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Comments on song "Saanvre Saanvre, Kaahe Mose Karo Jora Jori"
Bharat Desai on June 04, 2009
Such a beauty! Can't imagine even in dream that any other singer in the
world could have sung such a timeless classic. Lata ji herself has now
acquired the status of Angel giving happiness to billions of souls. Thanks.
V. Siddhartha on June 04, 2009
The finest of the finest Lata songs are her classical or semi -classical
numbers such as this one. This is a preeminent example of her sister Asha
describing her vocal ability as akin to a smooth waterfall going just as
gracefully in reverse-- upwards!( Diwanee3 actually quoted Asha's exact
words the other day). In addition , Suhanee, you have put in some of the
most charming images of our beloved stars, esp. of WR, MK, Nutan,
Madhubala, and Vyjayantimala. Enrapturing all around. Thanks.
jasbongy on June 04, 2009
Suhanee ji,your info.on Lata ji is very very beautifull.and your efforts to
share this song from ''Anuradha''with Lata ji's fans is admireble.5*****
diwanee3 on June 05, 2009
great actresses with beauty and talent, loved by their directors,
scriptwriters and the moviergoers...Suhanee , you have skilfully
incorporated music powerhouse legend Lataji's mind-blowing song in the vid
to showcase early bollywood women who blazed the path of the indian
cinema...thank you so much for this lovely montage..
V. Siddhartha on June 05, 2009
It may be worth adding that music for Anuradha was composed by none other
than our eminent sitarist Ravi Shankar, hence the compositions of this
movie all have a classical stamp.
Aartib40 on June 07, 2009
Good upload, and great description on info field. Good song by Nightengale.
kuckudk on June 10, 2009
kya la jawaab gaana hai. jitni bhi taareef karoon kam hai. suhanee tumhare
khazaane kitne heere jawaahraat bhare pade hain. samhaal kar rakhna.koi
loot na le.
jasbongy on June 10, 2009
Suhanee ji U have uploaded pictures of beautifull actresses. out of them i
have mat Meena ji,Vyajanti ji,Asha ji, Sadhna ji Simmi ji, Waheeda ji, Mala
ji,Nargish ji and Nutan ji. All of them very very beautifull and elegant,
but the most beautifull woman i have mat in my life is LATA JI.Whenever i
mat HER, i just forget the surroundings and jut pay my repect from far.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on June 25, 2009
One must pay tribute to the team members of this all times classic film
"Anuradha", Lata ji, Ravi Shankar, Shailendra,Balraj Sahni, Leela Naidu
etc. What marvelous other songs it had, "Jane Kaise Sapno Mein Kho Gayi
Akhiyan", "Hai Re Woh Din Kyun Na Aaye" and" Kaise Din Beete Kaise Beete
Ratiyan"etc. Ultimate indeed! Thanks for the upload.
V. Siddhartha on October 31, 2009
A sound track of everlasting beauty created by the collaboration of Ravi
Shankar and Lata. The best Indian music always springs from classical roots
under classically trained maestros as is abundantly evident here .This gem
is one of several precious melodies from Anuradha. Delighted to see all
today on your channel, Ajay. Thank you.
V. Siddhartha on November 10, 2009
This is not just a great semi-classical song; it's a precious work of art
created by the famed maestro Ravi Shankar and our beloved Lataji for the
movie Anuradha starring the Indo-French star of beauty and elegance, Leela
Naidu, and my favorite male star Balraj Sahni( identifying image of my
channel !) See how the Lata prelude is followed by the extraordinary tempo
of the sitar and how that in turn shapes Laji's tempo. Musical crescendo of
the most sublime kind. Thanks, Suhanee.
jasbongy on November 10, 2009
Very brilliantly Lata ji sings this beautiful classical
song.10*************** Suhanee ji well come to u. tube after 3-4 days. Now looks normal. Love. Sarla.
jasbongy on November 10, 2009
What a treat to eyes with beautiful stars!
Madhubala,Nargis,Vyajantimala,Padmini,Nimmi,Sadhana,Simmi,Asha Parekh,but
the most beautiful among them is our Lata ji smiling from the cover of her
new book. Great job indeed. Love. Sarla.
jasbongy on November 10, 2009
@jasbongy And offcorse Waheeda Rehman very attractive in your channel's
passion689 on November 10, 2009
Wah! What a mind blowing composition, thx Suhanee.
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on November 11, 2009
Superb work of art by Ravi Shankar utilizing talent of Lata ji at her best.
