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Comments on song "Nasha Nasha Hai Isi Nashe Mein"
BengaliLibra on August 24, 2009
nice to see the girl from yaar ki shaadi but i hate rest of the girls esp sofie and kim.
vedg007 on August 27, 2009
omgfullisikm8 on August 28, 2009
that 1 from shadi no.1 is hot wats her name...
exoticb09 on August 28, 2009
wt kinda song is crap.?
ugly gals n ugly song!
trying 2 copy d song from apna sapna money money...which was so much betta!!!
akz009 on August 29, 2009
What have they done to indian cinema???
renegaed on August 29, 2009
Aarti is by far the hottest
filmcriticclub on August 30, 2009
Totalllllllllllyyyyyyyyy agreeeeeeeee!
swaroopsahoo on September 02, 2009
Would u care to share your orkut/facebook acc. I jus wanna see the hunk/ who is saying is these beauties ..ugly..
exoticb09 on September 03, 2009
Y do i have to show my fb ac??? jus coz i said dey r ugly now u wana judge me? Huh...wat a loser!
I hav no interest in sharing my fb with a stranger plus dat was my opinion...diz gals r ugly n cheap except Tulip (shez not bad) datz y dey r always in flop movies.no1 wants 2 c em except maybe perverts like u.
coool2345 on September 04, 2009
sophie is the hottest, tulip is the prettiest, aarti is smoking hoting, and so is kim.
when they all come together its called global warming!!
copkillcover on September 05, 2009
wats up wid u dont u like chicks. dey shud wear bra n nickaz well get 2 see more goodies haha
angel90258 on September 05, 2009
omg. beats are so generic. and videography is SO lifted outta hollywood.
remember the video for PCD's "Buttons"..?? - wayyyyy too similar..
MissCutiie97 on September 06, 2009
I SO Like Thios Song Cuz ... Well ... Idont Know But I Like It Like Dis ANd Yaa They Have Copied Da PCD's Video
MrJogani on September 06, 2009
dey tryna be pcd...though sophia is totally elgible 2 b a pcd.she s so fckn hot.wht say?
BabyAaliyah92 on September 07, 2009
Disgrace To The Asian Community.
Jasmine7X0X0 on September 07, 2009
India is Great! It has showed the most cultural side of India as well as the most westernized or more modern or young side of it. and this is the more young, modern or westernized side of India/ Bollywood.
glamorous1111 on September 08, 2009
nicely put! nothing wrong in it i don't think.
multiha on September 10, 2009
dey may have slightly copies pcd video.. but i thinkz itz really good.. wickd video
angel90258 on September 11, 2009
the hand move at 1:26 is such a typical kareena kapoor move!! lol!
Giti4ever on September 16, 2009
just enjoy the song people soo what if they did copy the song is nice
nishafromhouston on September 19, 2009
the white girls in the back look too pale
katje9 on September 20, 2009
I Like the green and purple ones they are not to much you know
whiskers12356 on September 26, 2009
everyoe of those danced good except the one in the purple dress
itsmefj1 on September 28, 2009
Death at a Funeral complete copy
masteerpk1 on October 01, 2009
luf diz song..
n da gurl in purple n green dance nyc..
deii r to pwetti da gurls in purple n green..
luf dem n deir dance...
iron007 on October 02, 2009
Kim is the hottest, esp wen waiving her hands in the golden dress..
TheDesigrl123 on October 05, 2009
i love this song its sooo freakin awesome!
spoiledwitch on October 06, 2009
doesnt dis song sound like... buro buro...from bluff master?
soccerman080 on October 11, 2009
i love this song and aarti chhabria
Arzoo18 on October 11, 2009
lol they are trying to be like hollywood singers. tfs
IDPcB on October 12, 2009
no such thing as too pale
tipsyrambo on October 17, 2009
isnt kim kinda really ugly??
jhhgtyiiu on November 03, 2009
kim is da pretty 1 rest ugly
saumyav on December 14, 2009
@angel90258 Lol your so right..
hip2thabone on January 01, 2010
jessieks7 on February 13, 2010
@eabrothers haha totally dude
kashishrose on March 01, 2010
@masteerpk1 -the girl in green is aarthi chabaria and the 1 in purple is tulip joshi..u hud watch her movie matrubhoomi a nation without women..she did a wunderful job in tht movi
Palkia289 on May 30, 2010
luv this song <333333333!!!!!!!!!
Palkia289 on June 10, 2010
luv this song and sophie is not the hottest coool2345!!!!!!!
TeekhaiVava on July 02, 2010
I wanted to say, yes, this video is great, and a work of art. The coreography is excellent, they have dressed well, danced well, probably rehearsed well. BUT it kind of reminds me of the songs of RACE and Katrina Kaif and Bhipasha Basu, similar body movements and short skirts. However, that may just be a coincidence.
TeekhaiVava on July 02, 2010
this video reminds me of race but that could be a coindence. similar body movements similar short skirts. However they have danced well, dressed well, and probably rehearsed so I am not saying they are copying RACE however they have similar dresses and movements no doubt. But good job anyway
sarayardi on October 02, 2010
Harry Harry Kewell harry harry kewel
10rsa on October 10, 2010
all the ladies look great!!!
arlenewatson1 on November 22, 2010
Big single women are looking for you
futuregirl12 on February 20, 2011
loving the song!!!!
look at the i move meh body
lifezamazing1 on April 07, 2011
arti chabria n kim sharma also starred in tumse accha kaun hain in 2002
opposite nakul kapur, dat guy who is famous for d music video, hogayee hain
mohabbat tumse in 1998, but now disappeared n arti chabria n sophie had a
cameo in shaddi no 1 released in 2005... tulip joshi's first muvi in 2002
mere yaar ki shaddi hain she did awesome job.. these 4 actresses hav
huge potential to rock bollywood.
rs51735 on May 26, 2011
uh sophie is steaming hot..
hindbond1 on June 05, 2011
@lifezamazing1 unfortunately they havent!!
TheKazmosis on July 05, 2011
indian ppl pretendin to be white is fcking hilarious
easaabutaher on April 03, 2012
Oh man just luk @ these super hot actresses. DAMN.
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