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Comments on song "Mere Mehboob Tujhe, Meri Mohabbat Ki Kasam"
meetube2 on October 29, 2006
one of my favs...thanx for uploading!!!
Butt Saleem on November 14, 2006
A magic of(late) Mohd Rafi Sahib, many thanks for uploading pls keep it up.
baalbaki5 on December 02, 2006
The magic of Sahib Mohamed Rafi, simply beautiful. Thank you for uploading.
Cphari on March 11, 2007
whoa that's a nice song!!
Ramil Sharma on May 08, 2007
This used to be Love in those Good Old days... Love this song
Ramil Sharma on May 08, 2007
I think the Caps show his /her intensity... The past tense to show "that
how the love used to be then". All changing now a days
VerticalTakeoff on May 09, 2007
This song is exceptionally beautiful. I love listening to it. Rafi is an inspiration to me. When I want to feel good, I listen to this and try to sing it myself. I am not au fait with the meaning of all the words by any means, but I find the song a perfectyl wonderful evocation of romance and love the melody. Thank you for posting it.
sharanjitu on June 05, 2007
arshimaryam: You should wish just to HAVE a boyfriend leave alone one with his looks!
greatmaratha on July 30, 2007
Thanks so much for the very clear video, the song is so beautiful, defines romance with every word. Beautiful.
huma7586 on August 01, 2007
wow, beautiful song in the lovely voice of rafi. For me this song has more
of an emphasis on the lyrics as the melody is very light.this classic
shows what we are missing today. Songs like this dont exist anymore.
bala747 on August 12, 2007
Lovely, lovely song but really not the kind of song for Rajendra Kumar.. he looks like he's carved out of a block of wood
drmsprasad on September 15, 2007
I too wondered same. How come the lyricists of yesteryears reached that depth of emotion which is palpably missing in nowa days songs . They defined the delicacy of gentle romance not the X type love scenes of today. But then they had time to pine for the lover when there was no cell phone to instantly send an SMS. It is the lack of communication that has conjured up that longing and pining which gave birth to the world of beautiful songs. We, with all the gagets are soulless.
Tigerrsroar on October 11, 2007
I can't understand how they can put some one else on the no.1 spot in the
singer of all times other than Rafi sahab after listening this song.
imkan125 on October 24, 2007
I have always felt that rafi songs were best picturized by Rajinder kumar.
AMIT NEGI on December 05, 2007
rafi sahab ke liye jo kaha jaaye wo kam hai...unke gaane ka andaaz bas
dil ko bhar deta waqt ki saadgi koi jawaab nahi.aajkal to
bas nanga naach hai jisme hum log apne ko modern karar dete hain..
AMIT NEGI on December 05, 2007
theek kehte ho dost ...urdu badi hi tehzeeb wali bhasha hai..jiska
chaal chalan ab shayad kam hota dikhta hai.
yigalite on December 07, 2007
beautiful song..wonderful music..great voice.truly.those golden years have long been gone...only memories like these linger...
ashokuka on December 26, 2007
perhaps the most romantic song o the centuri and delivered beautifully in
low key by normally over-reactive Rajendra Kumar as only he can. Rafi, the
incredible maestro has joined two other virtuosos - Naushad and Shakil
badayuni to create this immortal gem of music...
thilaha on December 31, 2007
There's no other actor like Rajendra Kumar when it comes to partraying love songs.if you have seen the movie you would have seen Rajendra & Saadhana 'speaking' with eyes during their first meeting...
thilaha on December 31, 2007
totally agree with you...wish hindi music directors of today bring out music like those's rarely we hear a good hindi song these days.
pundadah on January 05, 2008
so true.. you make me wanna CRY..
rgautam on January 15, 2008
wow...beautiful...been a while since i heard this song.
barrynirmal on January 20, 2008
beautiful video. It reminds me of the day when I saw this movie in a cinema hall in Bihar state. I adored Rajendra Kumar and Sadhana. Sadhana is beautiful.
graphikamaal on February 09, 2008
One of my most favourite song. I am posting a few of my favourite scenes from this movie shortly. I love the title music, a few Johny Walker Scenes with his father Sunder, mostly all the songs, specially the title songs by both Rafi Sahab and Lataji, "Jaaneman Ek Nazar Dekh Le", "Ey Husn Zara Jaag", "Tumse Izhaare Haal" etc. Such movies are nothing less than prayers / ibaadat of these legendary artistes.
