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Comments on song "Nadia Bhar Bhayi Re"
Chandra Sekhar G on February 08, 2012
as usual very soothing...keep up the good work
paul daniel raj Balasingh on February 08, 2012
nice work.
elifkibar1 on February 08, 2012
really good
DarkEyedHersh on February 08, 2012
Love this!
Srinivasan Kannan on February 08, 2012
beautifiul renderation! shankar you are a super tucker! best wishes from
from thuli thuliya vandana's dad and mom!
Kezia Alex on February 08, 2012
Amazing <3
FluteHypnosia on February 08, 2012
Another inspirational piece...
mohanprateek1 on February 08, 2012
ONLY thing that hurt was girl pronouncing "bairi" as "bahri" :(
Rhea Sharma on February 08, 2012
Wow! Very well sung.. Background music was perfect! :)
Naveen Sr on February 08, 2012
Very well sung ... magical voice . Kudos Shankar... loved the
composition especially at 2:40
Veena Moorthy on February 08, 2012
magical sangathis are beautiful
Kris Allam on February 08, 2012
Obviously hav to compare with Nitin's. And Nope. Didn't do any justice.
Vocals were so bad, composition is so so. Good attempt though.
Ashwinswarup on February 08, 2012
Hi Shankar, high pitched voices dont go well with the flute . Why don't you
introducing voices which have higher base ( read male voices) . I have a
feeling mixing high pitched flute with a deep baritone voice will yield
higher quality music ??? Your thoughts ?
nadabrahmaUK on February 08, 2012
Are you sure the original is by Nitin Sawhney, and it was just popularised
by him and Jeff Beck?
Vijayalakshmi Siddhartha on February 08, 2012
this is no place for haters.. if u can't encourage talent please move
a02sweetdream on February 08, 2012
one of my fave songs of Nitin and i loved the clarinet intro. the vocalist
didn't have the voice for the song though. she had hit the notes, but only
technically. i didnt feel the same wholehearted inspiration as i did with
the original.
shwemenon on February 08, 2012
haha i was waiting for you to choose the raga Desh for your next cover. It
is such a soothing raga :) i like how you promote new singers! Check out my
channel if you have the time, thanks! :)
iamvarshaa on February 08, 2012
the starting few seconds reminds me of 'baje sargam har taraf se...'
bliss on February 08, 2012
I had pleasant goosebumps when the clarinet and vocals started. Keep making
music. Towards the end vocals faltered but it is very soothing nevertheless.
Rinju R V on February 08, 2012
"Nadiya bahri bhai Mora saiyyan bulave Sune nahi " Even the Rivers have
turned hostile My lover beckons me But you wouldn't listen
Jalebiiiiiii on February 08, 2012
Gorgeous composition and vocals!!!
Rajagopal Ramaswami on February 08, 2012
The vocal support for all the renditions has been perfect as is this one of
Juanita John's
Sharad Patel on February 09, 2012
wow. She's a High School student! Amazing talent! Keep it up! :)
wefysan58 on February 09, 2012
so very beautiful
sidrocks4ualways on February 09, 2012
Likes(337) > Views (302). Need not say more. Shankar, You simply \m/. _/\_
arviindkumar on February 09, 2012
The standards that you set for yourself was so high that I had to think
twice before clicking on the like button. You are much better than what you
think you are Shankar. Good Luck.
TheDarrier on February 09, 2012
Shankar! Could you please please please play a solo piece! It would be
TheDarrier on February 09, 2012
@Ashwinswarup That's not a flute, its a clarinet.
Arpit G on February 09, 2012
Wow this is amazing
Prakash Mungli on February 09, 2012
Great job Shankar and came out soothing..looking
forward to listen more tracks from you. Thanks doing this.
Neel Patel on February 09, 2012
Juanita should seriously consider dropping out of school and getting into
the singing business.
Neel Patel on February 09, 2012
Graceful instrumentals with an amazing voice!
Arya Krishnakanth on February 09, 2012
shanker tucker you always rocks and i want you to be india's lead composer
sdileep on February 09, 2012
Absolutely wonderful... Keep it coming Shankar...
sudarshan71 on February 09, 2012
She is positively one of the poorest of all singers in this series I have
encountered, at high pitch she is all over the shop which makes it hard to
continue hearing.
Elden Kelly on February 09, 2012
so nice. I like your fresh spin on this song. all the best Shankar.
Sounding great. Always such professional productions from Shruti Box
Balaji eevunni on February 09, 2012
no shankar not so moved by this anyway hats off to u r try
Bilal Parkar on February 09, 2012
I sense a little help for the voice with the computer.If that's the case
then truly disappointed with you Mr. Tucker.
sona sonakshi on February 09, 2012
omg i love this kind of voice !!
Jim Thomas on February 09, 2012
@prafulppai Well, i wudnt try a job, which i cant do (unlike the above) -
and could you please tell me what did u like in this track, as her voice
was terrible...and we all knw that.
Debdatta Basu on February 09, 2012
Weak voice. She falters so often.This is raag desh, the basis for thousands
of famous compositions including vande maataram. More justice needs to be
Debdatta Basu on February 09, 2012
Please do another round with nirali karthick(jaa jaa re). She would be
perfect. Please try.
gaurav pathak on February 09, 2012
the vocals need to be checked. . its terrible. . . her pronounciation is :(
n d voice flat . . . . needs practise .
adwant on February 09, 2012
Beautiful and sweet... :)
Akhilesh Magal on February 09, 2012
Welcome change from the previous compositions. Good composition.
ramesh nataraj on February 09, 2012
I like all the sunker tucker creations
Viney Mathews on February 09, 2012
@MrThalarocks - I agree!!!!
bindazaan on February 09, 2012
@MrThalarocks you mean dislike button should be done away with? and before
you start hating me i liked this song :)
vijayiisc on February 09, 2012
Shankar try another one with aditya rao and rohan.. another O re pya...
waiting for iyer sisters new tamil song...
Vijayalakshmi Siddhartha on February 09, 2012
@bindazaan all I meant was that people should be encouraging people like
Shankar, who is trying to do some good ( I never knew abt a compilation
like this existed before if not for him. I'm new to Indian classical
music). what makes u think that I will hate u :)
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