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Comments on song "Mujhe Jaana Hoga"
xtraanu on January 24, 2008
it's the only one song i like in hindi of this movie
Payal Patel on February 15, 2008
I love this song in hindi and english. Sunidhi Chauhan is just.. wow. ;)
nikita sharma on March 30, 2008
this song is fabulous i liked it very much
xx2a3xx on May 06, 2008
great job ! sooooo gudddd i pure luv ittt ! omg only if i could put it on
my phone ! i would litsen it 4 24 hours !
efgh9456 on May 30, 2008
efgh9456 on May 30, 2008
um...i got one word to tell!!!!!!
efgh9456 on May 30, 2008
um...i got one word to tell!!!!!!
efgh9456 on May 30, 2008
XXXQUEENIE786XXX on June 24, 2008
diz sum1z voice iz reliii nyc n itz kl trak!
ilydean on July 23, 2008
really great
ilydean on July 23, 2008
Ya thats Definetly From Namstey London
busterbomb on August 06, 2008
whats from namstey london?
ilydean on August 07, 2008
you know the speech of page 2
busterbomb on August 08, 2008
ooooh yeah! i didn't even see that speech.
babblingmongoose on August 16, 2008
what are u talking about?!
busterbomb on August 16, 2008
like ilydean said the speech on page two that someone wrote is from the
movie namastey london
ShariffRahimBux on October 28, 2008
good song, retarded comments
Fire1sparkangel on November 07, 2008
It's really a touching song.
TheAanchal on November 10, 2008
hsm is overrated
pinky2B4 on February 01, 2009
wow...its much more touching and sentimental when its in Hindi...they are
obviously pros at making musical movies...and i don't even understand what
they're saying
DulhanLover on February 07, 2009
it's even better in hindi <3
dazzelingdiamond on February 15, 2009
Most definitely...Vanessa is so nasal!
dazzelingdiamond on February 15, 2009
The beginning with the flute is so beautiful...The Indianising of the song makes it sound so lovely...if I wasn't watching Vanessa and zac, I could see it in a Bollywood movie, or just as a song on its own.
luckyankraj on March 09, 2009
I love this song,...especially in hindi,..all HSM2 hindi songs were better.
Shruti Hegde on March 17, 2009
really nice
Riddhima Shrivastava on March 31, 2009
i luv the song very sweet wahhhhhhh! =]
Riddhima Shrivastava on March 31, 2009
flute was really wonderful best part in the song in fact i like this
version the best
John Stewart Eduri on April 20, 2009
the hindi versions were not done by SEL my friend.
tasha1311 on April 27, 2009
thts really beautiful.
bhnc90 on April 29, 2009
ye song is good...but english version is better
Naz Yahia on May 07, 2009
Wow this version is awesome espsecially the beginning
skateena on July 04, 2009
hindi version is beeteer! :P
spacekangaroo on November 30, 2009
This isn't "copying". It's a dubbed version of a movie in another language.
Have you never heard of dubbing? It's quite common.
8gemini6 on December 04, 2009
i agree this is such a sweet version!! i luv it!!... x
NewZealandLikesMusic on January 08, 2010
much more emotions than in english i think
nycmac95 on March 12, 2010
@bharat1236 i disagree w/ you indian version sounds more authentic but
everyone has there opinions
Arurox9 on April 02, 2010
i think this is d best version + i love the flute it really adds to the emotions
nickyrghv07 on May 18, 2010
B PAL SINGH on June 03, 2010
really like good mixing
B PAL SINGH on July 16, 2010
good combination
98aditi on August 06, 2010
man..i love this song.
TheCutiepari on August 09, 2010
awsom ... so tuchin :'( flute part is jst.. so nyc..
Simran Sainani on August 18, 2010
luvvv itt... this version is bestt
SelenaHudgens77 on September 04, 2010
Nice song but the English version was the touchin one.
sweethimanshi on September 06, 2010
i love this song and video
hafsahhaider on October 24, 2010
my favourite its beautyful
aakashba on December 07, 2010
omg is this i gotta go my own way?
aakashba on December 07, 2010
sunidhi chauhan! rock the way!
67minnimouse on January 08, 2011
very good! song emotional song
MemoriesForever3 on January 29, 2011
OMG. Sounds SOOOOO much better in Hindi. And I like the flute. All the high school musical songs sound good in hindi.
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