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Akshay Kumar, AsinMasti Bhare Geet

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Comments on song "Party Sharty Karenge"
Michelle Brown on November 28, 2012
look alike monkey
Shah Shaheen on November 29, 2012
hookah bar is not a copy.. just one portion is similar to chris brown's
turn up the music. this song is too original.
Shah Shaheen on November 29, 2012
hahahha long drive in hot sunny road.. lolzz Asin will run to home country.
ruby m on November 29, 2012
don't just say anything just for the heck of can she spoil the
song...infact she has added the oomph factor...if you don't like it you are
welcome to get out...
Tanmoy Ghosh on November 29, 2012
hip hop songs..
Deeep Sra on November 29, 2012
Akki will rule bollywood again
Shah Shaheen on November 30, 2012
Koosul Rampudaruth on November 30, 2012
Zats my buddy
kahmed675 on November 30, 2012
Great song Mika wow
aisha shaikh on December 01, 2012
one of the fav song of mine
Khooni Baba on December 01, 2012
786 is a holy number dude !!!
sajid ali on December 01, 2012
786 number is liye rakha hai k film ziyada super hit ho gai..
Raja Mazumder on December 01, 2012
awesome song
Deeep Sra on December 02, 2012
Mikaaaa rock not himesh
Rakeen A. Rahman on December 02, 2012
LOL This is the Indian version of Amplifier!
MrThinice95 on December 02, 2012
To people saying that himesh sang this song: that is not true. Mika sang
it. And he did a very good job at it too!
Krishan2014 on December 03, 2012
beautiful secreny
suman kc on December 03, 2012
Pankaj Sambyal on December 03, 2012
Like if you think Ferrari is better than the song.
Shahrukh Akhlaq on December 04, 2012
Asin looks hot and this song is of the year for me.
Ayushee Saha on December 04, 2012
The best song of Khiladi 786.
Nilanshu Shah on December 04, 2012
mika with best. asin(really hot) and akshy look so gud
ZeddY Singh on December 04, 2012
I LuV THIS Song.
chandan sharma on December 05, 2012
car number plate 786 kool
BaibeyChicka on December 05, 2012
Niceee cruise song! Reminded me of Amplifier- that caliber, which is
freakin good!
Salman Khan on December 05, 2012
yeh song accha hai lekin unforgettable amplifier ki tarah koi nai amplifier
is all time favorite
Prashant Chaudhary on December 06, 2012
nice song...
Prashant Chaudhary on December 06, 2012
mikka tusssi gr88 hooo...
Ajit Solanki on December 06, 2012
Akki Rocks !!!!!
imran khan on December 07, 2012
awsome song
imran khan on December 07, 2012
really? :-)
SHYAM SHARMA on December 07, 2012
watch?v=KKAr0mIyELg ye dekh vishal n shekhar ne kya chura rakha h!! shilla
ki jwani is stolen khud admit kia h!! break k baad movie ka mit jau gana
copied h... or bi bhut h
SHYAM SHARMA on December 07, 2012
ek dum gaajb song!!
Mukesh12347 on December 07, 2012
party sharty karenge
Dipang0316 on December 07, 2012
Mika Singh ruined the song, but the beat is tight.
ANKIT acharya on December 07, 2012
Nice song i like it &khiadi 786 is a good movie Ankit
Sunaina Batra on December 07, 2012
this song is very nice
brar brar on December 07, 2012
so beautiful and romantic song superlyk akshay brother...
sachin t on December 08, 2012
Full comedy movie. Enjoyed it a lot.
Imran Haider on December 08, 2012
prateek Sharma on December 08, 2012
Jabardadt music himesh ka music te mikka di voice Phaaaadu
Das ka Takla on December 08, 2012
Mennu samaj nahi avee kaiae durii metaooo
Gaurav A on December 08, 2012
long drive pe chal!!! amazing song
kkcheema999 on December 08, 2012
Good track by mika
Dipang0316 on December 09, 2012
You're only saying that because you don't know Music (and I am not just
talking about listening to it)
Akshay Prabhakar on December 09, 2012
Asin is beautiful ..frm every angle
Sunil Kumar on December 09, 2012
are you relay like this song ?
ANKIT acharya on December 09, 2012
nice song bcoz Aki is just look like me Anki
Nomi F on December 09, 2012
When I turn 45 i wana just b like Akshay kumar lol
Khushboo Ahmed on December 09, 2012
my fav song from the album asin and akshay <3
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