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Comments on song "Naa Shikwa Hai Koyi Naa Koyi Gila Hai"
kcy5771 on August 07, 2010
whenever I want to go in my past, simply I arrange the CD of all above said
songs of the great film AMER. Thanks a lot to upload these all, may God
bless u & give the better reward. please continue your efforts and also
gift us other gems, like SUNGDIL, ANARKALI & SHABAB etc. Once again thanks
to done this great job.
nafsika2004 on August 17, 2010
katapliktiko!!! with love and respects from Greece
SeemaHaidar on February 11, 2011
True classic with the stunning beauty of one & only Madhubala.
iffatmughal1 on March 03, 2011
Asante Sana -WOW
deepasahni on May 14, 2011
I have no words.. Simply Superb!Mehaboob khan direction, Madhubala, Dilip and Nimmi and Naushad's music and Lata , Asha and rafis singing everything.
Vinod Nair on May 17, 2011
Rips my heart and takes me 40 years
S.D. Chauhan on May 21, 2011
how super melodious song is this and sad smile of beauty queen madhubala.
nasir hussian on July 03, 2011
butiful song
Milahi1935 on September 24, 2011
Lata has sung very well. However, the composer should have given the tune a
little more rnge. The tune is rather subdued. Otherwise a very pleasant
Milahi1935 on September 24, 2011
I meant a little more range, some higher notes.
surinder50 on November 05, 2011
she is as beautiful as many other heroines...someone starts to praise one
beauty over other and boom..every one says she is the best looking.she
always pimples on her face and a lopsided mouth! Certainly not the best.
But very beautiful.
Atiq Rahman on November 05, 2011
LOVEly song of LOVE. MADHUBALA is fabulous.
Atiq Rahman on November 26, 2011
@surinder50 What a terribly wrong statement. Loving someone is not imposed
by the comments of others. MADHUBALA casts a spell of
love/affection/romance-not at all by the comments of others.Some people
have charisma-and MADHUBALA has that natural charisma for many people. But
not for every one obviously---but otherwise for millions & millions of
people. My sister is not that fond of MADHUBALA --she is more fond of
NARGIS.But still the reality is--MADHUBALA has the charisma.
Pransukh Patel on December 31, 2011
They all can flourish in India only! If I am wrong, please look elsewhere!
Atiq Rahman on August 12, 2012
Yes----- Stunning MADHUBALA -----One & Only MADHUBALA. Have never seen such
a stunning BEAUTY before on the silver screen before. Was she so stunning
off the screen ??
NSRIN AKTER on August 18, 2012
this is my one of best son. lata
sushma asija on September 13, 2012
Wonderful lyrics and stunning Madhubala!!!
orawal on September 30, 2012
Does anyone know what raag/raga is this??
Kenneth Starling on October 06, 2012
she was a pashtun girl from afghanistan.
HIMCHOLI RAY on December 18, 2012
One and only one Madhubala,what a perfection, so many different emotions
she could express in such a brief time ,we are extremely fortunate to
understand the language,million thanks to the kind soul who put it in the
computer you tube.She was God's gift to human race ,may her soul rest in
peace.Thanks again.
Shahana Shakil on December 27, 2012
kabirb4 on January 29, 2013
No Doubt Zamana bura he, zara bachh ke chhalna.amazing beauty & only,,,
Kishor Ratilal on February 01, 2013
classic acting of madhubala
Pooja Raithatha on February 12, 2013
I have the feeling it's Darbari, because the raag sounds similar to that of
"Mohabbatt Ki Jhooti Kahani Pe Roye" from Mughal-E-Azam, which is based on
the Darbari raag.
Surender Bhutani on February 18, 2013
This song is based on Raag Tilak Kamod. where as Mohabbat ki jhuti kahani
is based on Raag Darbari. I am writing to clarify what Pooja Raithantha ha
smentioned in her mail. Dr Surender Bhutani in Warsaw (Poland)
Kaluarachchige Nihal on February 25, 2013
I can'y forget your smile and your lovely face, let me see you once again
in my next birth also.Even you are no more , I feel like you are there in
my heart.
ASLAM SHARIF on March 03, 2013
Muhammad Riaz on March 09, 2013
اب ان فلموں کا ایک تصوّر ذھن میں باقی رہ گیا ھے.. فلموں کا صاف ستھرا دور
تھا اب فلمیں لُچّے اور لفنگے واحیات لوگوں کے ہاتھ آگیا ھے...
Shahnaz Ali on May 19, 2013
very nice song
Rajinder Handu on July 07, 2013
What is there in this song that I watch it with moist eyes and listen it,
as if hearing a deep devotional Bhajan.
qadamkhan qurashi on August 26, 2013
riaz sab ki bat pr itifaq hai
sajid ghauri on September 25, 2013
My favourite song
Rajendar Kumar on October 02, 2013
oh what a song! beautifull.
Khawar Haider on October 20, 2013
Amen. There are few people who can express like that.and all that beauty
she had and no pride .I agree with HIMCHOLI /RAY So sad she died so
young...with a hole in her heart..nature is so cruel
Mr28121940 on October 22, 2013
Absolutly true. Purani film dekh kar goya swab kamaaney ke baat hay.
sajid ghauri on December 02, 2013
My favorite song
Muhammad Sadiq on December 04, 2013
the song dfrent more song 
Tu Hetu on January 07, 2014
What a lovely song & my favorite MADHUBALAJI. 
rajayasir yasir on February 01, 2014
for ever green
rajayasir yasir on February 01, 2014
na shikwa he koi no koi gila he 
Chandrakant Pusdekar on February 15, 2014
Balarabe Abbas Lawal on February 28, 2014
A very sweet and heart warming on the best actress ever.
zahir ahmed on March 05, 2014
Madhubala, the most beautiful face of Bollywood who charmed India with her
beauty and acting talent in some great films.She died quite young [ in her
30s] and apparently from heart trouble. Zahir Ahmed
Aminul Islam on March 31, 2014
Madhubala, what a wonderful beauty she was! I can not turn my eyes back!
parveen nandal on April 11, 2014
nice song
Gulabchand Punjabi on April 24, 2014
...mubarak tuze oh tere dilki dunia..mere jindagi ka koi gam naa
karnaa. Na shikva hai koi naa koi gilaa hai ...Salamat
rahe tu. Meri ye duaa
Shahnaz Humayun on May 09, 2014
Most beautiful lady 
shahid mahmood on May 10, 2014
sudhir vikram Bhargava on May 17, 2014
Bemisaal .
Abel Forest on June 05, 2014
why not glory to Europeans and north Americans who created the modern world
where it is possible for a nation of over one billion( who in this 20th
century relieves itself on the ground every morning) to brag about Indus
Valley Civilization.
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