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Comments on song "Mujhe Pine Ka Shauk Nahi, Pita Hu Gam Bhulane Ko"
UsherRed on January 27, 2008
I love this song from Coolie! Rishi Kapoor is so amazing and so talented. A true legend! Thank you so much for the great upload:)
Dinho3977 on February 15, 2008
This song reminds me of my childhood and I sing it everytime I get heartbroken over a girl. Thanks for the post, I haven't actually seen the video in many years!!
abouleila on February 25, 2008
thanks 10000000 times for uploading this, my late bro was singing this all the time !!, thanks again :-)
positive4e on April 10, 2008
A lovely song...really makes you think when you are heart broken..although i don't drink at all and never would but still can understand the other aspects of the song!
fatiiglesias on April 26, 2008
Any body,plz. help me get da translation of dis lovely song, i will grateful

lakzk on April 30, 2008
this song is so meaninful, even tho da films older than me! will go on x x
dementor83 on May 15, 2008
all old songs my favorate this song is so nice my name Qadeer i AM 20 YEARS OLD THANKS
fahad2778 on June 17, 2008
its not my hobby to drink, i just drink to forget her,
or im not addicted to alcohal, i just drink to forget her,
or i dont like to drink , i just drink to forget her...
n she is saying the same.
fahad2778 on June 17, 2008
i dont like to drink, i just drink to forget sorrow,
fatiiglesias on June 18, 2008
thanx mr. Fahd, i am really grateful, but i will be more grateful 2 u if u can post da rest of translation, for dis song.

thanx a lot & God bless
daraja1 on June 24, 2008
there is a verse missing from the film which goes like this
laku main hazaro main, bas ek tu na nazar ayi
laku main hazaro main, bas ek tu na nazar ayi
na koi kaht aya na koi habar ayi, kya tu ni bola dala apni is deewane koi
hayelhalfa55 on July 04, 2008
mooi liedje zeg kan iemand me zeggen hoe het meisje heet dat zingt?
hayelhalfa55 on July 04, 2008
hey fahad2778 can you pleace tell me what the name is of the girl hows sing this song thanx
hayelhalfa55 on July 17, 2008
hello can you pleace pleace thell me what the name of the girl is thank you
dua1979 on July 26, 2008
I like this song very much.My all time fav.
Bubbblykittypuppy on August 21, 2008
lol the over the top drunk acting for those days
Shahen1999 on November 03, 2008
This song is a legend for a generation !
zabi707 on November 07, 2008
shobo jan k modar bahar k modara salam bogoo heheh yadare zabi wa shobo jan k m 07 11 2008 time 1:28 pm
nawaz03121986 on December 21, 2008
good song!!!reminds me of childhood when i used to listen to not knowing wot it really meant!!!
manikhan44 on December 22, 2008
very very nice SONG i used to listen it when me,wine and my lonliness r together
shellkey831 on January 01, 2009
my god, i cant beleive i have found this song, thanks to the poster.. thank u mate, uve took me back a few good yrs when i was young.. thanks again.. great film with great memories,, i love all amithab buchan films so if u have more, plz plz put em up!
parijoni on January 11, 2009
i like the song sooo much:D
loinsheaven on January 31, 2009
peenay showk nahhi bus gham bholanny k liyay peetay hain.
kia logic hay..
loaferjee on February 10, 2009
Cann't remember what film was that? Can some one tell pls.
QuEeNLoOt on March 04, 2009
ghetto biz true say cnt mess wid this tune yo!! nuff respectt!
968563741 on April 03, 2009
i like this song the most thanks to you
968563741 on April 03, 2009
thank you so much i like this song the most
SweetAaisha on September 02, 2009
So sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Mil jaatey agar ab hum
Aag lag jaati paani mey
Bachpan ki wohi dosti
Ho jaati jawaani mey.
BAZpokhton on November 10, 2009
nice song ...i like this song
andhernagari1 on November 13, 2009
Laxmi-Pyare , this duo could churn out beautiful tunes like this , bollywood will never have another LP. Unlike copycats like we have today . Thanks haji for posting this awesome video
RomanticDude on January 14, 2010
Music? Is that the first thing you praise in this song? It's the singing which is unmatched by any standard. Shabbir Kumar & Alka Yagnik have sung this song beautifully. Brings back memories.
aliwaqas222 on January 19, 2010
Nice song.but remember no one is like to drink but this always be used to forget someone that i cant in sences
rahulver0202 on February 08, 2010
Mil jaatey agar ab hum
Aag lag jaati paani mey
Bachpan ki wohi dosti
Ho jaati jawaani mey.

pls. come back i love you lot dear
BenPoratYusef on March 01, 2010
wanna forget something?
stop thinking of it
ibpardikar on March 08, 2010
Mil jaatey agar ab hum
Aag lag jaati paani mey
Bachpan ki wohi dosti
Ho jaati jawaani mey
cilgin94 on July 20, 2010
danke für so ainer schöner film

sahilfaraz100 on November 16, 2010
bohat hi pyara song ha shukrya uploa dkarnay ka
rileystube1 on November 27, 2010
ay ay ay..Brilliant song to drink too..
amar827 on January 18, 2011
muje pena ka shok ni pete hu tera gham bhulane ko rabia RABIA IS MY LIFE
adilmasoom on March 29, 2011
bhut acha song ha qk me 1 nakam ashiq hon aor jab bhi ye gana sunta hon to mujhe 1 ajeeb sa maza aor dard melta ha. adil jadoon swabi

Kameenah on April 29, 2011
@SweetAaisha :( Aag Lag Jaati Paani Me, why did you even go straight to
this bit and bring the pain back !!!!
PrinCess4201000 on June 30, 2011
oh i just love this song its really nice
Shoulders Shoulerss on August 20, 2011
Khoi vo kitab-e-DiL
zeshan khan on September 24, 2011
Mujhe Peene Ka Shauq Nahi
mussarat786 on November 02, 2011
loved this filmmm :)
Gulsaid Khattak on November 08, 2011
so nice song 03009054123
Tahir Mahamood on December 17, 2011
Tahir Mahamood on December 17, 2011
mobi on December 26, 2011
never heard this song with the repeat mode off!!
muhammed iqbal on December 28, 2011
very very nice song i love this song
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