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Comments on song "Maine Shaayad Tumhe, Pahle Bhi Kahi Dekha Hai"
Jagdish Thakral on June 12, 2007
beautiful gazal thnx
suresh verma on July 05, 2007
Another gem from 'Barsaat Ki Raat'. Probably Roshan Saheb's most successful
film. Sahir Ludhianvi, as usual, weaves magic with his words. Could anybody
sing it better than Mohd. Rafi ? Just cannot think of anyone.
Nick Maneck on August 06, 2007
My friend: Look at the glass as half full. Rafi's velvet voice,the gestures
of Madhubala. Terrific Lyrics. Bharat Bhushan is Bharat Bhushan only a
mother could love.
pais1003 on August 06, 2007
LOL...suppose you are right...Madhubala, Rafi, Sahir & Roshan are the things to consider here...Thx
invnone on August 08, 2007
a gem of a song and ghazal
Supes909 on November 07, 2007
Brilliant Rafi saab - Magical voice. BTW the music director "Roshan" is
Hrithak Roshans grandfather.
Mihir Thakar on November 28, 2007
awesome lyrics! Sahirji! masha allah! and of course Madhubala! speachless
nasratkha on December 28, 2007
look at Modhubala! Heavenly beauty! I wish my wife was like her!
Sumble Khan on January 01, 2008
Oh she looks gorgeous. My absolute favorite actress. And my favorite actor
(I wanted to marry him when I was younger) is Dilip Kumar. :D
ambindia on January 21, 2008
what a combination of sarod and sarangi. also vaham se jo ho naazuk vo
yaqeen lagti ho!!
ambindia on January 21, 2008
sorry that should read vaham se BHI jo ho naazuk.
ambindia on January 21, 2008
aanch deti hui barsaat ki yaad aati hai!!
tyerji on February 03, 2008
han mere sath bhi kutuch asa he hua
kchopra4080 on March 23, 2008
No taxes due for wishing!
om brahma on March 28, 2008
Truthfully, Upon seeing Madhubala I would like to recall every night.
Barsaat ki Raat ya Bijli ki Raat, there is always a thought of Raat Paree
looking like Madhubala. Ki mein jooth boliya?
sheena baci on September 03, 2008
Really ..there is no one beautiful like MADHUBALA in dis whole wortld. .
she is just godd!
bhoolabisra on September 04, 2008
Man this song has a great groove to it,makes you feel like your
floating,nothing like old school,thanx for putting this up,peace!!!!
heavyatheart on December 28, 2008
really captivating melody by Roshan. Rafi imparts his best voice as usual.
Harsha Kapileshwar on January 19, 2009
Rafi is amazing.
exoticbeb on March 06, 2009
kya gana hai..Superb.
shahidrafifan on March 17, 2009
Mohammad Rafi the greatest singer in the world ever. what a voice what control, what skill, what range, inimitable even today. Underrated by indian film industry who only awarded him a handful of awards and none posthumously. Just look at the shear number of difficult songs he sang. A pillar of the industry. They should mourn the loss of such talant every night and every day
crowshik on April 18, 2009
we really do shahid.
Asif Shams on May 01, 2009
very very nice collection in your Account
heavyatheart on June 13, 2009
Only Roshan & SD Burman were two brave musicians who gave superhits with
almost no instruments. What a song !!
thesaral on June 14, 2009
Why mourn? Rafiji sang to lift listeners to heavenly heights, not to sink and mourn him. He got many awards and where is end? Awards are not ends/goals by themselves, but small tokens to appreciate and encourage. Rafiji got best award- the hearts of millions. If singer gets all awards all the time, what do you want to give creator who made the singer? Stop complaining and start celebrating life and Rafiji's songs!
dboy0189 on August 19, 2009
madhubala sweet innocent and amazing beauty , impressions acting along with
body language ever lasting beauty and Rafi shaab a voice from heaven
priceless .
pingtampa on October 10, 2009
While agree with shahidrafifan, I would like add that Rafi Sahab has staunch fans today (and growing!) - decades after his passing away. His popularity today is beyond the imagination and reach of new generation "stars". Indian music industry could scratch their heads but we know where Rafi sahab stands.
Siddharth Bhattacharya on October 23, 2009
Well I won't say that this is near to original one. But your voice has a
very unique sweetness that has it's own originality. I actually heard it
over and over again simply because you have a very uniquely enchanting
voice.I am sure you have a very huge fan following and you have a new
fane in me.
Narinder Kapur on October 23, 2009
Thanks for comments. You might be right. Actually I sing too often in a
month before diffrent audience. A majority of them enjoy my singing and
that is my best reward.
Fahad Khan on November 02, 2009
is it rafi sahab in this video
crazyoldsongs on November 07, 2009
when i first time saw this song many years ago on dd as aschoolchild the
first thing that came to my mind was ,hw expressionless is bharat bhushan
although rafi sings with a lot of feeling
Raghav906 on December 03, 2009
Wow what a singing, what a voice full of life and soul maza aa gaya
noorkhansahab on December 08, 2009
fantastic a classic and unforgetable takes you back when I was young and innocent
Rohit Yadav on February 08, 2010
uncle ji recording gajab ki hai. bikul professional hai.
Munib Samir on February 28, 2010
People say old is gold . I say gold is gold.Does not mater old or new.This
is unfortunate that we do not have any gold these days. Rafi was a gift of
God for the people who understand music as well as the composers of that
sanjivanand30 on April 09, 2010
Thanx for uploading !

