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Comments on song "Rimjhim Gire Sawan, Sulag Sulag Jaye Man"
rockysings on July 24, 2009
hussein you are so PERVERT.
goodstudent1 on July 25, 2009
I like this song like all others. So beautiful picturisation of the Sean. The director of the film also deserve appreciation too. Beautiful camera pan and shots. All the actors in the songs have performed apt to the song with nice face expressions.
ArjunsGandivArrow on July 28, 2009
For 9hussein9, an arrow is coming from Arjun's gandiv arrow
xyzabc2005 on July 30, 2009
Ignore Hussein. He is obviously upset that his Mum is still dancing , while we Indians are miles miles away from that wretched place in Lahore. The mothers and their children are now the populace of PORKISTAN. Blame others for your shortcomings. Atleast I am not from those who believe in a person who married and shagged a girl!!!! Get real or soon even the Iranians will go for your bums. Criminal sons of mother f'ers.
9hussein9 on July 30, 2009
xyz. tujhe bachcha samajh ke chhod diya tha. Asli mein baat yeh hai ki teri Mother jab nachti thi yahan , to wahin mere driver aur uske najayaz relationship ka nateeja hai tu.believe nahi hota hai to apni Ma se pooch liyo..aur usne sirf ABC...yahin tak sikhi to tera naam bhi waise hi diya hai.confirm kar lena apni raand se..
jariz26 on August 03, 2009
always fun reading those comments. lage raho bhai. battle is ON!! KIDZ!!
vavarolay on August 08, 2009
भीगे आज इस मौसम में लगी कैसी ये अगन
Alicalif on August 16, 2009
such hatefull comments on such awesome song?
abhimishra1981 on August 18, 2009
Best Song Ever...Awesome
skotian7 on August 18, 2009
Mehfil mai kaisey keh dey kisse sey dil bandh raha hai kis ajnabi
sey.great lrics and great voice...the whole song is a masterpiece...
Reminds me of my ex--when he sang this. Thanks for posting!
ebudugu on August 25, 2009
Surely one of the best songs ever. One is drenched in blissful shower.
eisobki66 on August 25, 2009
just listen to the song and lost somewhere..
sollikh on August 26, 2009
love this song, and amitab performance
Naik SP on August 29, 2009
sweet, sweet and sweet
divayb on August 29, 2009
i posted the250th comment!!!
fauzia111 on August 29, 2009
the ratings tells it all about this song it is what it is a beautiful song
to listen over and over again///
mishsood on August 30, 2009
belongs to the era of beauty ,simplicity and true love...wish things were
the same.
nehadey21 on September 01, 2009
very soft nd melodious..
desigrl27 on September 02, 2009
beautiful wonder it's a classic!
macman1403 on September 02, 2009
Amitabh looks so good and charismatic
RaageshKumar on September 07, 2009
This is the Man's voice! Just like mine.
Others are ok too.
myluvforuinsatiable on September 08, 2009
Mehfil mein kaisay keh dain kisi say .Dil Bandh raha hai ...Kis Ajnabi say .Awesome!!!! best lines...Love you all
ambar2sumbal on September 10, 2009
siehst das gerät faiza haha .. das ding wollt ich mir mal iwann demnächst kaufen schon als kind wollt ich das speilen können da kommen voll die geilen töne raus :D
zubairsamia on September 11, 2009
exceptionally magnificent. One of it's own class.
tiwarikt on September 21, 2009
Amit ji hey bahgawwan aap nahin ho magar Amitji hon yahi meri dua hai..Amit ji u r g8 and g8set among all past present and future no 1 can match u..
amdimri on September 28, 2009
can anyone tell who is the other girl
RajKamal002 on October 02, 2009
No words to describe this amazing song by Kishore Da and beautiful acting by Amitabh. We are lucky to have lived during the golden era of music. Thank you for uploading this evergreen song.
ragnesh7881 on October 06, 2009
what a song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MusicKeShaukeen on October 08, 2009
Excellent song - yet Amitabh does not do it justice. I can always visualize Rajesh Khanna's style and flair in Kishore Kumar's voice! - a match made in heaven...close your eyes and see!!!
Altafzaman on October 09, 2009
I am sorry to disagree with you. I think Amitabh's understated style was extremely romantic and stylish. It's just that his "angry young man" persona and hype overshadowed his romantic flair.
spunkygirl1987 on October 10, 2009
sulag sulag jaye mann..sounds so soothing to me.. :)
spunkygirl1987 on October 10, 2009
mm i think its Moushami Chaterjee
MusicKeShaukeen on October 10, 2009
My point exactly - AB does not do the song justice! It should have been an RK song - a better characterization. You just to have to have lived in the RK era to rationalize. Watch some RK videos and see for yourself!
rajibghoshfr on October 14, 2009
Yes my the best song ever. I voted u and thax to posted this song.
Qashqaree on October 28, 2009
I don't understand one thing, Why ppl say these songs Hindi Songs these are purely URDU songs. Hindi is different language I think. Please correct yourself.
tarush1000 on October 29, 2009
a strong role of kishor da in the formation of superstar rajesh ji aur amitabh ji
merahind on November 01, 2009
because..most of the lyrics are Hindi..few are urdu. listen again. and again and again. you'll find out. Even today all the Hindi songs has Hindi language words. Urdu mostly used in Kwallies which now a days not body likes it anyways. Get your facts clear.
astutekushi on November 01, 2009
one of the best songs ever sung by kishore da..
heartydoc on November 01, 2009
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Nimish Avarsekar on November 03, 2009
kishore kumar weaving magic..absolutely brilliant!
iamsookay on November 04, 2009
Who is the cute dark girl sitting first next to Maushami and then later moved besides Amitabh? Anyone know who she is?
nvsh1 on November 04, 2009
remember debojit sang this in saregama in hemantkumar style that was good but kishor da is par ecellence in this song simply nice
vixel102 on November 07, 2009
blueagle78 on November 17, 2009
The movie name is Manzil. It was released in 1979.
iffi104 on November 18, 2009
no doubt this is a wonderful song,,,
108akaal on November 22, 2009
Wow...Kishore da could breath life into any lyrics...what a soulful song...each word has a special effect in the song
chirkutya2009 on November 26, 2009
simply fantastic!very soothingfor the ears,nicely sung by kishoreda. my all time favourite. moushami had maximum teeth in her mouth still she was looking very beautifull!!!
goldenera7090 on November 28, 2009
Great Song!!! super voice..great lyrics..melodious music..evergreen from golden era...thanks for letting me post response
TheKalimata on November 29, 2009
what can i say? this is called voice..kishoreda..truly immortalland big b;s facila expressionthats only possible for big b..god bless
zubairsamia on November 30, 2009
Kishore kumar had the most magical voice in the history of Indian music.
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