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Comments on song "Nazar Lagi Raja Tore Bangle Par"
socal1982 on May 17, 2009
Is this actress Madhubala? Who is providing her vocals?
socal1982 on June 03, 2009
Asha Bhosle is providing her vocals.
OLuckyman2007 on September 12, 2009
Film: Kala Pani
Singer: Asha Bhosle
Actor: Dev Anand
Actress: Nalini Jaywant
Musician: S.D. Burman
vicshuklanyc on September 28, 2009
najar lagi tori ada par
durlabhpkolhe on November 29, 2009
this song and nadi nale na jao shyam painya paru likes me for it's style.
crystalrose2211 on February 06, 2010
Nalini Jaywant and asha bhonsle
orientlover1 on March 28, 2010
what happened to jalini jaywant? we do not find her biography or anyother details of her later life
TBDN on March 31, 2010
Sir it is written in wikipedia about her. After second marraige she is away from films. She was born in 1926 so she must be enjoying wih children and grandchildren.
swamykool on August 17, 2010
One of the the best mujras of all times. Where are those days!!!
yasmeenfive on August 20, 2010
Asha Bhosle is so melodious, she compels you to sing along with her...Amazing !!!! India's pride!!!
bdgogia on August 23, 2010
@TBDN Recheck - Asha is not l926 born !
orientlover1 on September 24, 2010
@bdgogia Asha Bhosle was born in 1933 and the actress in this song Nalini Jaywant was born on 18-2-1926.
orientlover1 on September 24, 2010
@TBDN who are you talking about - the singer Asha Bhosle or the actress in this song Nalini Jaywant. Actress Nalini Jaywant was born on 18-2-1926 and singer Asha Bholse was born in 1933. She has recently celebrated her 77th birthday.
papapochu on January 28, 2011
@socal1982 No, Madhubala was the lead actress and you can see her all-time classic song "Achcha Jee Main Haari" from the same movie. This actress is Nalini Jaywant who played the negative role
nardnardn on July 20, 2011
This song defined Mujra music for Hindi film music. The popularity of this song is such that the kotas of Bombay was all ablaze with this song and even Lucknow kotas started to play this song, giving up on tradition , as per the clients demand.What a song! SD and Asha rock .. Nalini is quite rhythmic and Dev's mannerisms are better left unsaid. It is one of his rare films where he acted as a nabob and still his western mannerisms come through. It is quite funny to see him in this act. Thanks
TheVp123 on July 27, 2011
Good Bhojpuri song and give soil of north india and rich culture. Great...
jagdishmishraa on September 11, 2011
its not bhojpuri . Khadi boli has been used in the lyrics
Chiman Jagani on September 26, 2011
Album: Kala Pani
Year: 1958
Track: Nazar Laagi Raaja Tore Bangle Par
Singer: Asha
Album Star Cast: DevAnand Madhubala NaliniJaywant
Track Star Cast: NaliniJaywant
rumahale on March 29, 2012
Kala Pani (1958) - Dev Anand, Madhubala, Nalini Jaywant starrer was one of
the great movies produced by Dev Anand. It won Filmfare Award (1959) for
Dev Anand - Best Actor and Nalini Jaywant - Best Supporting Actress. This
song rendered on Nalini Jaywant was written by Majrooh Sultanpuri with
music score from S D Burman and rendered soulfully by Asha Bhosle. Thanks
for its revival with excellent video presentation.
TUFAIL HEERA on March 29, 2012
BEAUTIFUL POETERY SUPER WORDINGS !!! This is very Lovely Romantic Song with
superb piece of music and excellent Great Lyrics, Mind blowing acting and
dancing performance by very Pretty Lady Madam Nalini Jaywant. This is
fantastic super hit song of all times. Thank you very much for marvelous
Bharat Gul on March 29, 2012
Normally, one doesn't want to sing the praises of even the best real-life
mujras because they have been a blatant form of female exploitation in our
society. Yet I am very, very partial to our on-screen mujra songs
especially those sung by Lataji and Asha Bhonsle and enacted by our lovely
old Bombay stars: Meena Kumari, Nutan, Nargis, Vyjayantimala, Nimmi,
Padmini, and NJ as here. What joy they continue to send us. ! Thanks,
vkj321 on August 19, 2012
This is a 1958 film, not 1989.
Rahul Nandkeolyar on August 20, 2012
Who is the lyricist? Can any one update me on who write this song?
goldwaves on October 01, 2012
Who is the actress in this video dancing?
Mayankesh Tiwari on October 06, 2012
First of all Basic Correction for all the person, this song is Avadhi Folk Song, and its penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri , this was once played across in early 1750's called as "Patuyiah Nach", Not just this song even three more such songs Written by Majrooh Sultanpuri are basically Avadhi folk Songs, you can see Inhi Logo Ne or Chalat Musafir Mohiliyo Re, all this songs would have direct Comparision to People,Animals,Events,Atmosohere
Chandra Pokhriyal on October 16, 2012
Great piece of information Mr Tiwari
gopal sinha on April 30, 2013
One of the most popular and beautiful mujra-songs ever...some of our best
all time great songs are incidentally mujra-songs..e.g. raat bhi hai kuchh
bhingi-bhingi,ghar aaja re ghir ayi,ja main tumse nahin bolun,sakiya aaj
mujhe nind nahin etc..they have to be reckoned with...
Rohit K Pandit PANDIT on June 01, 2013
Khaartoum on October 12, 2013
Thank you for SHARING this wonderful MUJRA with me SARLA Ji. It is so
LOVELY! This late 1950s-early 1960s ERA had a DEFINITE STYLE where the
music was taking on a HARDER sort of TONALITY that would PEAK in the 70s
and early 80s then WANE to the SOFTER TONALITY of the 90s to now. WONDERFUL
THEATRE of the DANCE and MANNERISMS! Wah Wah! Thanks for sharing Sarla Ji! K
AppaRao Venkata Vinjamuri on October 18, 2013
Nazar Lagi Raja Tore Bangle Par - Kala Pani (1958) Dev Anand, Madhubala,
Nalini Jaywant Music S. D. Burman Lyrics Majrooh Sultanpuri Sing By Asha
Bhosle The best & ever green.
mtdmovieswatch on November 29, 2013
She is looking for every things. Nice and very good song. Thanks a lot.
Rasheed on December 01, 2013
Brilliant Song. Superb upload. Thanks.
Nadeem on December 03, 2013
Nice Lyrics.
purutoke on May 19, 2014
Great rendition by Rafisaab !

Maruti Rao V on September 10, 2014
It is not Lata but Asha Bhosle. What an effortless singing. A classic and
beautiful composition set to some simple yet so strring music with tabla
strains filling the air and captivating the listener. We will never get to
hear such singing and such compositions.
VK malik on October 08, 2014
it is classic mujra dance. one of the best choreographed. best stanza >
lipat rehti raja tore bangley pe > GRACEFULLY DONE. NOTHING OBSCENE.
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