Harsh Mangal on February 17, 2008
Man this song is so beautiful!
paulkrist44 on March 01, 2008
How come Naushad(as in MERE MEHBOOB and so many
movies),Shankar-Jaikishen,Kalyanji-Anandji,Roshan,OP Nayyar(most times,ask
Asha B),SDBurman,MadanMohan,to name a few of the great film music directors
of yesteryears,were able to spin classical Raga based immortal film music
which most of us youngsters of this generation like to hear and sing?It is
impossible to sing any of the present genre of songs,least of all ARR
music,with funny tunes,rhythm,and third-rate lyrics.HINDI FILM MAKERS,AWAKE!
digitalworkshop on March 07, 2008
waqt theher jaata hai is gaane ko sunte huye.this is the power of music.eternal...immmortal..
toorad on March 18, 2008
awesome song! thanks
ard1010 on March 21, 2008
Mesmerizing song by the master singer. Thanks!
juvenross1 on March 25, 2008
thanks for posting, great!!
fenathan36 on April 17, 2008
Yes, my friend. Gone are those good old days. Oh, how I wish I could go
back in time to re-live those times - even if it for a moment. But then we
have these gems to hang on to.
golo5000 on April 17, 2008
I am on board with you, yes lets not forget these gems that we came back to
hang on to.
sudansh on May 09, 2008
awsm song.keep up the melody
Calhyde a on May 15, 2008
You r right rajeshgyt, Urdu is indeed 1 of the most rich languagues. It is
a pity that a lanuague so rich so Indian is neglected totally in India, ask
any gazal/classicial singers of today from Jasjit Singh, Pankaj Udhas, Hari
Harhan etc to writers like Gulzar, Javed Aktahr and vouch for it, pleaded
us to shed the bias and look into the depth & richness of the language,
which has developed in India, it has Persian & Punjabi in it.this is
what we hearing now
TreasuredAngel on May 16, 2008
these old films remind me of other singers/actors, this guy reminds me of ricky ricardo ;-)
TreasuredAngel on May 16, 2008
such pure sounds, is lovely
huma7586 on May 22, 2008
This song is just all about Mohd Rafi's voice and the beautiful lyrics. The
video is simple but so effective in conveying its emotions. Rajender Kumar
is very handsome and Sadhana so beautiful...a true classic.
asdaquehussain on May 24, 2008
Is gaane ki tareef ye bhi hai ke ye us waqt ka sabse lamba gana hai.aur gane wale ke spport ke liye isme darmiyan me music bhi bahut kam hi..gane ki rhythm me koi kami nahi hai..Rafi sahab ne shru se aakhir tak ise bakhubi nibhaya hai ek ek sur ke sath...kyun k naushad shaba MD hain .shayad ise complete gane me logon ki saans phul jaye.Aur is geet ko aise likha hai shakeel sahab ne ke kisi ki zuban se besakhta ye alfaaz apne mehboob ke liye ada ho jayen.bilkul dil ki bat likhi hai.
kannukaren on May 27, 2008
I have been in love with the song ever since I was a15 yrs old boy.I was stopped seeing this film by my late mother,but anyhow the song capured my heart soo much.May Allah bless Rafi Sahab amin.
Laboes73 on June 04, 2008
so beautiful and soothing.keep on replaying it for so many time...RIP rafi sahab
meeralal on June 09, 2008
wow..what a song..i grew up listening to such beautiful romantic songs by Rafi saab..he sure had the most romantic voice...!I suppose we all stay young at heart with the help of all such lovely songs!
verybaduser on June 20, 2008
Rafi Sahab was not from this world. He's a blessing to mankind.

Rafi Sahab ...pls come back.
Afs1947 on June 25, 2008
beautifu voice and beautiful urdu.
adilfarsi22 on June 25, 2008
mohammed rafi super fine perfom ..wonder voice!koi muqabla nahi.remember allway`s
graphikamaal on July 03, 2008
One of my all time favourite song.
6191561 on July 14, 2008
ALLAH PAk---- Aap ko Qabar k AZAAB se Bachain Ameen...

Aap Hamesha Humare Dil Main Raho ge...Inshallah..
motwallib on July 14, 2008
the best ever song for to remmeber your beloved. great urdu writings, great rafi and superb nawshad. my ever favourite song.
"main ne eik baar tujhe eik jhalak dkhi hain, ab meri hasrat hain ke main phir tera deedaar karouun"
main ne eik baar ye geet sounoun ab meri hasrat hain ke mai phir ye geet sunoun
kyahampa on July 19, 2008
One of the greatest love songs of all time. If I am not mistaken this could
also be the longest song ever. And strangely you are craving for the song
to never end. I would consider this to be Shakeel Badayuni's best song.
drprasad79 on July 28, 2008
thanks for uploading this beautiful song
hassnain87 on August 01, 2008
what a melody wah rafi rafi is at its best always best rafi
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