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Comments on song "Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai"
Aftab Ahmed on February 02, 2008
lovely song simply just love it.
Aftab Ahmed on February 02, 2008
lovely song, simply just love it.
Aftab Ahmed on February 02, 2008
lovely song, simply just love it.
viraj01 on February 09, 2008
wow back in the days salman khan so good with everything now he can't dance
properly either
gade5787 on February 17, 2008
i lovee this song.. ofcourse maduri too
MadzBest on February 22, 2008
Love this movie!
Madhuri and Salman make the best jodi!
onceinawhile123 on February 23, 2008
here is a question 4 all madhuri fans
Which id her best screen name till date?
5-Any other
jacquianna on March 12, 2008
Chandramukhi ... she can act ... in this film she was so perfect for this
07LadyC on March 19, 2008
richas08 on March 25, 2008
i love this song one of my fav.
richas08 on March 25, 2008
madhuri is looking so beautiful in this i hav no words.
zeni1626 on March 31, 2008
omg i luv dis film itz so fantastic lol i remember wen it cme out dnt no hw many yrs ago i wnt 2 c it in da cinemaz itz fantastic n dis song is jus so sweeet..fnxzz 4 uploadin it :)
Leah A. on April 05, 2008
i loveeeeeee this vid so much!
Champ4junaid on April 06, 2008
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it thanx
rahhel4u on April 08, 2008
hum ap ka ha kon
nitinkamboj on April 11, 2008
salman is looking sweet and the song is beautiful
mseskayangeleyes on April 13, 2008
too sweet!!
mastergm on April 14, 2008
SHe has a wicked smile !
Samir Alam on April 15, 2008
...Madhuri is a Yummy Mummy...She looks so intoxicating here...
noorekhuda on May 08, 2008
This movie was so beautiful and how well it speaks about the family. No vulgarity yet so powerful and one can watch this movie with the family. I hope the Indian Film fraternity makes such movies and they can sell w/out vulgarity.
noorekhuda on May 08, 2008
I have read that they are planning to make a sequel to this movie and I hope they make it more interesting than the first one. Madhuri u and Salman look G8. One of my all time favs,
sensuall09 on May 09, 2008
One of The Best Romantic Song i have ever haerd
sanagala9459 on May 09, 2008
pehla pehla pyar is touches heart sinciearly
sameerudma on May 10, 2008
its my ...i dont what i say.touching realy touching.oh pls watch one more time for me please ...only love
Sannahkhan on May 14, 2008
Aww I love this song!!! Its such a classic! I hope the Bollywood Industry
makes more of these types of movies.
meenootti on May 16, 2008
one of my favorites!
sweetnav19 on May 20, 2008
mine fav song
sthonangi on May 20, 2008
did she store something in the MW oven or was she heating something to eat
suluhameed on May 21, 2008
pehla pehla pyar hai. salman ka bhi pehla hai
rosekareena on May 22, 2008
understand her situation shes in so mw oven and fridge she cant make out wat to
garnezon on June 02, 2008
salman u r best actor ever ...lov u
desisupermodel on June 10, 2008
can somebody PLEASE upload this movie with english subtitles? PLEASE!!
binerz on June 11, 2008
old fashion lol =O :)
sanny071 on June 15, 2008
shez got a beautiful smile
aishnee on June 23, 2008
what's wrong with it???
bollygirl2 on June 26, 2008
yeah, I agree
just1ankit on July 04, 2008
gud video bt starts vry late
just1ankit on July 04, 2008
akansha says nice video
jigafez on July 04, 2008
yea,ur right about that
ksallu on July 11, 2008
I love this song because my mam like it.
sunderlekha2007 on July 16, 2008
yeah well we like innocence,grace,decency,moral ethics,kindness, good
values, intelligence,beauty,virtue,charm, love,loyality,discipline,good
taste and goog humor and well after that we start our love lives that in
good judgement of character and than we bring our parents into the picture
and wel finalize our union and than start our love lives and that why "our
marriages last a lifetime and your marriages in the west end
jmruyh on July 16, 2008
salman looks so cute and young. but now he looks so older but eventually he got some muscles.
dragun39 on July 16, 2008
If a marriage lasts a lifetime, that does not mean that the marriage was a success. I grew up in the indian community, so I know in general things are not as rosy as you are trying to portray it ;) There is good and bad in every culture
sunderlekha2007 on July 17, 2008
yeah that doesnt mean u be a JACK as about it some people thing it funny
some like it others hate it so it ur won opinion and quite frankly when the
times right it happens
khansamaba on July 20, 2008
its nice n this song is full of emotinon
djmebby on July 20, 2008
kyonki pehla pehla pyaar hai.
gautamved1 on July 30, 2008
this is just mind blowing and can make people speechless
gaurav448 on August 03, 2008
such a sweet song which can make u speechless.
Sahi Brain on August 05, 2008
one of the best songs ever!! gr8 performance by both madhuri and salman!!
princess1560 on August 07, 2008
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