Words being utilised like pearl to prepare this beautyful song!!

Waham se bhi jo ho nazuk wo yakeen lagti ho!! Wah !!
labeeb241 on April 23, 2010
Who r the silly ones who didnot like this sog? :O :D
satvinder bhalla on May 21, 2010
Beautiful combination of Rafi`s voice and Madhubala beauty. All time great
love song
shahidrafifan on May 22, 2010
rafi is like a kala to me, fascinating.
sankalp Saxena on May 31, 2010
Madubala haayee tumhe dekh ke mera dil dhadak uthta hai. This song exploits
ur beauty in pure sense. I love you. The entire India missess you
Sabyasachi Mishra on June 14, 2010
@sameerbajaj78, This was what I was going to write and saw your comment as
good as this song, which I am listening after a long time...
vinod dave on June 19, 2010
magic of rafi
humraaz786 on July 03, 2010
This is one of my Favourite films of all time.A timeless classic with each
song perfectly placed, like diamonds in a ring.Madhubhalla's beauty and the
lyrics just go hand in hand.
realityindian on July 18, 2010
Maine shayad tumhe, pehle bhi kahin CHODA hai .. LOL!

Rafi's monotone, feminine voice perfectly fits the hijda actor.
apoorva bhatt on July 25, 2010
@realityindian Young man, u are mistaken. Rafi saab had 14 different
voices. As per the Music director's demand he was required to sing and that
to make 2 ends meet of his family. If U are a man of music ( where there is
no religion ) U should be knowing that a 4 octave key board was
insufficient to cater to the voice of Rafi saab. Bharat Bhooshan ( like
Pradeep kumar ) was called a ' lucky ' actor. In Film industry there are
classes of stage performers and all the classes have their fans.
MegaOptimystic on September 20, 2010
beyond words...everything just magical...voice, expressions, lyrics, music..we should consider ourselves lucky that we are blessed by such magic...
shivisidhu on September 30, 2010
Sahi baat.. prolly thats why Mohammad ali came in person to meet him in US :) and prolly thats why nobody can till date match him. Prolly thats why lata and Mannadey said that person like rafi would not be born for next 100 years and prolly thats why shammi kapoors career crashed after he lost his voice...

so your first line.. do you often say that to your mom??
Mangal Tripathi on October 01, 2010
@humraaz786 Absolutely - one of the best films - I admire. Madhubalaji and
Bharat Bhusanji both are matchless with Sahir Sahab's shayari and Rafi
Sahab And Lataji's voice and Off Course Roshan Sahab's great music. This
film is matchless in most aspects.
bkaneera123 on April 18, 2011
A great songs of it time. Realy very foog.
bkaneera123 on April 18, 2011
A great song of all time. Realy very foog.
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