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Comments on song "Rimjhim Gire Sawan, Sulag Sulag Jaye Man"
thewatermelonfan on December 01, 2009
dis is a pure ding dong song!!!
santosh262 on December 06, 2009
what a lovely song this is.
Fizz0999 on December 07, 2009
What movie is this from?
whitemask555 on December 08, 2009
mousumu is really really preety
Sandip Bhalerao on December 08, 2009
caudeerzik on December 09, 2009
Kishore Kumar is the Elvis Presley of India and Amitabh Bachan is also a legend.
Cphari on December 12, 2009
please...don't compare KK to EP. KK is great on his own.
musicifyworld on December 13, 2009
This is the greatest, ever favorite, magical outcome from Kishor da.
shahnira1 on December 14, 2009
Bollywood is at its best in this song.
The Best playback singer - Kishore da
The Best music director - Pancham da
The Best Actor - Amitabh Bachchan.
Kishore da's deep voice matches so much with Amitabh's voice. Its unbelievable.
venomdusk1 on December 24, 2009
wah yaara kya vid hai !!! old is god
Sabyasachi Mishra on December 27, 2009
Manzil, it is on youtube. the thirteenth part is not uploaded, but the
story is being put. Nice watch, must see
Mohammed Baig on December 28, 2009
Old Is Definitely Gold... Hats Of Kishoreda for bringing such a great
melodious ever green song
zeeenda on December 31, 2009
almight authority of the world...Shivbaba has arrived on this earth...visit
brahma kumaris information for your him om shanti...wish
you well..
Mili Thomas on January 04, 2010
i think it should be change to "Old is Platinum" . these songs can be
replaced by anything else
gulfrazthehunk1 on January 04, 2010
why do people say "kishore DA"?? whats DA?
KingVikram on January 05, 2010
As far as I know "Da" is used in bengali language to address folks who are elder and command a lot of respect. Its kind of similar to "Sir" in english language but with more affection.
vaadaenmacchi on January 05, 2010
one of RD Burman's best
babaphoto on January 08, 2010
Da means Bro. It is a form of expression to address a brother as DA in eastern india. Much like Jee is used with name of a person.
hotcadburry on January 14, 2010
one of the very best of kishore da..
itsirking on January 31, 2010
Da means brother in bengali ...
pav2007 on February 05, 2010
The woman next to Moushmi is simpler and prettier than Moushmi
rabinsays on February 06, 2010
@pav i was thinkinh the same thing.
jaygcin on February 06, 2010
Amitabh and Kishore - there never was and never will be any match for them...
I am sad that the golden age of Hindi film has passed...
pav2007 on February 06, 2010
@jaygcin I agree the golden age of hindi film music was the 60s and 70s
however I believe Kishoreda lent his voice very effectively to Dev Anand
and Rajesh Khanna too. I fact his songs with Rajesh Khanna were more
impressive, in my opinion
jaygcin on February 06, 2010
That is true pav2007 - Rajesh and Kishore were the perfect "made for each other" pair.
Who can forget "Aradhana", "Kati Patang" and "Amar Prem", just to name a few? Even in later years, Kishore sang some unforgettable songs for Rajesh in the movies "Souten" and "Alag Alag".
ssfaps on February 11, 2010
Isn't DA a short for DADA which is a sign of respect in bengali.
corynnels on February 12, 2010
I love this song. Kishoreji's voice bring tears to my eyes. Mushmi is a very beatiful woman, yet I agree that the woman next to her is more subtlile and has a natural grace. i'm in love with her!
Raj from Mauritius.
atulmina on February 13, 2010
Kishorda is great. His voice suits to Amitabh, Dev , Sanjiv kumar and Rajesh Khanna lot.
pabby74 on February 23, 2010
Her name is Leena Chandavarkar
Martin Kumar on February 24, 2010
what is the name of this movie
martinvkumar1 on February 24, 2010
Why the girl in red sari gets up and sit next to Amitabh
jaggernat on February 26, 2010
yes, thas why its kishore da.
smrutipr on February 28, 2010
her name is mausami chatarji
shared2007 on March 01, 2010
my all time favourite song. It is actually my caller tune!
Dippydi Dipp on March 02, 2010
chatarji? Chatterjee, baby chatterjee. and it is `moushami'
DISKETTES1000 on March 03, 2010
@1.09 amitab ne kahya palak paner
mausmi ne kahye gool gupe & pani puri
saadasad4u on March 04, 2010
that girl looks like sonali bandre at 1:17
babudhi on March 04, 2010
I would like to thanks Youtube. Without this site I would not able to watch this video.
hemanta mohapatra on March 05, 2010
we losse d gr8 singer
Symbianwarrior on March 06, 2010
What beautiful lyrics and soul given by the Gr8 Kishoreda. Simply messmerising...Hey is that guy whos is center getting married the driver "Rajesh" from amitabh "movie bombay to goa". :)
victorioussss on March 08, 2010
I felt the Female Actor looks like Sonali Bendre!
vjeet08 on March 11, 2010
Yeas! But he is also brother of gr8 comedian Mehmood.
indrigib on March 17, 2010
well everytime i hear a kishore song, i feel it's his best... no wonder all his songs r so wonderfully sung dat its impossible to say which one... and the gal is Moushumi chatterjee.. and strangly, she does look like Sonali bendre in few of the shots...
suvi14 on March 19, 2010
true man... amazingly sung.. Kishoreda's voice had such amazing throw..
manly voice yet sweet. :)
Shiva Venkat on March 24, 2010
Nice song from Lyricist Yogesh.
parimal937 on March 24, 2010
Can anyone recall the real name of the girl in red sari who got up and sat next to Amitabh? Has she acted in any role in other movies? She is so youthful and pretty that the movie directors of that time (1979) would be silly not to cast her in other roles.
fusionfission on March 26, 2010
This voice is very nice and soothing to ear.
hitesh05 on April 01, 2010
Love u AB...
sthopate on April 07, 2010
He looks so sober ,cultured , well mannered , and handsome !
Taimur Masood on April 08, 2010
one of my favt song...
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