by Pankaj Mullick.You have taken to my
younger days. Heartfelt gratitude to you. G K Iyer
2007suresh on July 30, 2010
why there is no video of this rare gem? is it not available?
suraiya das on August 16, 2010
since childhood i m listening this song . have no words to appreciate.thanx
for uploading .
chaitanyajosh on September 26, 2010
A masterpiece!! There is ofcourse the golden voice of the Great K L Saigal
but also the orchestration is quite complex - which considering the early
days of the indian film music is even more laudable.
Malini A on November 01, 2010
Beautiful, thanks so much for sharing with us and retrieving back the old
hits. I can't think of any new song that can match this beautiful
RituPM :) FEELThePurityPeace&DepthINMusicINYourShr on November 10, 2010
A RARE DELIGHT!! Come to think of It, Isn't it AMAZING that we're ALL
enjoying this "BEAUTIFULLY sung" Vintage GEM of the LEGEND KUNDAN LAL
would be YEARS down the lane to LISTEN to him sing these, THANKS to some
that MOST of us TAKE FOR GRANTED!! :) AWESOME! Thanks! 10th Nov.2010'
savita damle on December 12, 2010
@egotist01 graet song. i simply love it.
savitaranju on December 12, 2010
great song . i simply love it.
toogood1960 on April 06, 2011
It is really a jadoo. thanks for uploading and getting plethora of good wishes and blessings.
Sujoy Majumdar on April 14, 2011
Diamonds are always diamonds- they are liked by people of all generations
anoopsEars on May 13, 2011
no wonder even the masters like kishore and so many others were fasinated
by saigaljee's voice a jadoogar in the world of voice
ANWAR7579 on June 02, 2011
Song beyond priase and admiration. Absloute masterpiece by K.L Saigal.
Thanks for the post. Anwar
T. Ch Hanuman Rao on September 29, 2011
fantastic feast to ears
Dipak Majumdar on October 29, 2011
Thank you for let us enjoy this rare gem.
Colonel Rao on October 31, 2011
Saigal sahib was a god sent singer to united India that was destroyed by
the political leaders
Colonel Rao on November 04, 2011
This song is one of the most popular one. Lataji in her tribute, sang, but
she was no match to Saigal Sahib. He had his unique style and rendering
ability and voice control and expression of emotion. He was unique by
himself. That si why he is Divine sent singer to us. Thanks for upload.
Sajid Rafique on November 22, 2011
@ritupm Ibtidaye ishq maen rota hay kya..aage aage dekhiye hota hay kya...I
mean, Youtube is magical today but do you know the future ??
99farooque on December 31, 2011
there are no words to admire this beutiful, heart touching song, Long live
K.L.Saigel, your voice is lafaani, amar. thank you samjhave foe uploading
this song
p.s sriram on February 01, 2012
The magical combinatio of saigal & pankaj mullick!
99farooque on February 18, 2012
very nice Saigal sahab nice song...good music(pakhaj malick) beautiful
lyric(kedar sharma). soooooo gooooood thanks samjhave sahab for uploading.
Shri Nandan on March 18, 2012
kodimalar on March 21, 2012
wonderful song
TheXPrisoner on March 30, 2012
i am listening to this in 2012 and i am going to listen to this in 2050.
59coolangel on April 28, 2012
beautiful song.
Dilip Gupte on May 04, 2012
Listen to the word KYAA. The 'murki' is so sweet that not even trained
singers can sing so well. Sigal has immortalised this song. Sweet tune.
Sadly, no print of this film is available.
sudiptakiran on September 26, 2012
simply superlative!!!! there is no other word to describe this fabulous
Champa Gopalakrishna on September 27, 2012
i actually fell in love with this song and others of that era of saigal,
punkaj mullick etc only after lataji's audio cassette of shraddhanjali.i've
heard my uncle singing piya ilan ko jana. that was the first time i heard
it, sometime in 1983.
shachindra dhar Naithani on February 18, 2013
thanks for the lovely upload great sir thanks once again
abdul khaleck Motala on March 11, 2013
He was indias greatest singer
Zulqarnin Abbasi on March 30, 2013
great voice
Zulqarnin Abbasi on April 01, 2013
saigal saab yr voice ever ever with us
Nasreen Quadri on April 16, 2013
We are listening even two more years after your comment and the music
lovers will continue to enjoy this melody even 72 years hence.
sudiptakiran on May 01, 2013
A great confluence of music and singing - unsurpassable!!
Bursesb on May 29, 2013
kl saigal the best singer no one can match him ...salaam kunisaat all
namaskaars in all languages...
Zarina Shaikh on June 08, 2013
I love this song very very much.
Anand Pandey on October 02, 2013
I love this classic too much. I remember listening this masterpiece while
driving from Abu Dhabi to Dubai & it was pure bliss.God bless Sehgal sahab
Visveswar .s on October 07, 2013
K L saigal is a greatest singer for ever. I have heard one more song by
this great singer and I do not know the exact lyrics and may be this is the
reason why I am not able to search that song. it goes like this , Jeevan
saans suhaj prabhu (2) jal tal naache jantal nanche, naache man ka mora.
Jhum Jhum jhoolan thar naache and so on.hope you can guide me in finding
out. thanks
htgajjar on October 17, 2013
This is called a Real Music.
UtubeS on December 28, 2013
I am not from that generation. But i dont know why I still like saigal
songs. Very good vocals actually...
sm5931 on March 13, 2014
TO VISWA 1957, You are referring to: JEEVAN KA SUKH AAJ PRABHU MOHE,
This is from the Movie ...”Dhoop Chaon.” In the picture it is rendered/sung
by Shri KC Dey.
Interestingly, KL Saigal was rejected as unsuitable by Nitin Bose, the
director of this movie. According to the biography of Saigal published
recently, Saigal was dejected so much by this refusal for the selection for
acting in ” DHOOP CHAON” that he started to drink. Nitin Bose later on
Also there is a mystery behind sudden accelerated untimely death of KL
Saigal which is generally unknown - a crime story of his foul murder by
taking recourse to the utmost vile means will surely one day come to light
to the utter horror of general public, as Truth cannot be suppressed. But
this only after the already commenced joint cleaning actions of KALKI /
SHIVA are carried through and TRUTH is completely adopted in thoughts and
deeds by Indians. 
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