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Comments on song "Na Kisi Ki Aankh Ka Noor Hoon"
IMIRZA777 on November 25, 2008
Wah. Kia Khub. Thanks.
amrutvani on December 16, 2008
Wow ,I was searching this vdo for years .Thanks Mr.neerajkamini for this
exeptionally good song. Harish
Dee Thakore on December 16, 2008
Yes, I was looking for video. Thanks for post. But let me clear as we all
believe (including me) that this gazal was written by Zafar. It is not
true. But It is written by is muztar khairabadi (Father of Janisar Akhtar).
moula53 on December 16, 2008
The beauty. Thanks more
RituPM :) FEELThePurityPeace&DepthINMusicINYourShr on December 25, 2008
Vah! In shero-shaayaree mein jo dard, jo karaar thaa uskee taareef aam
lavzon mein namumkin hai! Rafi Saahab ki avaaz mein jo kashish jo dard thaa
uska bhi javaab nahi! Am just so humbled and thrilled to get access to such
rare gems of Urdu poetry & vintage Bollywood classics on youtube!:) Viva
technology, viva the tech savy music loving uploaders like you,
neerajkamini, who care to share joy & appreciation of such treasures
through the computer screen! Thanks. Best Always. Ritu California USA
rajabundela on January 25, 2009
Neither am I the apple of anyone's eyes, nor am I the darling of someone's
heart; the one who could be of use to none, such a handful of dust am I
madmax on January 31, 2009
Bahadur Shah most probably wrote this in captivity, he wasn't supplied any
pen to write as he was barred from any written correspondence so he used to
write in the walls with burnt sticks. I felt sorry for this poor man as he
was a reluctant party in the mutiny.
Urdumetro on February 12, 2009
No doubt Bahadur Shah Zafar was a good poet but to your surprise this
Ghazal was written by Muztar Khairabadi and was sung by Mohammad Rafi for
the movie. As it was picturised on Bahadur Shah Zafar it is assumed
generally that this is his poetry. Regards A.A. Baig, Hong Kong
Urdumetro on February 12, 2009
No doubt Bahadur Shah Zafar was a good poet but to your surprise this Ghazal was written by Muztar Khairabadi and was sung by Mohammad Rafi for the movie. As it was picturised on Bahadur Shah Zafar it is assumed generally that this is his poetry. Regards A.A. Baig, Hong Kong
madmax on February 12, 2009
Baig sahab, thanks a ton. I stand corrected. Infact both of the ghazals are
mistakenly attributed to him. There is no official confirmation that Zafar
wrote them. Ta
sunshine82007 on February 20, 2009
Thats interesting. I visited Shah Zafar's Mazaar in Rangoon, Burma 3 yrs
ago and can't recall anything mentioned about his poetry.
ramesh shah on March 01, 2009
what a song!!
Shrikant Talageri on March 06, 2009
Thank you for this lovely video.
IndianKafir on March 11, 2009
Kise Den Wafa ki Sannat zafar Likhe Ja Rhe The Woh Nam Jab Yeh Hussen Aesse
The Sangdil(pathar) Mera Nam Likhke Mita Dia
Calhyde a on April 21, 2009
the entire language spoken + all songs in the movies is urdu yet the
language is neither supported nor appreciated & never acknowledged..thus
Ritu you are a gem yourself, very rare for someone to acknowledge
Urdu...which is indeed a very rich & poetic language
Vishwas Verma on April 26, 2009
brilliant song!!!!!
vivedsen on July 23, 2009
simply wonderful doctor saab, you are a gem
yogendra khokhar on August 01, 2009
Too good to believe! So simple,but so magical. Rafi sahab, you are (yes you
still are) amazing.
Mona Kar on August 08, 2009
When ever i hear this song i can not hold my tear so nice song. thnks
imbapu on August 15, 2009
Indeed a touching song and wonderful Lyrics. Very little but very
impressive music. This was written over 150 uears ago!! It gives me chills
everytime I listen to this. Thank you Niraj
nasreenization on August 22, 2009
what I want to say,I canot express ,so I just repeat ,what 'imbapu' has written.
Rupa Dore on September 24, 2009
He was in the wrong job !
Dom Powers on October 25, 2009
What does he, or rather Uncle Rafi Saab, say?
ambindia on November 18, 2009
music by s.n.tripathi i think. pl confirm.
Miss Cool kitty on December 06, 2009
i love this poem i feel he wrote it for me
Ahmed Hemani on January 25, 2010
The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple is a detailed and very readable
account of Zafar's last days and the freedom fight in 1857.
Ahmed Wafoor Wehand on February 01, 2010
In simple words he is saying I m good for nothing.
Ahmed Hemani on February 05, 2010
Rafi saheb is a true maestro - divine voice, super control, sings with such
conviction and feel that it makes the essence of the song leap out and it
touches you. And Bahadur Shah Zafar - you might have penned this
melancholic ghazal reflecting the time - but today you are remembered very
well as a patriot. Taj Mahal at some point in time might vanish, hope not,
but your poetry will never die - it cannot.
