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Comments on song "O Duniya Ke Rakhwale"
shakeel ahmed on November 17, 2007
nice way to give tribute he was truly the king
growwithit on November 23, 2007
did u sing in the background?? you could have better kept quiet if you wanted it really! lol... no hard feelings..
AHuman on November 25, 2007
thanks for your feedback
AHuman on November 27, 2007
I tried, thanks for your feedback
pakaricans on November 28, 2007
man you did such a great job keep up, very good voice.
growwithit on November 29, 2007
oh.. duniya ke rakhwale .. mujhe bacha le.. lol :-) .. guys no hard feelings..
AHuman on December 02, 2007
thanks for your feedback..
786maq on December 14, 2007
Good effort my friend but no way near Rafi saab...there only be one Rafi.
got to give some marks for trying to sing the most difficult song written
that could only be sang by Rafi and no one else.
AHuman on December 14, 2007
thanks for your feedback, yes I agree with you that this can only be sung
by Rafi Sahab himself..
hwr905 on December 15, 2007
I appreciate your courage to upload this song and take the criticism in a nice way. Good luck. Majority of us can't do what you have done!
kamz07980 on December 18, 2007
gud try mate..sum gud high notes..;)
Chaman Zadoo on December 18, 2007
Good job my friend. We cannot have another Mohammad Rafi for never. We
salute him.
sriram srinivasan on December 20, 2007
dude... 1. ur 'dard' in the song was ok. 2. ur feel of the song was good.
some suggestions to improve: 1. Work on ur 'raag' (like "shaam ko dhoonde
sawera" was an extra kill) 2. Get hold of the tune properly to every node
of it. Its not just a song, its a million small work on all of
them individually.
sanantharamiah1 on January 02, 2008
A touching and timeless melody that only a giant such as Mohammed Rafi could give substance to with the fine acting job by Bharat Bushan! This song will forever remind of us an era that taught us how good triumphs over evil through perseverance and devotion to principles.

Thank you for bringinging back preciouis memories of the voice of one of Hindi film music's most magnificent crooners whose versatility inspired a generation of playback singers!

SA :-)
radzstar1 on January 03, 2008
mohhammed rafi is too good he has sang it in very high pitched great singer no singer of today could do it like this sonu nigam maby come slightly close but certanly not as high as him ty
zarrark on January 16, 2008
has anyone heard silinder pardesis brilliant version, if anyone has it can
they please send it to me!!!
AHuman on February 12, 2008
Its me ! :-)
rhiannonsarageorge on February 25, 2008
Rafi saab amar rahein,
hallibea on February 26, 2008
Really? Wow, not bad!!
786maq on April 01, 2008
This is one of trh emost difficult song tsing. Only Rafi saab could have sang this.untouchable. Thisis the standard that he set and no one can match.
Peltonwheel on April 11, 2008
Very good...
kqs92 on April 30, 2008
Lyric: Shakeel Badayuni
Music: Naushad Ali
Vocalist: Mohammad Rafi
Film: Baju Banwara 1952
khasum on May 24, 2008
a song that had lived and will live for many years ---- truly beautiful
Princessjasmineariel on May 25, 2008
rafi jee sings like an angel...when i listen to his songs i can feel and understand the meaning with his voice...not many singers can do that!..sonu nigam is one of the few who in my opinion can
niazmnn on July 06, 2008
hmmmmm.Nice try but still u need a lot to do
lecoste on July 11, 2008
beautifully sang!
nagdaking on August 06, 2008
nobody can sing like rafi sahab not even sonu..he accept this.
ssam00 on August 09, 2008
Wish today's bollywood could make music anything close to this
mianbahadurmiansahib on August 27, 2008
Mohammad Rafi you was great, nagdaking i am agree withyou nobody singing like great singer Mohammad Rafi in Rag darbari thanks also deepuvel for upload this orignol song Mian Asif(Spain)
privatehigh on September 04, 2008
This song brings tears to my eyes each time I listen to it. What a divine power Rafi Saab had in his vocals. Such people are born once in 500 years.
jazzybest on September 13, 2008
Genius - heard these songs with father when I was young and still love them all. I was so glad to grow up listening to these songs.
