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Comments on song "Sawan Ka Mahina, Pawan Kare Sor"
LawBreaker24 on February 20, 2008
Find a song innocent than this. I bet you wont be able to :)
KiranGopalAshtekar on February 25, 2008
One of the best ever-greens. And apart from the song, do ANY of today's
actors have the dignity and mellowness of the old time actors?
KiranGopalAshtekar on February 25, 2008
If you listen to only the audio, the applause at the end totally spoils it
all ... there ought to be a deep appreciative silence after this ...
dikuchakumaku on February 29, 2008
best acting by Sunil dutt sahab...directed very nicely... the selfless love
sivaprasad03 on March 22, 2008
Wow..A master piece of a song weaved by Laxmikanth Pyarelal...Simple tunes..But so melodious...Great performance by Sunil Dutt and Nutan..Good old times !!!
KevinSrilanka on April 05, 2008
I wanna cry.Yes, I do .I love this songs.I cannot control my emotions.
Desitrouble on April 12, 2008
Nutan - the most beautiful woman on any scree, then and now. Probably the first indian film i loved and its still number one
sofiaakhan on April 17, 2008
all todays actors know is how to stripp down and be wannabe hollywood instead of being proud of their own culture and traditions
appreciate what you have bollywood or soon it will start fading away
this is proof that you guys have another chance
this song is beautiful!!!!
shamimb on April 26, 2008
They are just so beautiful together in this song!
hamza khan on April 26, 2008
can anyone tell me the name of ths movie
whoisdaboss on May 05, 2008
WOnderful movie, funny too!
whoisdaboss on May 05, 2008
true to me too :)
rockkk1984 on May 06, 2008
shor nahi sorrrrrrrrrr
xx22az on May 18, 2008
mindblowing song,beautiful couple on screen,and a beautiful movie.
V. Siddhartha on May 22, 2008
As my late mother would say, first-class. Sweet, tender, clean,
wholesome,and joyous, are my words for this duet. In the use of the right
body-language and facial expressions, Nutan was in a class by herself. She
didn't act , she became her roles, whether they were serious and sad or
joyful( see Bandini, Dil Hi To Hai). Thanks for the post,rajshri.
Raul Brando Ramotar on May 22, 2008
ohhh man this song makes me want to drink some rum...all these old songs
reminds me of back home in guyana...beautiful...
Akash Shah on May 24, 2008
you're exactly right :) our music directors need to begin composing
traditional indian music. and then, we need to have kavita krishnamurthy
ji, suresh wadekar, hariharan, uditji, kumar sanu, alkaji, and other well
trained singers like them to start singing.
kittykatdollxxx on May 24, 2008
:) the days wen songs wer sweet an innocent
Mala kadar on May 24, 2008
perfection in the highest sense! What a grand duet, thanks a million!
manavlk on May 25, 2008
Amazing song .. Beautiful composition .. Simple but so effective. Just shows how good a composer Laxmikanth Pyarelal were.
Reminds me of of my childhood when we used to see these songs on Doordarshan.
bzulqarni on May 26, 2008
Two great singers singing their best and two great actors giving their best
performance. A classic.
lnambiyar on May 27, 2008
Simply beautiful to see the video and hear the song - Leela Menon
lldadserseres on June 01, 2008
wow a classic
yerajhaii on June 06, 2008
Great Song, Eternal for ever.
truckerjimbo13 on June 08, 2008
dis song will always remind me of my younger days when life was
inocent.keep up the good old songs.
alokofaarmax on June 15, 2008
I love this song. Thanks.
Shaktiraj Singh Gaharwar on June 16, 2008
Mr Dutt was a mediocre actor like in many of his later films. Nutanji
completely overshadowed him.
Mysterious989 on June 30, 2008
One of the most beautiful duets ever. The lyrics, music & voices seem to be made for each other.
tenza84 on July 01, 2008
do u know d name of dis movie?
htgajjar on July 06, 2008
Wow ! What s Super Song we never hear such wonderful traditional music
songs any more.
jasipaddam on July 14, 2008
where are they now nutanji is wonderfull, no body today can even get close...
thank you
shahidmalik88 on July 23, 2008
wow what a song. this is .. nice collection Rajshri..
and Sunil dutt is outstanding in this movie
igoraguilar on July 29, 2008
Es hermosa. Soy panameño, tengo 36 años y desde niño escuché esta canción en el LP soundtrack de este film que siempre quise ver y ahora por fin lo logro!!!! Gracias a quien subió este vídeo a youtube. El LP era de mi papá. Lo conservo como ORO EN POLVO. Esta música es la más bella.
tahmina16 on July 29, 2008
i have been looking for this song in ages, it is such a great song, i love it, thanks rajshri for putting it on youtube :D
jaipal singh on August 29, 2008
thanx a lot for posting such a lovely song. Pls keep posting such song
Sivaram Pochiraju on August 29, 2008
This film is made from TELUGU FILM called MOOGA MANASULU ( SILENT SOULS)
directed by the same director Adurthi Subba Rao. It had the Great Artists
such as A.Nageswara Rao , Savitri and Jamuna as main artists .
otuwa on September 14, 2008
I cant understand it but a sick song.
liyakatp on September 15, 2008
otowa, u r a person of no feelings! such a lovely which keeps one going
through lifes ups and down. cant get enough of it to b honest!
kamalb13 on September 21, 2008
Thanx lot for such heart touching song.
baboolak on September 21, 2008
Songs such as this will remain for eternity!!!
ChaudharyZia on September 27, 2008
I just wanted to say Its Great
ronak307 on October 02, 2008
One of the greatest compositions of L-P. World will never forget composers
like them. Rest in peace Laxmikant Kudalkar and Long live Pyarelal Sharma!
abbyroman on October 03, 2008
Kunj Patel on October 04, 2008
Veryyyyyy goood songs . The best thing about it is notmuch backgrond music
. only singin . Itsss sooo sik . And the meaning of song is heart touching
as well .
abbyroman on October 05, 2008
Dude the term "Sick!" is American slang for Lovely or Great .. so if
someone says "That was a Sick Track!" that means "It was a Lovely song!".
Nafisah FisahD. on October 15, 2008
do you know what movie is this? thank you to post this song. I love the
song very much and i am wondering what movie is this. thank you
Sivaram Pochiraju on October 16, 2008
This movie's name is MILAN . It means meeting of two persons or it can be
meeting of two souls . The film is produced by L.V.PRASAD and directed by
avin44 on October 18, 2008
igoraguilar from Panama says:

"She is beautiful. I am Panamanian, I am 36 years old and as a boy I listened to this song in the LP soundtrack of this film that always I wanted to see and now finally it is here! Thanks for posting this video on youtube. The LP was of my papa. I conserve it like GOLD. This music is most beautiful."

Glad to hear our music is giving such emotions and memories to people thousands of miles away!
sma4life2 on October 19, 2008
Thanks for sharing, I love watching these old classic Indian movies with good stories and great songs. Can't say the same about new one's.
Nafisah FisahD. on October 22, 2008
Thank you so much. I don't get bored listen to this song all day. Love it
so much
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