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Comments on song "Mushkil Hai Bahut Mushkil Chahat Ka Bhula Dena"
Suhanee11 on July 30, 2009
It's simply Amazing, Awesome and Beautiful. You play music like a river that flows with emotions within, running through your heart, running through your mind, flowing through your soul and making you smile. Thanks for this beautiful upload, your talent is remarkable. Best Regards, Suhanee!!
V. Siddhartha on July 30, 2009
Qasim Bhai, Suhanee said it succinctly and eloquently for all your
admirers. I hope Lataji hears your rendition, I bet she would be delighted,
for it was through her Mahal songs that she ascended the steps toward
stardom in music. Again, you have recaptured all the delicate and subtle
turns in the melody meticulously. What a glorious composer Khemchand
Prakash was too!
jasbongy on July 31, 2009
Here everything is beautiful. Beautiful song,beautiful lyrics, beautiful
music, beautiful Madhu Bala ji, beautiful pictures, beautiful presentation
of video and Most beautiful is your performance. Thanks for performing sooo
well. 20*****************************
jaibharati on July 31, 2009
What a beautiful musical melody !! A true tribute to MadhuBala ! MAny
thanks Zaidi Sir. Regards, Bharati
Maina on July 31, 2009
A great composition and beautiful playing by Prof sahab made is more
melodious. Really I find no words for this instrumental music ! AWESOME
***** My Warm Regards, Your Maina
Maina on July 31, 2009
Very True Suhanee Ji... Prof Sahab's every instrumental composed with soul
and goes through the souls :) The Soulful Melodies !! Warm Regards, Your
creditwheredue on July 31, 2009
A stupendous rendition on the electric organ 5*
IMIRZA777 on July 31, 2009
Excellent, great details. Thanks.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on July 31, 2009
As Mago ji believes when someone plays an instrument, the singer's voice
should appear to be singing out of the instrument. I do not know how far I
have succeeded in creating this effect that Lata ji's voice should appear
to be emerging out of my notes. This is something which only experienced
music lovers, like Suhanee ji or Mago ji can judge and tell. I am, however,
quite obliged for the kind appreciation of both of them, which is a great
reward for my humble performance.
lovehumanity on July 31, 2009
wah.. 0:26 to 0:28 thoRa pinch kiya (shayad zara loud hay) lekin uskay baad
to jaise bahaar aa gai.. Bahut se log barish pasand kartay hain magar main
nahi..mujhe halki halki phuhaar ziyada romantic lagti hay ..which is very
much in this rendition of yours Zaidi Bhai :-)
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on July 31, 2009
Your approval of this song is evident from your bet that Lata ji will be
delighted to hear it. Your appreciation holds great importance for me. No
doubt that I will be too glad, if lata ji ever hears and likes my songs. My
Lata's songs are over twenty five in number. Suhanee ji and Mago ji, you
are both resourceful enough to arrange sending a couple of my songs to Lata
ji, through e-mail etc. or guide me on this issue.
V. Siddhartha on July 31, 2009
Other than her mailing address( 101 Prabhu Kunj, Peddar Road , Mumbai),
unfortunately I don't know anything, Qasim Bhai. Hope someone chimes in
with her internet contact address if she has any. I imagine it to be in her
agent's name. I don't know if she uses the internet herself.
V. Siddhartha on July 31, 2009
To me, Lataji IS singing through your keyboard, Qasim Bhai. Your greater
accomplishment is how you manage to shift from one instrumental sound to
another in seamless fluidity, retaining the transitions of the original
orchestra in total,note-specific faithfulness. Thus one feels the
reverberations of the entire orchestra in your keyboard. Khemchand Prakash
would have been proud too, I believe, to hear your tribute.
Asiftabrez on August 01, 2009
very very good dear. thanksfor the sharing. Asif
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 01, 2009
It is my pleasure. Thank you.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 01, 2009
Thank you for your kind remarks. It is sad to remember that the talented
music director Khemchand Prakash died at a youthful age(1907-1950). God
might have experienced acute shortage of good baton holders in paradise.
Ziddi was another good film I remember, with his composition. Thanks Mago
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 01, 2009
Thank you my dear Mirza sahib.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 01, 2009
I am already impressed by your amazing talent. The other day I saw your
channel of English songs. That was great. Thanks and Regards.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 01, 2009
Thanks babysdoc.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 01, 2009
I am grateful.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 01, 2009
You are always kind and generous in your appreciation. Thank you.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 01, 2009
I feel happy to see your appreciation. Thank you.
