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Comments on song "Na Jaane Kyun, Hotaa Hai Ye Zindagi Ke Saath"
ilovehrishida on February 10, 2007
u r welcome!have watched his movies over n over again-d feel is so
amazing.will try n upload some more nos. enjoy!
thollai on February 11, 2007
can someone post the site to watch hrishikesh mukherjee's movies all his movies
magnon14 on February 13, 2007
thxs very much for uploading this superb song...
nqk90 on February 18, 2007
Thanks !! Please upload the entire film !! We would love to watch it.
gigsgrover on March 02, 2007
Vidya Sinha had such beautiful eyes
hyderabadee on March 05, 2007
Ha yes...sweet music from Salil Choudhary...
Cphari on March 06, 2007
lol this is a very funny movie. some of the "tips" by the Colonel are
pretty helpful in real life.
ilovehrishida on March 11, 2007
@nqk90- its difficult 2 upload d entire film- but i'll try.
ruffnruthless on March 11, 2007
This actress is so simple yet looks sooooo pretty. wat a nice face.
sthitapradnya78 on May 18, 2007
That was a good song and the movie too!!!
corrupt200 on May 24, 2007
I don't knowing how to eat with chopsticks will impress a US girl much
corrupt200 on May 24, 2007
I love this don't even have to know Hindi to understand what is
going in it.
corrupt200 on May 24, 2007
if you do try...please think about putting a version with Englsih
subtitles. You don't need to know hindi to understand what's going on (but
it wouldn't hurt)
sharanjitu on June 07, 2007
corrupt200: It will as long as you how to shove them up your chitad
corrupt200 on June 07, 2007
what's a chitad?
brijrajsingh on September 05, 2007
yeh ladki kabhi usko bhaav nahi deti thi, ab woh banda chala gaya trng
leney, ki laundiya kaise pataayi jaye...ab laundi ko yaad aa riya hai ke,
launda itta bura bhi nai tha..yeh hai feeling gaaney ke
Chandramalli on December 23, 2007
one of the most favourite songs.
drnidhishree on December 24, 2007
that's an awsome song
my all time favorite song
& i luv Vidya sinha's acting in this
hcme2007 on January 03, 2008
Chhoti si baat was a very very very good movie, and na jaane kyun is a great song.
Wishing you a very happy new year,
I am sending a friend request.
drnidhishree on January 03, 2008
a very Happy New Year to you too
shishirbasu on January 05, 2008
One of the greatest movies, i've even seen. Lata D is impeccable.
shrikantshetty on January 25, 2008
Golden era of hindi movies. i guess we may never come across such good
movies and songs in future
tampaerotic05 on January 30, 2008
Back in india during college days, I used to wear exact blue shirt like
amol palekar- early 90s . LOL
nishantbret on February 19, 2008
go to vixy dot net and paste this url and download by selecting a
Muhammad Aamir on April 02, 2008
very very touchy song. I personally share this song to many people. Thanks
for such a nice song & thanks bhupidhillon too for share
anand gupta on April 03, 2008
amazing song...hats off to Lataji
madmax on April 04, 2008
super song..nostalgia..lata is so melodious.
nimajji on April 12, 2008
Hey Tampa, I do not think the India of today is the same when we grew up. I am like you on the nostalgia department by the bitter realities are somewhat different. If only someone invents a time machine in our lifetime...hee hee...I share your sentiments completely mate :-)
vpanwar on April 18, 2008
this movie is immortal... HITCH is based on this movie
lovekishoreji on April 24, 2008
I find Vidya as one of the most simple yet sensuous lady specially in this movie...and the song is superb
aninablue on April 28, 2008
i love it the way they looked in 1960s movies the hairs styles and sarees all so good lady like and gracefull.
Arjun Nandra on April 30, 2008
hey which movie is this ..???
baheepreet on May 01, 2008
The movie is called 'Chhoti si baat'.
shaheena88 on May 06, 2008
a song from the movie, choti si baat. Missing someone .?? "Sometimes ...Missing you! is not enuff to discribe the actual pain.." I love this a lot.
kapilrakh on May 13, 2008
I like the directors creativity of putting "Zameer" banner on the bus stop.
krishjnayak on May 17, 2008
such a beautiful song... and vidya sinha looks really nice!
Arvind Bhardwaj on June 01, 2008
Good - Movie for ever - >
brj79 on June 03, 2008
though i din't born in Nepal, we have an advantage that we can understad
the language so we nepalese r relishing all beutiful songs of hindis. I luv
all old songs and movies, i have no words to confer my gratitude. Thanks to
everone who made our life beutiful.thnks thnks thnks..
brj79 on June 03, 2008
though i din't born in India, we have an advantage that we can understad
the language so we nepalese r relishing all beutiful songs of hindis. I luv
all old songs and movies, i have no words to confer my gratitude. Thanks to
everone who made our life beutiful.thnks thnks thnks
shrins46 on June 15, 2008
Vidya is beautiful. I liked the shot in the bus, well directed.
shandy5555555555 on June 16, 2008
plz also upload the jane kyun mein bekarar,dil mein liye dard e intizar,betha hoon us raah mein ,jo teri manzil nahi...plz plz plz if someone knows this song kindly upload it and and also if someone knows which movie it is from ...ill be grateful.thanx.
bollyrules on July 05, 2008
People its NOT a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film. FYI, the movie was directed by Basu Chatterjee.

Music: Salil Chowdhury
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Lyrics: Yogesh
Movie: Choti Si Baat
Starring: Amol Palekar, Vidhya Sinha and Ashok Kumar
Amit shan on July 18, 2008
Real expression of a girl waiting for her loved one to come. Also matched
by the music and voice. I love this song and the actress.
N H on August 01, 2008
This is such a melodious,song by "Salil Da" the great, that one keeps
humming it for days."Vidya Sinha" did justice to portray "the girl next
door" in this lovely movie by "Basu Chatterjee".I simply love the choir
used by mastreo,"Salil Da" so beautifully!(Thanks ilovehrishida for posting
sds1943 on August 09, 2008
It feels like a Bangla Film, only in Hindi language! Similar to All movies
made by Hrishikes Mukherjee. Probably that is why this confusion.
paayoub on August 17, 2008
Salil the greatest of diferent from all .. we keralites could never
forget forever through his melodies
Hubart8 on August 21, 2008
Lovely song..
AJ MISTRY on September 08, 2008
I love all of his songs..but why all keralites only?i am guju and can't
forget his immortal music.
shilpa88888 on September 19, 2008
Who is this actress?
skotian7 on September 21, 2008
The actress is "Vidya Sinha"
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