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Comments on song "She Drives Me Crazy"
Sherrin Varghese on May 09, 2007
Hi.. English!! :)
shiromani89 on May 31, 2007
Great song.. The beat is very good,, if I hear this I want to move Great
job boys! Nice moves too by the way
Sherrin Varghese on May 31, 2007
Thank u... Which side of the globe are u from.. ?
shiromani89 on May 31, 2007
I'm from Holland.. So far away but because of the internet looks everything
so close too home ^^..
Sherrin Varghese on June 02, 2007
So are you Indian??! Do you follow Indian music?!?
shiromani89 on June 02, 2007
I love Indian music actually.. It's a part of my culture, a part of who I
am if you know what I mean :).. I think it's very important in this world
to know who you really are and where your roots are from..
Sherrin Varghese on June 02, 2007
And what do ur roots teel u. Do they caall u back,, R u studying,
chilling,. what. My name is Sherrin & i;m one of them.
shiromani89 on June 04, 2007
Well no, they aren't calling me back.. I'm happy with the life I'm living..
Right now I'm studying because I want to prove myself to this world and my
family.. Someday I'll go too India for sure but not for too long I think..
Sherrin Varghese on June 04, 2007
And where are u rt now..
99problams on July 17, 2007
kool video and kooler song
Sherrin Varghese on July 17, 2007
Thank u .. love ur id.. 99 problems.. ha ha
Sherrin Varghese on August 05, 2007
this song actually came out about 6 yrs ago.. rock n roll & thank you.. :)
Sherrin Varghese on August 05, 2007
where r u now
Sherrin Varghese on August 08, 2007
where in the US.. ASL?
Sherrin Varghese on August 11, 2007
cool.. we might be coming to the Us sometime in Oct..
Sherrin Varghese on October 16, 2007
:) Agree.. This was a first of it's sorts also.. no other indi pop act had
put up a video on air on any sport leave alone rugby..& it's not so hot a
sport in India, unfortunately, but i personally play state level
volleyball... And absolutely love outdoor sports & adventure.. Banfg on
about the character building bit as welll mate.. Catch our new song called
"Ghantaa " coming soon.. Cheers!!
Sherrin Varghese on October 21, 2007
5 to 10 lacs depending on content.. not to be disclosed.. why???
xplorer9 on October 30, 2007
ooooooooo..eyyyyyyyy.oooooooo.meri jaane jaan.
angel84mlt on November 21, 2007
Hey Sheerrrean i know agut who looks just like you
angel84mlt on November 21, 2007
Sheerrean how would one go about getting this cd i love cd i already have
your other one but cant find this one
fahadeng on November 25, 2007
I love this song.I immediately bought the cd when I first listened it on
TV and even taped its video! :) U guyz ROCK!!!
Sherrin Varghese on November 27, 2007
:) watch out for the new one..its gonna be called Ghantaa. by the end of
the year..
fahadeng on December 28, 2007
Waiting for it dear!
porolita22 on January 14, 2008
where does it say that? are they?
porolita22 on January 14, 2008
I can't understand a word but the vid and music are cool ;-)
angel84mlt on February 02, 2008
Sheerrean i have a question when you guys perform live do you just skip the
parts that Sudhanshu used to sing or how dose that work?
Sherrin Varghese on April 17, 2008
sudhanshu left us 5 years ago, we were travelling too often and he had a
family, plus he was more into bollywood than any of us.. he's still a bro
AksheeShadow on May 11, 2008
are u a part of band of boys y u saying us ?
rahul balboa on May 18, 2008
ur band was a huge hit mate I guess its d only band capable of givin a
tough competetion 2 other bands in business
Sherrin Varghese on May 18, 2008
what competition!!! ha ha .. thank u dude,, honored... cheers!!
rahul balboa on May 18, 2008
Ur most welcome mate!!!!!!!! u guys are'nt plannin any new album?
rahul balboa on May 18, 2008
I remember havin goosebumps!! Its d ladies in d video n d energy shown by d
rahul balboa on May 18, 2008
I remember u guys came wen VIVA started performin n me n my friens used 2
feel happy dat its not jus gal bands v hav
Sherrin Varghese on June 02, 2008
Sherrin Varghese on June 02, 2008
i don't believe this.. just got released 5 days ago,, EVERYBODY PLEASE
LEAVE A COMMENT!!! LOOK FOR GHANTAA!! Sid, Chin2, Karan, Sherrin
Sherrin Varghese on July 14, 2008
mmmmph.. actually this was designed for a shoot and since rugby is honestly
not an indian sport at all, we did do a couple of goofups.. but hey man,
our bad.. will try and do better next time.. i wish it was volleyball or
something which i personally excel in.. no mistakes would have happened
there.. God Bless..
99problams on August 10, 2008
hey sheerean if u r really a member of this group than i wanna say that plz
come up with more songs like this ur other songs are gud but they are all
so bollywoodish i think this song and 'meri neend' are kinda song which
makes band of boys a band of boys otherwise ur just like any other composer
Sherrin Varghese on August 10, 2008
To be honest i agree. Next one.. i promise will be in the leauge of a
gori/meri neend/she drives me crazy..
Sherrin Varghese on August 29, 2008
i doubt u would find this cd, cos it released in 2001, but if u provide me
an email id i'd send across the song by mail.. And who do u know who looks
like me.. photos?!?! :)
Sherrin Varghese on August 29, 2008
thank u hunk.. sorry for such a late reply.. cheers
Sherrin Varghese on August 29, 2008
mmmm.. this was the 4th video of the first album, which got released in
2001, so i'd safely say this song came out in video fashion by 2002 end..
angel84mlt on August 29, 2008
i was actualy going to do a look inspired by you videos like this vid and
gori i will give you my e-mail in a bit. thank you
angel84mlt on August 29, 2008
my friend looks like you i don't have any photos but he reall dose it's
hottestheart on September 08, 2008
awsum song... when u guys r goin to realease new albums... is the band is
broken? or.
Sherrin Varghese on September 09, 2008
we released ghantaa about 2 months ago.. the band is not broken.. we tour
quite a bit, so dont bother being in the news like earlier cos of time
constraints.. cos of overkill fear.. otherwise.. expect 1 album every year
from us.. cheers..
hottestheart on September 10, 2008
yeah mate, thts gud...keep it up, i like ur songs...try to bring some
PUNJABI TOUCH in ur songs(the only thing missing in ur songs),as its
booming in the music industry, try to bring gud music, no matters one album
per year, need to act like amir khan, less in quantity bt qualityfull, so
don't counts songs, jst try to counts ur fans(wch will surely increase wid
gud n soulfull music) m much concerned abt u guys, the very first band.
wid blessin n gud luck for forth cumin albums... cheez
Sherrin Varghese on September 13, 2008
Sure.. hottie.. thanks...:)
Reshu Kandari on September 19, 2008
Hey!! you don't have Nain Katari Ankhiyaan in your list :(..That's the
Sherrin Varghese on September 20, 2008
Well/ its been long pending, but i didnt load it cos there were so many
nain katari's on youtube by everyone.. anyways.. i guess ur right.. i
should load the official one.. well.. here goes..
Sherrin Varghese on September 22, 2008
:) It is love like this which has kept us going.. 8 years now.. pray that
we go on till we are 80. cheers..
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