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Comments on song "Musu Musu Hasi Deu Malai Lai"
hamzu on October 07, 2006
Man thanx a lot whoever uploaded this...this is my all time favorite since it was i love this
coolcheeto on October 19, 2006
Wow I really loved this video!. Indian songs always make me feel good even though I'm not indian. THe girl in the video is a little bit chubby but her face is SO CUTE. I think Indian girls in general are so BEAUTIFUL.
darkprincejoe on November 02, 2006
From what movie is this clip from.
gutravoo3some on November 10, 2006
pyar mein kabhi kabhi is the movie name.
emperor0989 on November 24, 2006
pyar main kabhi kabhi: full movie is uploaded on youtube with english subtitles
kimalung on December 19, 2006
The original song is actually Nepali. What they did put the Indian words on it. Musu Musu Hansi dau na lai lai is Nepali.
baburambhat on April 30, 2007
hey, nobody perfect, Im sure one of your sisters/mothers/cousins laugh like rinki khanna. What will you say then?
dobatoma on May 14, 2007
Shan has sung this song really bad. The original song in Nepali is much better than this song.He has not pronounced the words correctly.
sweetcaus on June 15, 2007
did somebody notice in this video eklavya from kskbt. if not watch it again.
geomush on June 16, 2007
great song. very well sung by shaan. thanks for the video
jimmysmart83 on June 16, 2007
i really love this song verry much.
geekgirl0101 on July 04, 2007
sounds dumb. It's "musu musu hasi deu na lai lai" not "malai lai". lol. Nepali song is much better.
palak587 on July 19, 2007
nice song... thanx..
if u don't mind will u plz tell me the movie name of this song
TanvirAlam on July 19, 2007
xmohzzzzx on July 24, 2007
u guys watching star voice of india dam its so funny Alka wanted to quit lol (she was a judge) btw shan sang this song at star voice
mayankeagle on August 19, 2007
You have the link for the original Nepali song? I wanna hear it.
dobatoma on August 19, 2007
Type 'musu musu in Nepali' and you will get the original song in nepali.
mayankeagle on August 19, 2007
Hmmm, I got mostly all live-performance links but not the original. Anyway thanks :) will try to find it.
dobatoma on August 19, 2007
ok I will get you a real song. I will give you shout once again soon.
melodyvaiphei on August 28, 2007
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy grace hihihi love u .D.H.S
gengetsu on October 06, 2007
Actually the ones that pop up are the not original version. The original song is very hard to get and all the ones in the market are rendition of the original song. I think the original one was recorded in HK by the Himilayan band in the late 70 or early 80's.
gothica04 on October 14, 2007
will forward on that...well see just when...
gothica04 on October 14, 2007
will look forward rather..
babloo2464 on October 18, 2007
skinder ali from saregamapa sang song really well...
MAKURAMANCHE on October 28, 2007
lala... ma musu musu hasidinchu.. hai la... hehe... :) TAMUZ|ROXS :D
sweetiesus on October 28, 2007
why nepalese song and hindisongs are mixed here? i dodn't undertand anything.
pratishthakohli on November 03, 2007
musu musu hasi, deo malailai, musu musu hasi deo
Maartjeah on November 03, 2007
beautifull song, Dinoooo (L)
aloneincrowd on November 09, 2007
wat language is this musu musu hasi ??
MAKURAMANCHE on November 10, 2007
its in nepali. actually the song is a very very old nepali song... they jus added some lines and copied it...
devilndisguise666 on November 24, 2007
omg..dis song was stuck in my head and i had to wacth the video but cudn't find it newhere else.. thanks for the uopload whoever did it:D
I looooovveee dis song!
jasdolnyc on December 07, 2007
ALL the songs in this movie it..
pyarmainkabhiekabhie on December 08, 2007
i love this song from pyae main kabhie kabhie
HOYOSAAFI on January 01, 2008
wowowowo amazing song i love this song thou i don't know it's meaning, Cuz i,am not inidan..
AntimGrahan on January 07, 2008
its nepali language .mine country hehe
zerginora on January 09, 2008
please, tell me what's the refrain about?
markusss47 on January 17, 2008
"musu musu hasi deu" wow lovely songs means jara muskurade muskurade
vininagaraj on January 30, 2008
Any Words to describe this song?? Naahh !
Tushar6480 on February 04, 2008
Hey...please tell us what does it mean? Cause you can tell better. I wanna know. Thank you.
AntimGrahan on February 04, 2008
its like give me ur cute smile ...
Tushar6480 on February 05, 2008
It's a wonderful song. Probably the best from Dino's bag...he he he. Offcourse most of the time Shaan gives birth of ROCKING songs by his voice. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first song of Shaan in any film.
AntimGrahan on February 05, 2008
ur wellcome...are u frm montgomery college...
Tushar6480 on February 06, 2008
No Bro...I'm not. I'm from Bangladesh. Anyway...hopefully we'll keep in touch. Take care.
infesto7 on February 10, 2008
what language is Musu Musu Hasi?
and which year and movie?
rajkarki on February 13, 2008
that was copy of nepalese band. all the band member were british army . vishal shekhar copied that from in movie pyar mai kabhi kabhi
inepali on February 17, 2008
I am particularly not a fan of any Bollywood movies and thier song.But I have nothing against
it. If someone copies it than the song must be good, so we should be even more proud, hoina bro ?
fullbloodednplz on February 21, 2008
you guys are the biggest copy caters out there.
infesto7 on February 21, 2008
biotch?..what did i ever do to you?!
kprasad on February 22, 2008
Finally, one sensible comment around here.
mukarung on February 23, 2008
I like this. I am not only of Nepali origin, but also a son of an ex-British Gurkha officer. I grew up in Hong Kong in the 80's. Brits had a large military base there. Some 6000 Gurkha soldiers and their families were based in Hong Kong until 1997.

The band members that sang the original song "Musu Musu" were all Gurkha soldiers serving in the British Army. It was called the "Himalayan Band", formed in Hong Kong in the 70's.
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