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Comments on song "Man Mohana Bade Jhoothe"
crazyoldsongs on December 13, 2009
indescribably beautiful claasical rendition by lata ji picturised on
natural and talented artistes to match ! a masterpiece !
Bharat Desai on December 13, 2009
I agree absolutely. Thanks for nice response.
sgahlot on December 21, 2009
wah.kya baat hai...based on jaijaiwanti ..of gara ang(though traditionally it is said to be bageshwari ang..dont know why)
Bharat Desai on December 21, 2009
Shankar of S-J was master in classical, somebody told me recently in
Bombay. Thanks for yr resonse. I am a layman, but can pick good one.
Bharat Desai on December 21, 2009
Thanks for yr response. You may interact with sgahlot about the Raga.
Bharat Desai on December 21, 2009
Thanks for yr response. You may interact with sgahlot about the Raga,.Dear
Bharat Desai on January 05, 2010
Thanks for your first comment. Welcome to YT family. Best Wishes.
Bhavana Shrivastava on January 30, 2010
superub aand unique
Bharat Desai on January 31, 2010
Welcome to YT. Thanks for your comment.
Bharat Desai on February 10, 2010
You are right.
jasbongy on February 13, 2010
Thanks Bharat ji for sharing this beautiful song of Lata ji for brilliant
Nutan ji.Lata ji wrote in her book that she enjoed a lot singing for Nutan
,where BNutan also did retakes after retakes to give justice to this
melodious song. Now tell me am i wrong when i call your channel as
''Possitive Viberations.'' where you are picking up the best gems and divin
songs. 10************Ohm Shanti. With respect. Sarla.
Bharat Desai on February 13, 2010
Thanks for info, nice response & rating..You are always right, Sarla ji.
Om Shanti.
dontmarry on March 09, 2010
PLease upload the catfight between nutanji and shobha khoteje...

please ji...please ji
Bharat Desai on March 10, 2010
I don't have the clip, please. Thanks.
gandhic541 on March 15, 2010
I don't think anything this incredible has ever been recorded.I wish I
was there when Lata Ji sang this song in person.
Bharat Desai on March 15, 2010
May be you were already there in your previous birth... Thanks for
rumahale on March 18, 2010
Great classical song full of devotion. Thanks for sharing.
Bharat Desai on March 18, 2010
@rumahale Thank you Ramchandra ji. Nice to hear from you. Best Wishes.
sanjushree1 on March 27, 2010
beautiful beyond words. the song, nutan, everything!
Bharat Desai on March 27, 2010
@sanjushree1 I agree with you. Nutan means New..She will ever remain so
& S-J were much ahead of their times. Thanks.
Simran747 on April 15, 2010
Wah Latajee ki tareef to har koie karta hain, Koie bhi anokhi baad nahien.
Lekin kiye bagair guzara bhi nahien. May god bless you. The sweetest voice
that I have ever heard next to mine mother's voice. Love you Latajee.
Bharat Desai on April 16, 2010
@Simran747 This is real fan's sweet expression..I feel it is it is coming from somebody having very sweet name.SIMRAN.
Thanks for nice response.
ved prakash on April 18, 2010
This is perhaps the best ever song sung by Lata in her typical melodious
voice with tonal modulations and beautiful sapat Taans of Drut Khayal Ang.
This classical song/Drut Khayal set to Ektal (12beats), was beautifully
composed in Rag-Jaijaivanti by Shanker Jaikishan.
ved prakash on April 18, 2010
This song may be attributed as one of the best ever classical filmi songs
sung by any filmi singer other than regular classical musicians i.e. sung
by Lata who is filmi singer and not a regular classical musician/singer
like Ustad Amir Khan, Ustad Bade Gulam ali Khan, Pandit DV Paluskar, Pandit
Bhimsen Joshi etc. who have occasionally sung in films also.
Bharat Desai on April 19, 2010
Great. Thanks for very nice knowledgeable response for this Gem of a
creation of SJ & Co. Best Wishes.
Bharat Desai on April 19, 2010
Each type of singing needs certain talent which can be honed by a Teacher &
Riaz. Lata Ji is her own class. Thanks.
Bharat Desai on April 28, 2010
Both are not comparable items.
Bharat Desai on April 28, 2010
Yes, one of her many in BEST range which she only has.
Bharat Desai on May 05, 2010
I agree with you. Thanks.
Jayanthi Nadig on May 07, 2010
Wah!!! Kya baat hai... Lata ji's avaaz is so so so beaitiful... thanks a
million for this upload...
Jayanthi Nadig on May 07, 2010
I forget to mention how beautifully Nutan ji has synced her acting with the
song... Even the strumming of the tanpura is done to perfection...
Bharat Desai on May 07, 2010
We all your fans would be most happy to hear this song from you with
Tanpura in hand. Nutan was one of the finest actresses, my fav. too. Thanks
for nice words, Jayanthi.
Jayanthi Nadig on May 07, 2010
@BharatDesai6 Will certainly try Bharat bhai :)...
Visveswar .s on May 26, 2010
This is one of the best song in old Hindi film songs. Both nutanji and lata
at their best and no second thought about their standards. this is my
favorite song and there is no day when I have not hummed this song in life
from the day I first heard this. Thanks for uploading
Visveswar .s on May 26, 2010
I feel this song is based on raag raageshri. At times this song sounds
closer to this raag than jaijaivanthi. A close look at the aaroh and avaroh
reveals this matter. An expert opinion from a renowned musician would
clarify the confusion. Any way great song, actress, singer
Bharat Desai on May 26, 2010
Nice to know your love for this Divine creation. Thanks for your nice
response. Best Wishes.
Bharat Desai on May 26, 2010
And Great Interest & Response from a true Great fan. Thanks.
Vimmi Subramanian on May 31, 2010
Lata's forte of singing classical songs has been very skilfully depicted by
this ageless classical wonder.Only SHE can sing this number the way it is.
Bharat Desai on May 31, 2010
Thanks for nice comment which comes from an informed Lata fan. I will give
credit to MD, Lyricist, Actress & Director too to make this final product
so divine & immortal.
malroh1 on June 20, 2010
incomparable. I think it is jaijaivanti raag.malroh1
Bharat Desai on June 20, 2010
You are right, for Raga check with experts/other comments.. Thanks.
Jayant Pingulkar on July 19, 2010
unbelievable rendition by the great latadidi could someone believe this is
one take recorded song by lataji,
Bharat Desai on July 19, 2010
Thanks for the info. & interest. S-J were ahead of their times & Lata ji is
only one of her kind.
A Prasad on September 06, 2010
its the fact she can sing this, she effortlessly sings any more modern,
hindi film songs
Bharat Desai on September 06, 2010
Yes, you are right. But Old have to give way for young. So she sings less
now. Thanks.
A Prasad on September 06, 2010
@BharatDesai6 i wasnt exactly talking about todays songs but even in the
70's, lighter, more filmi songs came out and lata sang them very well i get
how she has to give way for younger, newer singers too
Bharat Desai on September 07, 2010
I loved her singing in VeerZara as late as 2005.
A Prasad on September 07, 2010
@BharatDesai6 agreed composed my madam mohan, and lata sang in about every
song every song from that soundtrack was very good
Shaju1993 on September 25, 2010
Beautifull Song sang by Lata.Unbelievablly Good
gandhic541 on November 12, 2010
This song always makes my heart beat a little faster, it is so
fantastically composed and sung. I wish something equivalent could be made
in today's day. I feel robbed as part of this generation that we don't have
access to the wealth of culture that existed during Lataji's time. Thanks
to mediums like these we can glimpse into what the past had to offer.
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