TheUnjustMedia on November 02, 2008
I listened to the sonu nigam version first and then this version.. first I thought Sonu Nigam had done a great job, but only now do I realise how weak his rendition was compared to this. Rafi saab sang it with so much ease, he easily can adapt his voice to high and low pitch, and the flow is consistent, whereas with Sonu, he took too many gaps for breath and didnt seem comfortable with the change in pitch... Nobody comes close to Rafi saab, not even Kishore, who wasnt even trained in singing!
manassme on November 11, 2008
i have no words to tell anything on this song and Rafi sahb
Abhay Bhangale on November 17, 2008
Very well sung!! Full marks to you sir! Salute you... You've done full
justice to the original song! have u tried your luck at Sa Re Ga Ma Pa?
petalzzzz on December 06, 2008
well tried... little imperfection at high pitch..otherwise..super!!
AHuman on December 07, 2008
thanks for your feedback
ronwhite19 on December 20, 2008
this song is commonly called "Sartaaj Geet" or King Song of indian film industry...million salutes to the legend Rafi Sahab...extra ordinary performance...
MUNEERB786 on December 23, 2008 in in peace...
DJ WaziF on December 30, 2008
Well u shd've started with extreme lower notes (w/ kharaj) so pulling
higher notes (HN) wont be a problem then.. in this case u started with
middle throat n had issues on HN which are straining. When u pull HN, u
should do it frm diaphragm.. its same as when u call sum1 by shouting
putting both hands around mouth.. same way u should do HN but in a
controlled manner. When u sing put yr hand on yr neck, if u c muscles tight
it means u'r not singing frm yr diaphragm n thus u'll face problems. Wazif
delicatekatie on December 30, 2008
Mohammad Rafi`s voice is simply voice of god,,,how many raagas he can sing in,,,he greatest singer of all time,,,,yes in movie beju bawra ,,,Baiju bawra proved he was greater than Tansen but not recognisation,,similarly Rafi sahab is greater than even baiju Bawra,,,,,or anyone for simplicity of his nature and godly voice,,,he is greatest without comparision as his voice is godly and what is godly is greater than all as god is greatest..Rafi sahab the genious,,
suratsinghg on December 31, 2008
There are many Legends associated with this song, one of them is that he sang it so passionatly that blood oozed out of his throat.
Another is that he told naushad that he could never sing this song again like the way he did in the movie.
It is belived that Rafi Sahib sang on scale that was beyond many great singers. He used to start on the scale that was 3.5 time higher than normal and sang it effortlessly.
shailesh2k1in on January 11, 2009
oh!..rafi was punjabi!
nazjkhan on January 18, 2009
nasratkha on January 25, 2009
every time I hear Rafi's voice, the only thing that comes to my mind is that this could not be a human voice. It's to be something supernatural, something that don't exist in our earth of mud. Shakespeare was called the king of all England's kings likewise Rafi should be termed as the king of all the greatest singers the world has ever produced.
May God rest his soul in peace!!!!!!!!
tarrnnumsharma on February 15, 2009
rafi sahib aap kyon nahi dobara janam lete ho.
oceanbound222 on March 06, 2009
Excellent tribute. Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
AHuman on March 30, 2009
If I had the same skills then I doubt I would be here thats why its called
a tribute
hkhatri on March 31, 2009
Awesome! btw, which raag is this?
pakhtunzmaray on April 10, 2009
killer song but the bhagvan never really cries
ghandhu on April 16, 2009
the natural frequency which makes the earth move, work beat like a heart is being asked questions. thats who bhagwaan is may be? or is it the sun?
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