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Comments on song "Roop Tera Mastana Pyar Mera Diwana"
Jay star on April 06, 2008
mind blowing sd burman clasic
mohamed gesey on May 01, 2008
it takes me back the old good days when the whole world was innocent
sonny19xx on May 08, 2008
Timeless , evergreen classic ! Thanks Rajshri. The score by SD is
absolutely brilliant but not truly Indian classical music. But whatever
Kishore gives his soul and voice.
prashhu007 on May 09, 2008
Seriously, Damm!! Awesome
mihir1310 on June 09, 2008
awesome video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in a single shot, & mind it ,,not a woord
SPOKEN by the actors .. Just their expressions & Kishore da's words do the
trick !!!
sureshshah on June 30, 2008
Kishor is the best rafi, manna day, mukesh are next
sagarganga4ever on July 07, 2008
like diz song v.much! x
rajaramraok on July 10, 2008
Most sensuous song of Hindi movie ever made .
riziwiz78 on July 12, 2008
omg been looking for this for such a long time always had this song on my
lips for so many years bhoool koi hum se na ho ja ayeeee !!!!!
kalabhakth on July 13, 2008
the music is by SD Burman (RD's father).both are pure musical genius...
nchakraborty on July 16, 2008
The red towel has got talent!
nchakraborty on July 25, 2008
I don't think so...look at the clip on the shoulder...but anyways, be it
towel or saree, picturization rocks!
prashhu007 on July 28, 2008
Single shot !!!!
nightryder2387 on August 07, 2008
no song will ever be better than this song here. ever.
nedyalnib on August 16, 2008
ruup tera mastaana pyaar mera diwaana Your beauty intoxicates me; my love
is crazy. bhuul koi hamse naa ho jaaye May we not make any mistake! raat
nashili mast samaan hai The night dazzles me; the weather dizzies me; aaj
nashe mein saaraa jahaan hai today the whole world is drunk on love. raat
nashili mast samaan hai The night dazzles me; the weather dizzies me; aaj
nashe mein saaraa jahaan hai today the whole world is drunk on love.
indopak on August 20, 2008
you are not alone
1150002 on August 28, 2008
awosome song and romantic video
nchakraborty on August 28, 2008
Thank you! Finally somebody is talking sense... I have been arguing since
ages that it is a towel...
cagla21 on September 09, 2008
wonderful song i love rajesh khanna
Jabalpuri on September 30, 2008
Kishore Da won the Filmfare Best Song award for this masterpiece. BTW, he
has the most wins in history, even more than Rafi Sahab.
sonic7pires on October 17, 2008
damn...sharmila looks stunning in thsi song.i just keep forgetting how
stunningly beautiful she was/is/will for ever be.:)
jaiminshah8594 on November 13, 2008
a correction...Hai sharabi mausam behkaye.thanx
hatela007 on November 22, 2008
what explaination could Sharmila give to Saif about the facial expression
when he was a kid? anyone or everyone is welcomed to reply... even
Sharmila, Saif or Patodi.
Nihal Fernando on November 24, 2008
This is one of my favourite songs since I first heard it in 1971. THANK YOU
for posting it.
Tenda Gami on November 25, 2008
she is an evergreen beauty.
md88skater on December 03, 2008
where can i get the MP3?!
jaanleva on December 04, 2008
damn... kishore da sings it with extreme feelings...
knpradeep77 on December 05, 2008
just imagine salman khan and katrina kaif in this instead of these two
greats, ha ha just for fun!
sanjayvacharya on December 06, 2008
Most erotic song ever on hindi cinema. Thanks!
hotcutebmw on December 09, 2008
it the most erotic song and guess what from those times , it just got
everything it takes
hotcutebmw on December 09, 2008
they are so hot specially him
Nargiskhan on December 15, 2008
Oh! Rajesh Khanna always my dream man
samisangi on December 19, 2008
the most rocking and lovely song ever i heard
samisangi on December 19, 2008
i really love this song
Ayaz Khan on December 21, 2008
great song like we ay old is gold
04121527 on December 22, 2008
It was the most talked about song at that time- the song and the acting -
Sharmila is beautiful ! and of course so good with Rajesh. Thanks for the
posting.. love it Q!
footy1001 on December 25, 2008
great song and shot in one continuous frame! great acting, direction.
sonny19xx on December 26, 2008
This song was the one that shot Rajesh to heights of superstardom. Rajesh
looks absolutely stunning. Sharmila is quite cute. Now for the highlights
of the song are KK's voice and SD's music. Everything went well for this
song and naturally the song became a legend. THANKS A MILLION RAJSHRI
RIna Roi on December 28, 2008
the song is nice. I like the remix more. I never thought rajesh was hot but
an good actor. I dont want to put him down but thanks for oploding.
Sharmila is not that cute as they say. But i never nieuwe her. Never seen
her movie before.
mseskayangeleyes on January 01, 2009
is it me or does the lady look like bipasha basu..?
Annihilator333 on January 01, 2009
I think its you man lol. Sharmila looks nothing like Bipasha.
Jay star on January 03, 2009
I always wanted to be like draupati and marry vijay arora, dharmendra and
rajesh khanna and have their babies.
VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS on January 13, 2009
Feudal languages have a beautiful side to it, not evident in the ordinary
everyday experience. Women are not worshiped as depicted in the higher
levels of any feudal language, including Hindi.Yet!The intoxicating rhyme,
the whispery tone & the mesmerising passion! Eerie, gripping feel of
aloneness, small space of the log cabin, beseeching warmness of the
feminine form, chill in the wintry mountain air, red hue of the burning
cinders,vigour of caring fondness that tugs; compelling & divine!!!
abi titmus on January 25, 2009
are you for real?&(((* disney boy
elfidanto on February 03, 2009
surgefast on February 04, 2009
I am feeling young again. It was the best years of my life.Good old days in
the 60's when the best songs old bollywood came out. The will always be a
TIMELESS song Likewise one of the greatest movies of all times: ARADHANA
indodesi on February 07, 2009
Right you are.
VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS on February 10, 2009
A feudal language is one, which categorises human beings differently as per
many parameters including social position, financial acumen, age, gender,
intelligence, physical prowess etc. This is done by using different levels
of key words for you, he, she, etc. Considering Hindi, there might be other
words like ji, Sabh, Memsahib, Madam Madamji Mahatma etc. The total effect
on the social and individual psyche would depend on many other factors
including who is speaking to who,
VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS on February 10, 2009
and what are their relative positions. This feature of language has not
been studied much: Search for this book: March of the evil empires; English
verses the feudal languages on Google. As to womens level in Hindi society,
it depends on the various words used/not used, and is not same everywhere.
Women can be either docile & subdued (lower level), or can be like Indian
women police constables (cantankerous & superior); but rarely of an
equitable level. Most Indian languages are feudal!
VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS on February 14, 2009
Quote: mohtarama , deviji and shrimati. mahashay , janab and shrimaan.
Well, that is correct. South Indian languages also have such words. Feudal
languages have words of respect for both men as well as women. If it is
Sabh for men, then it is Memsahib for women. There is Thoo, Thum and Aaap.
The issue is of respect for the big man or women. What about the small man
or woman? Why should there be big and man differentiation in words. The
issue is a big one and cant be discussed here.
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