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Comments on song "Oh Re Taal Mile Nadi Ke Jal Men"
sharath on May 13, 2008
thanks for posting this is my favorite
purplegulab on June 11, 2008
Beautiful song and simply touch the life. Thank you for the posting.
sbabu12345 on September 05, 2008
Great song - Thanks for posting.
naderdaryaee on November 04, 2008
superb song..just superb
hellotoprem on November 13, 2008
It was one of the best songs i listen very often
aquarikku on November 17, 2008
i never looked at dis video and i dont no y its in my favourites 4m 6 months ago... i wasnt on youtube 4 a whole month and dat was dat month
bewafaguy420 on December 26, 2008
thanks for posting!!! a very nice song indeed, this song was also sung by afghan musician "Ahmad Zahir" which become a popular song in the late 1970's lol before I was born.
gangajumna on January 27, 2009
this movie was made in 1968 not in 1986,
BommuluriUma on March 30, 2009
Gr8 philosophy.What a depth in the meaning.
shakti2n7 on April 02, 2009
Thanks for posting these old songs, they are hard to find, keep them alive.
smilingrajat on April 03, 2009
its a song that summarizes everything .thanks 4 posting
GameMasterGoGo on April 10, 2009
I've read somewhere that he proposed Hema Malini; but, she refused and she married to Dharmendra :(
subra7978 on May 01, 2009
An excellent rendition by Mukeshji..What a philosophy, expressed in simple words!... Congrats and thanks to the lyricist, composer and singer.
biyer08 on August 13, 2009
Life is full of mysteries and surprises. One moment you are downcast and hopeless and suddenly from somewhere a ray of hope appears amidst the dark cloud,a helping hand stretches before you and the entire course of life changes! This uncertainty of life is exquisitely depicted by "Kaviwar Indiwar" in this beautiful song in such simple yet effective words. Roshan's tune is rapturous and has a rustic aura about it. Mukesh's voice is full of pathos and touches the inner most chord of one's heart!
haramiboy77 on August 29, 2009
thanks for posting dis video !!!!!!!!!!!11
sagarvyas14 on September 18, 2009
what a movie? what a lyrics? what a direction, acting, and of course the actor. a simple village lfe. only ONE WORD to say-- AWSOME,
asahi311 on September 24, 2009
An spiritual-Philosophy of the lyric has made superb.. so good were the old poet .the song is so close to heart and so soothing to mind.Thanx for posting it
deenee6789 on October 07, 2009
love love love this song :)
chuppah123 on November 22, 2009
Chiggy-wiggy songs are making money...but seriously not winning any true hearts...
sanjaydole999 on December 08, 2009
dear chiggy wiggy is not just anything to be discarded, friend learn to listen
YTvictimrumahale on December 24, 2009
Movie: Anokhi Raat (1968)
Cast: Sanjeev Kumar, Tarun Bose, Zahida.
Lyrics: Indeevar
Music: Roshan
Singer: Mukesh
fabrosin on January 10, 2010
Beautiful song and first time I am seeing the scene..!Wish such `quality actors' are still alive today!
crazyoldsongs on January 16, 2010
life's great philosophy penned by indeevar and adorned with the beautiful composition by roshan and sung with feeling by mukesh in his sweet voice .
rapnrocknroll on February 14, 2010
kal tak jo begaane the janmo ke meet hai :) :)

total respect for such amazing lyrics !
mukeshtandon26 on February 21, 2010
Poetry ..sheer , unadultrated poetic-song..beautiful can hardly describe the feelings and depth ..wonderful forever..
uditgaur19 on February 25, 2010
Great songs i love this songs...
sudhir13s on April 27, 2010
awesome song yaar...
my favorit song
sankarmj on May 11, 2010
Another hit from yesteryear sung by Mukesh, and many time we were lucky to listen his voice in Calcutta.. He was so handsome ,his complexion and look was as like'n Englishman...
meena603 on May 25, 2010
sanjeev kumar the great actor & mukesh both make a great song. very beaitofil song
ntnagrani on July 13, 2010
@crazyoldsongs beautiful song sung by Mukesh and the lyrics of Indivar and its devastating music.I love this song very much.
kk10061 on August 24, 2010

jagprakash on September 06, 2010
Oh Re Taal Mile Nadi Ke Jal Mein
Nadi Mile Saagar Mein
Saagar Mile Kaunse Jal Mein
Koi Jaane Na...

Suraj Ko Dharti Tarse
Dharti Ko Chandrama
Paani Mein Seep Jaise Pyaasi Har Aatma
Boond Chhipi Kis Baadal Mein
Koi Jaane Na
Oh Re Taal...

Anjaane Hothon Par Kyon Pehchane Geet Hain
Kal Tak Jo Begaane The Janmon Ke Meet Hain
Kya Hoga Kaunse Pal Mein
Koi Jane Na
Oh Re Taal...
savita1926 on September 10, 2010
Sanjeev Kumar, dies at young age. Great actor, this song suits him. Lat movie I saw was solay. He was a great as Thakur
0musing on October 17, 2010
@biyer08 : Nice Observations...thanks
guptanitin231 on November 02, 2010
The fear of the unknown will never go from Man Kind as so many unknowns are around us. So letting the unknown be defined as concretely "undefined" is one way Man kind has for so long derived hope to live and survive.
15484mms on November 22, 2010
Is it just my feeling or Atul Kulkarni really looks like Sanjeev kumar in this get-up?
doctorKEMC on November 27, 2010
@biyer08 Very nicely selected and accurate words reflecting the esence of poetry and singing. It also reflects your own skills and choice and esthetic sense. Regards:
manishdhar22 on November 27, 2010
if i were to choose any 3 songs from the entire hindi film industry, this wud definitely qualify. i've hummed this song for alomost 30 yrs now...
sushant3726 on January 09, 2011
Classic song...from a wonderful movie...I have been listening this songs from the age 6...
virender2207 on April 06, 2011
neelaabh on April 19, 2011
My father use to hum this tune quite often. After he passed away, I realized how deep this song is. Now when I hear this song I am filled with nostalgia and the realization that Life is but a drop of water in the Ocean flowing past relentlessly, unceasingly...
aceji on July 23, 2012
PLEASE change MD to ROSHAN. Thanks. An IMMORTAL MUKESH song.
Filmi Gaane on July 25, 2012
Thank you for your feedback, we have now changed it . Pls subscribe to our
channel to watch such Bollywood old and new hits. Stay Tuned :-)
ashokmohanani13 on August 23, 2012
par ecxellent ! absolutely intoxicating
syed rafi Ulla on October 09, 2012
Thumbs up if You are watching this Video in 2012
ANU VIKSHAT on November 12, 2012
Really a philosophical song of the Film Anokhi Raat.sung by Mukesh.
neelshah84 on December 19, 2012
my grandpa was loved this song...sometimes he heard this song very he is not with me and i missed him so i luv
this song coz of him
labeeb241 on March 13, 2013
Beautiful song, mesmerism of Mukeshda :)
Zihannasheen Zihannasheen on March 31, 2013
It is CE 2013, March 31--and I suddenly came to remember this song--after
many years. How absorbing is the talent expressed through this song.
Krishan Dhanwaria on April 05, 2013
awesome song . koi jaane na. miss u mukesh ji...
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