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Comments on song "Rajanigandhaa Phul Tumhaare Mahake Yun Hi Jivan Men"
coolpitla on December 05, 2009
wow what a song..shailendra100 is this ur fav song?
rizwan9090 on January 25, 2010
nice thanx for good quality video upload rizwan...karachi
archeogal on February 19, 2010
Thanks for uploading a good quality. Do u have similar quality songs of 'choti si baat'? Pls upload if u have.
MrSanjay2371 on April 14, 2010
please If you have hd quality song kai Baar Yun Hi upload.
thanx for good quality video
sweetrang on April 21, 2010
one of my most fav movies.. :)
Gaby Poulain on May 23, 2010
Love the song...Lataji's voice is honey-sweet as always...and the Patola
saree looks superb on Vidyaji too...
nandu1f on May 29, 2010
Only Lata. How well she has sung the love-lorn emotions in the song. So
sweet and so well picturized. Thanks Shailendra ji
greenpathro on July 30, 2010
this is really beautiful
Mridula Kar on August 11, 2010
What a Simple song! I love it so much it gives me goosebumps every time I
listen to it. I think every girl in love can feel this song.
1802harry on September 05, 2010
All time classic and unforgotabel...
roshan kumar singh on September 29, 2010
@boss2004a real player sp player then you will be able to
download any song from you tube ..and you can covert also them in to
multiple formats ...
SHARDA872 on October 21, 2010
it is my favorite lsong
I use to sing it for my Mr RIGHT
karunaks27 on December 28, 2010
what a great song.vidya sinha...what looks..
smajety on January 31, 2011
Amol Palekar and Vidya Sinha experts in doing low profile characters.. simple day to day characters..
I think there are no simple characters any more , not in movies, even in real world !
Nilanjan Nandy on March 18, 2011
Beyond Compare...melodies like these are ethereal... a composer like Salil
Chowdhury comes once in a thousand years.
Soheil Ta on April 14, 2011
i just love this song!
41428b on May 10, 2011
i much in love with this song, the simplicity, the eternal beauty of vidya sinha.though i was just 10 years old when i first heard.i still haunts me.super song and one of best of Goddess Lata Tai.
Rallapalli Murali on July 22, 2011
wonderful song with high quality, thanks for upload
nandu1f on August 01, 2011
@41428b Lata's voice and style expresses so superbly the sentiments of this
song. Salil Da knew how use Lata for maximum grip on one's heart. One of a
kind song. Thanks 41428b, I agree with everything you said. Thanks to
Shailendra ji for this great upload of an immortal song.
paayoub on August 15, 2011 breed of indian music directors..bring it on..if you can one like
kallsid on September 05, 2011
this movie is very special for me
goldygld55 on September 10, 2011
Great Great Great song.greatest song i even heared in my life
goldygld55 on September 10, 2011
Please somebody upload this movie.. Regards
Swan656 on September 16, 2011
Such heart touching music, song and acting, wonderful; bring back the
thoughts of happy, carefree, bygone days.
Rohit Kumar Verma on September 16, 2011
A wonderful song. It takes me back in my olden days when I was student.
Thanks for uploading beautiful song.- Rohit Kumar Verma, Oman.
Sanjeev Gaba on September 20, 2011
Amazing only lata ji can sing .Full of love and emotions,i can listen this
song any no of times,each time i listen,find it new,Thanks Lata Ji for such
Vaishali Magesh on October 04, 2011
what a heavenly song! Just great!, Thanks.
Sunil Kelkar on October 06, 2011
@smajety Movies have lost touch with reality now a days. Because reality is
so bad that it doesn't sell.
Karunalu on October 10, 2011
Reminds us how much materialsitic have we become with costly gifts and
extravaganza. a simple bouqet of flowers stirs lovely emotions and love
of purest of kind.yearning for the good old days of cinema with simple
characters and true love stories woven with true emotional feelings !!
Krishna7000 on October 29, 2011
saurabh82821 on November 08, 2011
awesome song..debut movie 4 amol palekar...basu
chatterjee giving 2 more hits with amol after this thus completing
hat-trick of hit movies in chitchor & chhoti si baat(my fav
Subhashish Dutta on November 14, 2011
Evergreen song.No words to describe such beautiful song.Its a song which
I hear any no of times.
Abhilash Dwarakanath on November 20, 2011
Salil Choudary - the unacclaimed elusive genius.
Gullu on November 22, 2011
Do we have words to describe this song? The only romantic song i find in
whole list of hindi songs. I am amzed to see only 97859 likes:( this song
deserves not a less than 10 million likes :)
goldygld55 on November 25, 2011
Heart Touching Very Sweet Song. Thanks For Uploading Sir/Mam
Shyam Gandhi on December 13, 2011
Only lataji can sing the song in this way ! we cannot imagine the treasure
we have :)
Gaurav Karunakar on December 17, 2011
Simple stories and ordinary people make the best movies. Of course,
melodious music make them memorable.
Ddave on December 20, 2011
Can someone please upload this movie... thanks!
Gokul Goswami on January 05, 2012
thi is awsome . no words .
manz arya on February 27, 2012
Wow vidya sinha looks gorgeous. I wish i could have lived those era. Simple
people, simple thoughts, life at a lovely pace. The charaters are almost as
if in real life.
Vikas Kapil on February 28, 2012
Days of the 'tote aur bandar' stories... How I miss them so..
esb4115 on March 21, 2012
Exactly how I feel about this song , except that Yogesh and not Shailendra
is the lyricist.
arun saini on March 25, 2012
i dnnt knw y i lyk old movies and even serials,,,,,i was not evn born at
dah tym,,,,,,
Asa Babu on March 26, 2012
I like this movie, song. I wish If I could I go that old gold time, I even do not look back this days. I will leave everything for those time. The chrous makes me cry. They are calling. Somebody help me
Manoranjan Meher on April 03, 2012
I love this song,amol & vidya good chemistry in middle class role.feel live
Good Samaritan on April 06, 2012
The Genius of The Great Salil Chowdhury ~ The Composer of This Touchy Song
Salute To Him
PREM PRAKASH on April 11, 2012
vijay singh on May 01, 2012
vidhya sinha se khoobsurat actress bollywood m aaj tak nahi hui.
newsjunkieish on May 26, 2012
:) You are so right. I once told a friend, I dont have high expectations
from my partner, should be only a simple, intelligent person. My mom
laughed and said you have high expectations indeed. I am realising she was
absolutely right. Even I myself am not simple.
Dp Vajpayee on June 21, 2012
These kind of lyrics are not being composed these days. Treasure trove of
bygone days. Very touching , soothing and romantic song. Vidya Sinha is so
ethereal .
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