The waves and vibrations, generated in perfect harmony, during the last
semi classical portion of the song exhibit Lata's peak of performance. An
ethereal creation. Thanks Suhanee for this lovable upload.
isaac moses on November 18, 2009
in fond admiration of Lata Mangeshkar and this admirable tribute to her
crazyoldsongs on December 21, 2009
shailendra , pt. ravishankar and lataji created sheer magic in all the
songs of anuradha , each unique in its classic beauty . can listen to them
endlessly .this gem seems to have finished too early . thank you
HindiUrduTeluguBest on January 08, 2010
Happy new year.
buttegowda on January 17, 2010
Long live Latah, Ravi Shankar and Shailendra !!! Time less classic by the
masters. Thanks for posting this gem.
crazyoldsongs on April 16, 2010
amazing images on an amazing song which never ceases to put me in awe ! you
have really described in the info about lata ji so beautifully and voiced
the thoughts of millions of her admirers . this is the rarest of the rare
pearls from all the priceless pearls of anuradha and a unique and
unparallelled song by lata ji . can anyone think of a better and sweeter
rendition by anyone except by our divine beloved saraswati incarnate !
thanks a lot for the precious upload .
kuckudk on May 22, 2010
This is an all time great by Lata Mangeshkar, and takes me back in time by
Fifty years when my elder sister used to sing this song. Thank you Suhanee
for uploading this Gem with beautiful pictures.
sudhir Pune India on July 21, 2010
very nice !
Rajendra Oza on July 29, 2010
All time evergreen hit!!!!! How do I thank you Suhanee I don't know.
Sarvjit Singh on August 14, 2010
rag kon saa h batana plz
m26962 on August 22, 2010
Even I request someone please tell name of this Raaga ,very very very sweet
song Lacs of Pranam to Lataji,Panditji and Shailendraji
Sundarji Fadakiyo on October 07, 2010
This song is based on RAAG BHAIRAVI
akkolhammal on November 30, 2010
wha i have this song
jvjudd on December 05, 2010
suhanae geets from suhanee.
labeeb241 on May 22, 2011
Beautiful, mind blowing.
Rezwanul Hoque Bulbul on June 25, 2011
I could not help sharing the songs of film 'Anuradha' composed by Pt.
Ravishankar.These are superb songs based on classical ragas. Those who are
fond of listening to north indian classical music must listen these songs.
Mohan on August 15, 2011
One of the most difficult songs to sing. I challenge any of the present top
singers to try to sing this song and come anywhere near Lata. Ravi Shankar
gav music to only 3-4 films but this was one of his best. All 4 songs of
Anuradha were classical and very good.
Rajendra Oza on September 16, 2011
Movie: Anuradha - 1960 Singer : Lata Mangeshkar Music Director: Ravi
Shankar Lyricist: Shailendra Actors/Actresses: Balraj Sahni, Leela Naidu
ambindia on December 17, 2011
brilliant song. shailendra has written a thumri to rival anything written
ambindia on December 17, 2011
pity is they cut off the song less than halfway in the film. could easily
have found a way to extend the credit titles.
sanjoshi729 on January 10, 2012
Bharatratna Lata and Bharatratna RaviShankar !Coming together in this song
!making it a unique Bhairavi tune!!
rumahale on February 06, 2012
Beautiful classical song by Lata Mangeshkar. Thanks. Lyrics: Shailendra
khalidz1000 on May 12, 2012
Hi, This is a thumri composed in Raag Bhairavi. Hope this helps. -Zahra
kirti kumar Khanna on August 30, 2012
this is shud rag bhairvi.this combination of two god given gifted
ravishanker sahib and saraswati swaroop lata jee wha wha
The Creator on August 30, 2012
Will we ever get back this quality of songs from our Indian Films in
future???? Alas I do not see a hope.
Suhanee2 on August 30, 2012
Hmm! I doubt very much. No hope at all.
sandeebush on December 06, 2012
absolutely fab! riveting! Lata's genius
Shriram Nanal on December 13, 2012
tribute to Ravi Shankarji
Johal on December 17, 2012
it is a rare thing when they mention the character in the movie as the
singer not lata mageshkar good old days
shivling shambhu on December 18, 2012
Dhanya,Panditji Ravi Shankar.Meri priya dhun.Prastuti ke liye bahut
abhinandan evam aabhaar.
gopal sinha on April 06, 2013
Anuradha had all the beauties in itself-beautiful
story,acting,actress,songs,music...this particular song is our one of the
best songs ever..great work by the trio-shailendra,ravi shankar and lata.
Nayyar Kamal on April 11, 2013
Each song of this film is a gem of composition.A unique contribution by
lata pt.ravi shanker n shailendra.thanks Ajay.
Shivaswamy Bhoopalanm on May 01, 2013
When ever I feel unsettled or even lonely , this song enchants me.
. Love to hear on full volume and forget myself. Since 1960.
This is my pet...
gopal sinha on May 08, 2013
One of our best...few songs can match this composition...
jskamble on June 03, 2013
It's a pleasant sunshine..
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