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Comments on song "Paase Sabhi Ulat Gae, Ham Laaye Hain Tufaan Se"
AHuman on October 02, 2007
thanks for sharing...
vku858 on October 14, 2007
thanks for posting!!!
karthikvallurik on January 25, 2008
this generation people should see and understand these songs and ideals..
Movies are not all about item songs and heroines..lets learn from our elders
identitymanagement on January 28, 2008
Thank you so much for uploading such a superb song...
vnr1945 on February 06, 2008
Thanks for the upload. Fantastic lyrics by Pradeep to the awe inspiring music of Hemant Kumar. Mohammed Rafi at his best especially in the last 'antara' where he goes from low to high pitch with amazing and unbelievable ease. A truly a great singer. In this film actor Abi Bhattacharya with his graceful and dignified acting immortalized the role of a teacher and set a benchmark which would remain unparalled in the Indian cinema for ever.
Sushil Jain on March 06, 2008
Children of 1956 have done a wonderful job. Thanks. Jai Hind
Neeraj on March 11, 2008
jai hind, what a beautiful song!
favmalay on March 13, 2008
proud 2 b an indian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
invnone on March 24, 2008
salute to my dear India and its great people
Sholay48 on April 08, 2008
Compare the lyrics of this song to the story of most poor families. These
words wouldn't stop going through my mind on the day my mum died. On her
own, she brought all her children up. She did hard labour trying to earn
little money to feed us. She navigated her family through rain, storms and
shines. She eventually managed to bring her family safely ashore. We were
now grown up and there she was, lying dead. The message I was getting in my
head was 'I have fulfilled my duties. You do yours now'
AksheeShadow on April 09, 2008
I m so sorry to hear this but this really gives strength and makes me go
sad I am not able to do nething for my parents and motherland :(
Sholay48 on April 09, 2008
What do you mean? Thanks for your kind comments. Why are you not able to?
Is it possible for you to elaborate? Of course, I care.
rumahale on May 27, 2008
Patriotic song with great theme. Credit to Mohammed Rafi for rich
rendition. I have been listening it for the past couple of years without
stop.Thanks for the upload.
vit78devi on May 31, 2008
When Rafi sings 'Akash ko choo lo', the inspiration brought by the song so far really reaches the sky! Fantastic song. A perfect combination of talents of A.Bhattacharya, Hemanth Kumar , Pradeep and Rafi.Thanks for uploading this rare gem.
Ravi Gokhale on May 31, 2008
Proud 2be an Indian, wherever we are. Many thanks.
kiranbadi on July 07, 2008
Proud to be Indian.
alokbakshi on August 05, 2008
Please avoid making such sweeping generalizations.
sumancalif on August 05, 2008
you made my eyes wet. I am lving in California for past eight years now,
still my heart beacons for India, not a day goes by ...
MK981015 on August 15, 2008
No wonder, Pakis created world's terrorism central in Porkistan.
Kumbhakaran65 on August 28, 2008
Oh we cannot take ALL the credit ! After all Rash Behari Bose, Bhagat Singh, Bagha Jatin, Binay Badal and Dinesh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Guru Golwalkar, Dr Hegde,L.K. Advani, and Narendra Modi are all terrorists. They are our Gurus.We Pakis are but the "shishyas'.I guess we should have included Bhindranwale too.
We should stop eating beef and drink some cow urine.
Jai Shree Ram !
Porky from Porkistan
kakkarvaibhave on August 30, 2008
Oh dont forget so called father of the nation MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI. He was assasinated too.
mcakud on September 06, 2008
One more patriotic song from the great MOhd Rafi saab
Shivanathuni Satyanarayana on September 14, 2008
Only this generation of youth (Especially some groups) corupted by
fundementalists... Hardly 2%, others all very good, Thank god... The
villages are not affected. I hope won't...
Kumbhakaran65 on November 29, 2008
There is no arguement against facts. We are the same people and have been so for 1500 years. A mere 60 years is but a flash in our long history. However the soultion towards unity requires major political concessions. The West Germans took the initiative to bridge the gap and realized that it was not the people but the politicians and the government that was the problem. A similar bold action is needed.
studer3500 on December 26, 2008
There will always be a certain degree of discrimination in any country,
look at the European states like the UK and the most powerful country in
the world USA. Incidentally they have less population than in India so I
don't think India is doing too bad on that front. This doesn't mean that
there is no room for improvement of course.
saywow2002 on May 06, 2009
Very true, but if you see the reality, at least they are men enough to stand and fight. Look at us Indians, in our own country, the British shamed us, they made us slaves in our own land. So stop blaming. Even after the atrocities like Jaliawala Bagh, we are ready to get on our knees if a Brit comes to India.
jasiddiqi on May 14, 2009
I cry whenever I hear this song. I pray for the soul of kavi Pradeep and
feel very proud of being originally from the same country as the poet of
this song. Jai Hind!
aceji on June 01, 2009
Religion just devides.The land is called HIND. Jai Hind is best wishes for
all. Vande Matram is for ALL as the land is mother to ALL. Destroy hate and
promote LOVE.
AksheeShadow on June 04, 2009
Yes we didnt exactly follow wat we should have and we all are responsible
for it not a single sect , government, gender or age. We all are culprits
of this disgrace :(
AksheeShadow on June 08, 2009
Leave india to us.V can take care of ourselves. You would not mind anything
coz its not ur country. I would not have india as any religion majority n
pl don't start the minority pleas. u dunn live here n india is full of
pseudoseculars who think appeasing minorities is being secular.Secularism
means equality to religions not suppressing the majority. V were secular n
will always be. Even d closest families have fights. Mind ur busines. ppl
in ur country of same religion can't even stay 2gether .
AksheeShadow on June 10, 2009
Seriously dude get a life go and take care of your nation. It needs more
help than u focussing on India. and wasting our time
AksheeShadow on June 11, 2009
u r just lame,irrational and weird. U just need education and broadning of
horizon. I am not even gonan chekc wat u write further u r just messed up.
Did u have a troubled childhood? lol funny obsessive people go do something
of ur life. Good bye n please spare me
Kumbhakaran65 on June 11, 2009
Fine. So you killed the "brother" earning a place in the "swargya" where Shiva offered you the choicest "Apsaras" ... All 44,000 of them from each God. Funny there are still some "brothers" around like Irfan Pathan and Munaf Patel ( both residents of Modiland ) whom you can send over to us if you like. Or would you rather send them to Yamraj for some more "Apsaras"?
Kumbhakaran65 on June 11, 2009
Oh we are just like you. If you see the 200 odd districts where the Naxals rule or the North East where there are over a 100 insurgent groups. You have bumped off a good many leaders too starting with the "Mahatma" himself whose atma was sent into the parlok. Then there was Golwalkar, L.N. Mishra, Indira Gandhi, Army Chief Vaidya, Rajeev Gandhi . A lakh each of Manipuris, Assamese, Nagas, Mizos, Anunachalis. The ULFA dreams of independence in Assam... we could go on.. Desh to rakhna sambhal key
jkiranat on June 11, 2009
he he he now it hurts right?.Take care of your baluchistan,and punjab and sind.hope they wont go the bangla way.
finally this country and its men are begging for intellecutal from my average bikaaris.
Kumbhakaran65 on June 11, 2009
If given a choice between being dishonored and then killed ( like in Gujarat) and a comfortable Karachi home I am sure Shabana would opt for the latter (Bharat Ratnas not-with-standing). The technical manpower we got from India ( our Bhopal born nuclear scientist is one such) helped us tremendously. We too are happy we got divided. Our only regret is those we left behind. We could do with a Gujarati speaking cricketer, a Tamil speaking missile scientist, a Telugu speaking tennis star.
Kumbhakaran65 on June 12, 2009
No its not a gone case. Yes you are right we need intellectuals. Our long time serving foreign minister was Agha Shahi who could speak only Tamil and English. In fact he looked non-plussed as Narasimha Rao addressed him in chaste Urdu. Migration from India enriched us. ANY nation benefits from migration. Israel has had Russian, German , English, and French speaking Prime Ministers, and there in lay its strength.
As long as there is a Modi in India we have hope.
jkiranat on June 12, 2009
Every nation has minorities.and just like nations they have problems.but they are ours NOT YOURS.

