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Comments on song "Raushan Tumhin Se Duniyaa"
tweetie9381 on May 02, 2008
video leaves alot to be desired but what a beautifully sung song by Rafi saaheb. takes me back to my childhood. "Kis din dua na mangi humne tumhari jaan ki, salamat raho"
Chandni Mohta on May 24, 2008
i just wanna thank d person who loaded this song...thank u so much..i
love this song..
tapobrataha on May 25, 2008
Roshan apse duniya aur raunaq ap jahanke - Rafi sahab.
vkborooah on June 06, 2008
What a beautiful song! Salamat raho, Rafi Sahib
Neelima Garg on June 17, 2008
absolutely top class.rafi sahab fantastic as usual.
aftabkhizer on July 23, 2008
you have a good taste in music
Shaheryar Ali on September 25, 2008
So much humility in Rafi saab's voice - so much depth. Thank you for
uploading this song and adding to my happiness. I only wish they would not
edit the riginal songs in "Original Soundtracks". I had never this version
sonny19xx on December 15, 2008
What a song ! What lyrics and set to what a great tune ! Oh God where are
those days gone? Rafi saab though you are dead for long your name and fame
will live forever. With this song we know why LP duo became legends in
Hindi cinema. Thanks a million Rajshri. Salamat Raho and Rajshri keep
making such great movies.
xx22az on February 17, 2009
one of my many favourite songs,sweet song.
rajoldsongs on February 18, 2009
Thank you for uploading this song.This is one of my all time fav.The change of tabla beats from 2:35 to 2:55 is jus amazing.Salamat raho rafi saab and lp
ajantha2008 on February 22, 2009
what a beautiful song i was looking this for long time thanks a lot i am a
srilanka but loves the old songs
kchopra4080 on February 26, 2009
Where have we lost movies like this one! A world apart in musical heights.
Thanks a million. Kanwal
Ronki sab on March 07, 2009
rafi at his best . what more can you say?
Calidoulove on March 16, 2009
mahipal was such a great actor that never got his due. I will love to see his movie ben ka jadoo with Helen. Do you happened to see that movie Rajshri? Thank you for the wonderful music.
Saqib Qayyum on April 10, 2009
FromPakLand on April 13, 2009
Indian cinema in 60s, 70s and 80s produced miracles no one can compete with. Rafi Sahab stands out as " awaz ka farishta" who's voice alone could guarantee success to movies. With him goes the Indian art and when art gets lost nudism takes over.
Roshan1972 on May 04, 2009
Thank you for the nice music. Rafi Saab is amont the greatest singer India
ever get together with Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Hemant Kumar, Talat Mehemood,
Manay Dey, Mahendra Kapoor, and K.L Saigal.
SangeetPremy on July 23, 2009
Thanks for this BEAUTIFUL everGREEN song.I first heard this song back in 1963/1964 in Nairobi.Have been looking for it for a long, long time.THANKS A LOT!!!!!!
shripad20 on July 24, 2009
A teriffic song!!! Rafi sahab ki kitni tareef karoon? We all must thank him
1000 times for singing such nicest songs.The music directors are also gr8.
Thanks to all the music team of that time!!!
Pashon8man on August 11, 2009
The soul is found in the music of 60s, cannot be found music of now. How
singer's voice is so well blended with music instruments and one can see
with the eye of imagination that how much musician can look happy when his
flawless creation is striking peoples ears. Thank you Kanwal for sending
this video to my mail box.
Rafisaabsfan on August 12, 2009
great comment!!
very well said!!!!
Ramesh Able on September 08, 2009
I beleive you capture the sentiments of Millions with this comment!
mrcoolchap89 on September 30, 2009
Rafi Sahib = No match , Equation solved.
durlabh kolhe on October 04, 2009
rafi for laxmi pyare a first film of music director duo i.e.parasmani
starring mahipal and gitanjali, a super song of everytime,like us oldager
and youngones.
slimjoy99 on October 11, 2009
I first heard this song when it was sung by Akram in Jinja at Zeenat's (Jubille watch) house. Akram sang it well. Akram used to work for the Madhvani steel mill.

I did not hear the song for a long time. Then in 2001, i was in dacca on business, I heard it on TV (the hotel had all satelleite Indian and BD broadcasts --pirated free) .
