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Comments on song "Meree Kahanee Bhulne Wale"
tauseefphy on May 07, 2008
Great singing of M. Rafi. how easily emotions are filled in singing...
thanks a lot for upload
rumahale on May 07, 2008
Thank you for the response.
22tracker on May 14, 2008
wah,kia baat hey you are great rafi sahib, may ALLAH bless your soul, we
will not see another rafi again.
rumahale on June 11, 2008
Most welcome. Thanks for the response.
rumahale on June 16, 2008
Yes, really. Thanks for the response.
sriramkanakagiri on June 21, 2008
Rafi and Naushad are no more but to this day there are lots of people who love their songs. I am one of them. What a great song!!!!
rumahale on June 21, 2008
Really. Thank you.
rumahale on June 22, 2008
Yes. I do agree. Thanks.
Yousuf Hussain on June 26, 2008
Dilip, Naushad, Shakeel bravo. Watch Dilip doing total justice to Shakeels
lyrics and Naushad's tune, by emoting every word that he is singing.
rumahale on June 26, 2008
Really superb. Credit also goes to Mohammed Rafi for soulful singing.
akarshik on June 29, 2008
My friend rumahale sahib: Another beautiful song sung by late legend
mohamed raffi sahib. Sun kar phir wohi bachpan ki gharian yaad aa jatee
hain . zindgee kaisey beet gayee lekin yeh geet naheen bhooley.
rumahale on June 30, 2008
Yes Sir.Thanks.
Ravirana49 on July 10, 2008
One of Rafi's evergreen Soulful number.
kaujoshi on July 10, 2008
I have to say that Naushad Sahab made Rafiji feel so comfortable that
somehow Rafiji always sounds better in his recordings! It also might be
that Naushad Sahabs songs were mostly classical based and there can be no
greater joy to nay singer than carry a difficult classical gives one great pleasure. And Rafi and Naushad ji as
bodies are no more,but their soul lives with us eternally in form of their
rumahale on July 14, 2008
Great souls who made Hindi movie songs rich by sheer dedication. Thanks for
the comments.
rumahale on July 14, 2008
Yes. Thanks.
Azher Syed on January 12, 2009
The memories of this beautiful heart and soul touching lingered on since
our childhood, then we step into our youth and go past 50's and 60's, but
songs like this keep their pace with us and we never grow weary of them.
Tahnks for the upload buddy! you have provided us with a chance to watch
and listen to it as many times as we may wish. God bless you with happiness
and long life.
rumahale on January 13, 2009
Thanks for the interest.
AhumBramhasmi on January 25, 2009
rumhale, this is not interest, these are some old memories and rafi saab is a passion in his admirirers..GOD BLESS U WITH ALL HIS LOVE for having brought this gem of a song to us crazy fans..this is just immortal ..GOD BLESS U RUMHALE
chwaqas on February 07, 2009
one of the movie that i watched in my childhood .. and always listen to its
songs swad aa gya ji, boht wadhiya .
rivkateam on February 09, 2009
i love this song it is aclassic:)...dilip kumar and nargis are the best ector ever:)...and mohd rafi is still the god of all music(and mine).love this movie india forever:).rivka from israel:)
tk yaheya on March 03, 2009
A big thank you! Perrenial favorites of all times. Will remain in our
hearts till the end. Greetings from Sri lanka - Ceylon.
rumahale on March 03, 2009
Thanks. Indeed it is an evergreen song of Mohd. Rafi.
shaann11 on April 02, 2009
thank you ...for these lovely songs..
gmdchanar on April 17, 2009
welldone rumahale,it is my favourite song.thankx a lot
Kmahabir on April 17, 2009
This is one of my favourites. This sound like a remix. Anyway, it is still
a classic.
rumahale on April 18, 2009
I believe it is original. Thanks for listening and comments.
sonny19xx on May 02, 2009
Where are these days gone ? Will these ever come back ? More and more you
listen to such songs more and more you realize the sad depths to which the
current day Bollywood songs have fallen. THANKS A MILLION rumahale Naushad-
Rafi - Dilip , what more can a fan ask for.
style1127 on May 29, 2009
u can forget me but i will naver forget u.
riazkahn on July 02, 2009
you mean black and white ,,,lol them days are gon,,,coz now days flat
screen tv whit good reslotion,,,,,,lol
kiddo kiddin on July 25, 2009
rafi is gr8. no singer in today's industry can sing this song
Joydeep Acharya on September 29, 2009
Listen to the portion where the great man sings 'lo aaj kinare par'...
simply hair-rising. Rafi-saab - the incomparable
nandu1f on October 03, 2009
Fantastic Rafi. Naushad at his best. Thanks, Ramchandra
chwaqas on February 06, 2010
swad aa geya ji, boht wadhiya an all time hit song
Badzoq on May 03, 2010
wah wah.kithney dino baad sunna ye shaandar song.. rafi,nausha,
shakee what a team
rumahale on May 03, 2010
@Badzoq Thanks.
jajakumar on August 22, 2010
Great song despite its age. I heard this when I was a young boy and it has not aged
rumahale on August 23, 2010
@jajakumar You are right. It is ever green and immortal. Thanks.
rumahale on September 25, 2010
@gariyamoshi1 Absolutely right. Thanks.
deboika on July 11, 2011
Have no words how to thank you for posting this songs! Thanks
Mohan Udiavar on July 16, 2011
Nitesh Mohite on July 26, 2011
this is what is called a super star show him to the king and craps of
bollywood what acting is all about , you dont need to tom tom you are the
king when you are
dptxp on July 28, 2011
Imagine Life without these classics.
Night Eyes_11 on August 22, 2011
If this is heaven ... then so be it. Thanks very very much Rumahale for the
lyrics of this glorious melody. I love this rendition by Rafi Sahib and of
course the Maestro Naushad. My favorite composer of all times. Thank you
rumahale on September 14, 2011
@lulu66033 Thanks for liking and encouraging comments.
rumahale on September 15, 2011
@fasialgrapix .. and I am sixty years old now, but the song sounds still so
beautiful. Thanks for liking.
rumahale on September 18, 2011
@dptxp Thanks for the deep thought.
rumahale on September 18, 2011
@niteshmohite Well said. Thanks.
Faus Doelare on March 01, 2012
amer talat on March 10, 2012
my most favorite song - i might have myself sung this song for over several
thousands of times - if god wills i shall upload my version of this song to
my channel soon.
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