___Mahatma Gandhi to a british officer.
Kumbhakaran65 on June 12, 2009
We have minorities. But we do not have any problems, and if we ever do we will say the same thing the "Mahatma " said:
They are ours not yours"
Kumbhakaran65 on June 12, 2009
I had to go call my Sikh friend to know what "vastrapharan" means. Gandhi is famous for his Brahmachari experiments where being without vastra with nubile females was test his restraint. I believe in India Nathuram Godse is more famous and is a more popular role model amongst the youngsters. In 2007 in India, an internet poll (Rediff) to vote for famous Indians put R.K. Hedgewar ahead of Gandhi.
Is R.K.Hedgewar very well known outside India ?
Kumbhakaran65 on June 12, 2009
L.K.Advani (June 7, 2005):
"There are many people who leave an irreversible stamp on history. But there are few who actually create history. Qaed-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah was one such rare individual"
Anwar ul Haque on July 29, 2009
Brilliant thoughts!!! We need these type of thoughts to reduce the hattered
between these two great countries...
aparigrah on August 19, 2009
Kudos to Kavi Pradeep for writing/singing this beautiful patriotic song which will always be a reminder of the great nation India is and its leaders/patriots who gave their lives for freedom from the British and Mughal rules.
indianwarrior008 on August 22, 2009

urdu kya tere baap ki jaagir hai
india is a country of many languages n urdu is one of them
so think before opening ur stinking mouth.
indianwarrior008 on August 22, 2009

tumhara bas chale to hindi ko bhi urdu kaho
Shivji Tiwari on August 30, 2009
Even Urdu is a mixture of Hindi and Arabic and born in India so literally
it is Indian language so who is copying our languages and culture.
ashrafmurga on October 16, 2009
To All Indians: "Former and Current" Dont Fight , Dont Think, Dont
Philosophize, Just enjoy this wonderful music and great poetry. HAPPY
subhashcbansal on October 18, 2009
wonderful song from pradeep. evergreen patriotic song
urduworld110mb on October 24, 2009
No Fight, Hum Lay He Tofan Se Kishti Nikaal k, is dese ko rakhna mere bacho sambhal k, this sentence was said By Quid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah
durlabh kolhe on October 31, 2009
very good tune by hemantkumar.
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