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Comments on song "Second Hand Jawani"
SuperDkthakur on July 17, 2012
music is very much similar to saiya saiya from cash
Ananthu A S on August 01, 2012
this film is okay..diana looks awesone...deepika hot and saif kool
Pakos Al - Baloshi on August 02, 2012
Diana I Love You ..
dil lhr on August 02, 2012
no depika ko kuch nai ata
chococlate fairy on August 02, 2012
MAHAM MAZHAR on August 02, 2012
diana a beauty plz add me
Disha Ahuja on August 02, 2012
deepika stands here wid an attractive attitude HERE i'd say deepika looks
mch bttr n she olwyz does
Aliya Kina on August 02, 2012
Both girls are so pretty!! :)
saqib saleem on August 02, 2012
owsum song
saqib saleem on August 02, 2012
depika is great performance
Ft Riyaz on August 03, 2012
First entry of deepika was very funny !!!!!!!!
ishna abduallah on August 03, 2012
deepika is very beautiful lady..:)
kiran kaur sandhu on August 03, 2012
deepi is 100time better then diana
MuzammilHDBluRay on August 03, 2012
is film ka kia bana. flop ya hit
Ramee K on August 03, 2012
this it the best song in the movie <3 all songs are amazing but this is soo
damn catchy !
saralovesdhoombros on August 04, 2012
well she's a model..she's known for modelling profession.. what do you
souvik ghosh on August 04, 2012
penty,her name is funny
Abdul Rehman on August 04, 2012
Funny + Awsome Song . . . . . <3
Sarang Talpur on August 04, 2012
Maybe you havent read all the comments, read them first and then tell me to
shut up!
Shreya Angara on August 04, 2012
Saif is shorter than dippy and diana :P
crazeiPhone on August 04, 2012
Albert Einstein on August 04, 2012
Best effing songggggg, minus the creep saif, he doesn't suit these girls!
muska janak on August 05, 2012
Diana 1:57 bt said rocks everywhere
VampireDiariesBiebs on August 05, 2012
thats deepika -.-
kamlesh kapadia on August 06, 2012
lovely song
ali khan on August 07, 2012
shut up...u cheap ...u c saif looks tooo cutea n hot.he is the only hadsome
with nice face thuough he is not young.thumbs up
HexaAquaNickel on August 07, 2012
I thought Deepika was tall but holy crap, this Diana girl seems to be
taller! How tall is she?
shani jiger on August 08, 2012
685 people r gay!!!! thumbs up if u agree!!!!
shani jiger on August 08, 2012
tall girlz.But beutiful!!
adan zara on August 08, 2012
nyc songggggggggggggggg :)
Shine M Das on August 08, 2012
MrSuman43 on August 09, 2012
deepika is awesome in terms of actingg...great job deepika!!!
Jannat Raja on August 09, 2012
Meera Shareef ziada achi lag rahi thi :p
SongtressNehha on August 09, 2012
do check out my covers =)
Idris Mohammed on August 09, 2012
Illumitati or what?
Idris Mohammed on August 09, 2012
Out of all the comments, nly 1 is about the 3 eyed pic
Rider101ism on August 10, 2012
love you diana ♥
antonblaziken50 on August 10, 2012
deepika is just so beautiful and looks great in this video
ali khan on August 10, 2012
saif looks cute while saying come on in the start and lookss coolest when
gets irritated by gun.saif i m ur fan now...
Raja Mazumder on August 10, 2012
Sakina Sehgal on August 11, 2012
Diana and Deepika could be sisters. Diana looks just like Deepika, just a
younger version.
tasneem khumusi on August 11, 2012
hiiii !!!! my friendzzz happy govinda ...
iNever SmOke on August 11, 2012
i really need a second hand diana penty YES ! YES ! YES ! <3
Realm Of Gaming on August 11, 2012
i like the song but deepika act's to crazy in the song and the movie
Kaledius on August 11, 2012
one M0:00RE Time
chinesemoviesrock on August 11, 2012
miss pooja u rock
Sakina Sehgal on August 11, 2012
She's younger than Deepa. By a month and a half. And either way, she looks
like Deeps' little sister cuz she has more of a kidd-ish face compared to
Deepika. But both girls are pretty :)
Zakia Imtiaz on August 11, 2012
LOVE IT!! <3
bradistani on August 12, 2012
Deepika = HOTNESS
Dhvani Naik on August 12, 2012
Hate ths song
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