However, the scene was not the same as depicted here. Does it mean thta the song was reused for another film?
Amruddin Sufizada on October 27, 2009
Rafi Sahab you are GREAT, thanks for singing such a wonderful and amazing
song. your sprite will be fresh forever. An Afghani
labeeb241 on November 05, 2009
Rafi sahab Greatest Evr... But i also want to know the names of Tabla nawaz
and Sitar nawaz of this song. Does any body know??
TPChatterjee on November 19, 2009
another mindcatching song from Rafi sahab. Modern actress should learn something from this dance, how to express with the song's meaning.
rahul1978mishra on November 19, 2009
hats off to gitanjali as well
Dev Anand on December 05, 2009
Mubarak Ho My Dear Rajshri Ji For Uploading Such A Romantic Song By Mohamed
Rafi Who, I believe, Is More Present To-day On Earth Than He Was During His
Life-time! And Rafi will remain Immortal! Roshan Tum Hee Se Duniya..Raunaq
Tum Hee Jahaan ki..Phoolon Mein Palne Waali.. Tum Raani Ho Gulistaan
ki..Naazuk Ho Naaz Se Bhi..Tum Pyaar Se Bhi Pyaari..Tum Husn Se Haseen
Ho..Wah Wah Kia Khubsurati Hai Iss Geet Mein!
viswan1942 on December 25, 2009
@labeeb241 There is no way to know it, may be the composer Pyarelal who is
70 living somewhere in Mumbai will be able tell you. If you have any
connection in Mumbai it is possible. There is nothing which is impossible
in this world. Laxmikant is no more ,he died in 1998.
viswan1942 on December 25, 2009
@slimjoy99 May not be,sometimes the same song was shot in two locations
because the first one did't appeal to the producer, the unused one can
somehow pass on. I have similar experiences too
nkp777 on January 11, 2010
Rafi(kohi)noor of India
Amruddin Sufizada on February 16, 2010
Wah Wah Rafi Sahab ! Guys this song really really touches of every
indivitual tar of our Heart. the musician played so funtasticly specially
Sitar and Tabla. every thing on this song is just superb. just fresh the
sprite. Love you Rafi sahab. thanks a million Rajshri
Mithu minu on February 16, 2010
well said even Great Einstein would approve
Ahmed Hemani on March 14, 2010
This hauntigly beautiful melody from the 1963 film Parasmani was composed
by Laxmikant Pyarelaal and the mindblowing poetry is by Asad Bhopali. One
of Rafi's sweetest song. Simply awesome.
ahmedhemani88 on March 14, 2010
This hauntingly beautiful melody for the 1963 film Parasmani was composed by Laxmikant Pyarelaal. The deeply romantic poetry is from Asad Bhopali and one of Rafi's saheb's sweetest song. Simply awesome.
nubarnu on March 15, 2010
What a voice! And LP have done a superb job...this was their debut film.
manjol77 on May 23, 2010
sweet heart touching song wow what a terrific voice.
anubalb on May 30, 2010
ya awsome song,,,,,, hey guys if u really like this song thn give vote me up
xx22az on May 31, 2010
lajawab gaana,by the legend mohd.rafi sahab.
Rmehtacpa on June 12, 2010
The FINEST part of this GEM is at 2:35 where Rafi's aalap starts leading to
@ 2:39 the orchestra filled with STRONG VIOLINS lifts the tempo further to
take the aalaap at THE TOP concluding at 2:55 but the song continues with
equally emphatic violin filled orchestra.
orawal on July 04, 2010
the saraswati behind mahipal is soooooooooo magnificent!!!!
muzzy2004 on August 09, 2010
ohh what a voice and lyric just AMAZING.
MRASK on August 24, 2010
Aawaz mein Amrit Hai
81nims on September 30, 2010
one of the best and all time of mine..
59coolangel on October 19, 2010
such a beautiful melodious song.
ZacariasNaima on December 01, 2010
Ready to night party and meet naughty women
Shyam Sachdeva on December 13, 2010
roshan tumhi se dunya ye baat parasmani ke is gaane ke liye to theek hai
aap ke collection ke liye bhi vaise hi thanx
Vijayavaman bobberjung on March 21, 2011
Just switch off the video, close your eyes and enjoy this Rafi melody. No
one else could have done justice to this song.
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