Ahmed Wafoor Wehand on February 14, 2010
Yaara i simply put it to the person who was asking what is Rafi singing
about. Obviously meanings of the poetry goes beyond the words i could use
to explain to him. Plus this beautiful poetry would lose the touch of it as
english can not cover the emotions were described there. So i kept it
simple for the person who wanted to know. I was not degrading the ghazal or
Rafi or Bahadur Shah Zafar.
TheAfgwoman on March 01, 2010
i can only say nobody can beter sing than the greet M rafie sahab..Rip
Maan Singh Deora on April 28, 2010
koi chhaar fool aaakar chadhay kiu .koi aaake shammA JLAYE KIU
Shaheryar Ahmed on May 25, 2010
fantastic.this video is a rare piece..many thanks for uploading.
aparaajita10 on June 11, 2010
@poissondelamer wtih the most brutal and the most coward patrons & owners
Urdumetro on June 18, 2010
This ghazal was written by Muztar Khairabadi as a song for film LAL QILA.
Since Bahadur Shah Zafar was shown on screen it was assumed generally that
this is his poetry. This ghazal does not appear any where in his poetry
collection Kulliyat e Zafar. Muztar Khairabadi was father of Jaan Nisar
Akhter, grandfather of Javed Akhter and great grandfather of Farhan Akhter.
Zigarwale on August 01, 2010
To best of my knowledge this Gazal was composed by Last Mugal Emperor,
Bahadur Shah Zafar ,during his Rangoon Exilement ,by British Company after
1857 war defeat. Thanks for uploading this beautyful song music composed by
Galavya41 on August 14, 2010
@poissondelamer Urdu is a great language , but to say its the "worlds most
sweet and expressive language" is according to me , kind of insulting to
other languages , All languages have great poets who have written equally
sweet and expressive poetery ,but no one poet or no one language can be
called " the best" , its just wrong to compare languages . All are best but
in their own sweet way.
Galavya41 on August 14, 2010
@poissondelamer I never said anything against urdu ,and as far as accepting
" reality" goes I dont know how react to that, as the love for a language
is a very personal and subjective matter,the sweetness of the Rubáiyát of
Omar Khayyám (Persian), cant be compared to anything , similarly only a
fool wont see the greatness of Adi Shankara's Poetry & the poetry of
Dushyant kumar & Ghalib can captivate anyone . but none can say "look this
poet's work is the best cause he used this language" .
gumsum70000 on August 17, 2010
@rohitfresno This song should be played on birth of every Indian child.
1001degrees on August 23, 2010
@rohitfresno, so what, I love indian music and the people, but hate sick
mentality of people like you who spread hatred between people of two
countries. I am not proud of my last comment as it was spontaneous reply to
your dirty comment.
mansoorlong on September 01, 2010
wht a cry in despair, what a poetry... written by bahadur shah zafar during while in prison
Balakrishnan V on November 25, 2010
I was shocked to read some of the comments. It was such soulful song sung
by Mohammed Rafi which wwas written by Bahaddur Shah Zafar. Don't some of
the narrow minded people think that thewre is no religion or language bar
for music.?Atleast do not approvew any provoking comments and equally
attackling replies. It is disdusting to say the least
sakootayshabb on December 03, 2010
Thanks for uploading, it reminds me bahadur shah zafar shair( see below)

zfk110 on December 07, 2010
Rafi is parallel..a legend with multiple qualities, all in one.. an ultimate. he is a bench mark...and a shadow for others to chase only. legends do not born every day, but once in centuries. there are many who spend all their time to sing his songs. I wont hear anyone else in my life time as good as him.
Sudhir Desai on December 27, 2010
I am somewhat disappointed to know that Bahadur Shah did not write this,
but I am happy to learn who did and the long line of poets that came from
that heritage... This song touches me like no other... I long for my
homeland... and then one of my closest friend's name is Zafar... makes it
even more dear...
rajivsood25 on April 17, 2011
by uploading this video you have done a wonderful this , we are grateful to
KHAN1561 on April 18, 2011
thanks again for this nice ghazal of zafar sb by m rafi the best
mastkalandr on April 19, 2011
@rajivsood25 ..You are welcome my dear friend..thanks for sharing and
mastkalandr on April 19, 2011
@KHAN1561 are welcome ..thanks for sharing touching gazal...
suman hunjan on April 21, 2011
BAHUT SUNDER GAZAL hai .Rafi sahib ne gaya bhi khub hai. Music bhi sweet hai
9431885 MK on April 24, 2011
1] न किसी की आँख का नूर हूँ न किसी के दिल का करार हूँ जो किस्सी के काम न आ
सका मैं वोह एक मुश्त-ए-गुबार हूँ नूर, Noor: Bright, Light, Luminescence,
Luster, Refulgence करार, Qaraar: Ease, Patience, Quietude, Repose,
Residence Rest, Satisfaction, Stability मुश्त-ए-गुबार,
Musht-e-Gubaar:handful of dust
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