V. Siddhartha on August 01, 2009
YT also has a few sweet melodies by him from Jaan Pehchaan and Pardesi that
you may have heard.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 01, 2009
Most genuine remarks, like pearls. I am thankful, Dr. Bukhari for your
sharpness of observations.
aesthetica08 on August 01, 2009
i love your melodies professor... the compilation of photos is awesome
too:) PIa*****
kuckudk on August 01, 2009
What a beautiful choice, what a beautiful rendition. The pictures are also
of top quality.and lyric written on them is just icing on the cake.What
more one can desire. I feel lucky to know you through your comment on
aesthetica's video.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 01, 2009
I feel happy that an artist of such a high caliber is appreciating my work.
Thank you, sharma ji and my best regards
dsouza18 on August 01, 2009
I love this Venus beauty of the bollywood (madhubala) she was naturally
beautiful without any make-up like meena kumari and Geeta Bali ( all 3 RIP)
. and ur instrumnetal music is very enchanting , well done and thanks to
mr. Sharma for sharing this video.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 02, 2009
I am grateful. You sing very well. Please try this song if you like. Thanks
manitomer on August 03, 2009
Namastey Zaidiji, you have played this song in a fabulous
manner..really liked it, regards, Manisha
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 03, 2009
Thank you, Manisha. I myself like your Saawan Ke Geet very much.
033789 on August 03, 2009
Wow ! It's wonderful !! Beautifully played !!
Truly a fitting tribute to the one & only Madhubala !!
Reminds me of the 'gems' of the bygone era !!
Thanks for sharing it with me !!
Regards !!
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 03, 2009
Thanks for liking
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on August 08, 2009
Thanks for viewing
dramjadparvez on October 05, 2009
One of my favourite earlier songs of Lata by Music Composer Khem Chander
Parkash. Madhubala mesmerised not only Ashok Kumar in the movie but also
millions of her fans across the globe in the early fifties. She has been
the best face on Hindi screen to-date. Recommend watch her in Tarana and
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on October 05, 2009
Thanks for the precious comment. Qasim Zaidi
msatwa on October 24, 2009
very nice prof. you have great selection of golden oldies.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on October 24, 2009
Thanks for liking.
Muhammad Hasnaat Ahmad on October 25, 2009
i am a great madhubala fan actually unfortunately madhubala died in a very
young age of 36 on 23rd feb 1969 another such example is great Meena
Kumari, who died in age 40, on 31st march 1972 and one should not forget
the sad death of very young and talented Samita Patel on 13th dec 1986 in
the age of 31, while delivering first baby.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on October 25, 2009
Zindagi ke haseen tarkash mein Kitney be rahem teer hotey hein
Bharat Desai on November 10, 2009
All the stars for this beautiful creation & presentation, Qasim Ji.
Instrumental presentation of Old Gems creates very serene feeling &
nostalgia which can only be experienced & but can not be fully ...Pyar Ko Pyar Hi Rehne Bo Koi Naam Na Do..Thanks.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on November 10, 2009
Wah! Pyar Ko Pyar Hi Rehne Do Koi Naam Na Do..Thanks for your valuable
comments on this song and elsewhere.
V. Siddhartha on November 26, 2009
I meant Pardes.
Glow of Hope on December 18, 2009
This one along with Aayega Aayega Aanewala were beautiful and memorable
rendition by Lata Mangeshkar. Excellent performance.. have a good going.
kuckudk on January 05, 2010
Zaidi Sahab they have rightly said Lata ji seems to be singing through your
keyboard. It is just ultimate
cheecheepia on January 07, 2010
Wonderful zaidi sahib!!! wish i could play instruments,this one is real
beautiful and doesn't sounds like played by SAOUKIA FANKAR , i'm very
impressed by your performance. I gotta run for something and will watch
more of your beautiful tunes.Thanks : khalid
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on January 07, 2010
Khalid Bhai, I love this haunting melody of Lata. Kindly see some other
uploads, as well, if you can spare time and find them interesting. Qasim
cheecheepia on January 07, 2010
I will zaidi sahib. you are so talented by all means, 6 month back i
watched one of your banjo song and then get lost in other things just like
everybody but glad that i found you somehow and can't miss these marvelous
instrumentals played by you with passion,which is visible on your face when
you are shaking your head with that.I already subscribed to your channel
and can't miss your new arrivals and the one already there. thanks ; khalid
rahman212294617 on March 12, 2010
Beautiful. Excellent. Music itself is so wonderful. And then the song -------and MADHUBALA ---BEAUTY par excellence.
Actress-----------------------par excellence.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on March 15, 2010
Thanks for this invigorating comment.
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