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Comments on song "Shehar Me Bhul-Bhulaiya Khwaabo Ki"
abhishek sharma on September 21, 2013
Nice track with catchy lyrics and though its from one of my fav music
director Amit. Would love to hear a song like Mai Raja ki Raj Dulari
TheGreatThinker88 on September 21, 2013
For me Amit Trivedi >= AR Rahman.
Sravanthi Paipuri on September 21, 2013
great lovely melody.. its amit trivedi magical ...
Abhishek Madav on September 21, 2013
I was expecting a lot too much.
sumit mehta on September 21, 2013
or perhaps mili nair?
yourdeadmother on September 21, 2013
no. AR rahman >> Amit trivedi
Dixie Desai on September 21, 2013
For the first time saw amit trivedi performing vocals and that too with
expressions... Have heard him many times though but watching him is more
Sundeep Sharma on September 21, 2013
These are the songs that leave one speechless. Could not move a muscle
until the song was over. Sitting here with awe struck expressions,
completely immersed in this absolutely stunning track. The magic of Mr Amit
Neetesh Singh on September 22, 2013
It was a average .. or may be i expect alot frm Amit
Neetesh Singh on September 22, 2013
or may be amit shld lead the song
kriminalyrikal on September 22, 2013
Nidhi K on September 22, 2013
Love this!
Himanshu Rajmane on September 22, 2013
How does that matter ? Just ... Enjoy their music.
sumit mehta on September 22, 2013
True that. Generally plays keys along with vocals. Was actually surprised
to see him JUST SING :) Although he believes he isnt trained but i believe
he sings way better than most trained people i have heard.
TheSauravNepal on September 22, 2013
Coke Study Confession: Never watch a teaser before the actual show
otherwise you'll be disappointed. HAHA !
Samy Beratta on September 22, 2013
Very nice song & wonderful composed by Amit... Friends just enjoy music...
everyone has different style, do not compare. Coke Studio is giving
opportunity to music directors who can experiment their new composition
which they might not getting chance to experiment in films due to may
reasons... we should appreciate each & every artist :-)
Sathvika Anantharaman on September 22, 2013
it did sound better in the teaser :P
TheGreatThinker88 on September 22, 2013
Its your personal perception and that was mine. Your Alive Father.
Sreekuttan SH on September 22, 2013
Why everyone so serious ???
Anupam Enosh on September 22, 2013
Lovely song.. A big applause to Amit Ji for that. All of your experiments
with music really feel so great to me.. One of the most unique songs.. :)
dia606 on September 22, 2013
This piece only takes off when Amit enters the fray at 3:23. Unfortunately
this is the weakest piece from AT yet imo and Tanvi Shah added absolutely
nothing to the composition.
Chetan jagtap on September 22, 2013
becouse its DARK KNIGHT
akhil jacob Jacob on September 23, 2013
Don't compare amit trivadi with AR.. Ar is the legend..'.Nan yen Piranthen'
is much better than this.. Also Clinton cerejo is better than amit trivadi.
Vinit Parmar on September 23, 2013
Amit Trivedi has his own charm and has given some amazing melodies.. ARR is
indeed godly figure but you should not take credit away from Amit Trivedi..
He has been brilliant in some works..
TheShashaNikki on September 24, 2013
Hang on !!! Since when this comparison between Amit and Rahman started...
And why do you compare them two... --"
Isha Priya Singh on September 24, 2013
Tanvi's part doesn't have the feel of that pressure, turmoil, struggle one
feels in the city! Amit's part and the Mandolin is interesting. The 'haan
haan' is not happening at all! Very bollywood.
TheSauravNepal on September 24, 2013
thats my actual point :D these songs sound better in the teaser but in the
real setup, they sound just bland.
pranays94 on September 25, 2013
Is it me only or this song actually sounds like made for Garba?
vijeeth shetty on September 26, 2013
Whoever this Tanvi Shah is, she's so boring.. No expressions while singing,
singing as if someone's put a gun on her head.. Amit Trivedi saved the
song, with his deep vocals.. The way Amit sings really adds meaning to any
lyrics and composition..
moses vinod kumar on September 26, 2013
really u r great amit sir your composition looks very nice to be frank
please keep it up ..
Nidhi K on September 27, 2013
Well... Addicted to good music ;)
Manisit Das on September 27, 2013
The song is meant to be like that. The feel is dark, grim, talks about
chaos of an urban mind in a city! She did her part well! About the life
part, I hope you've listened to Rahman's Jai Ho? It's the same girl who
sang the song. The singer is supposed to instil interest in you by his/ her
voice, not by his/her expressions! :)
Yogesh Vaishnav on September 27, 2013
Not so great thinker you are dude :P
Sudip Basu on September 28, 2013
Voice texture apt for the track. Nice work by Tanvi and Amit. This can
easily be a background score of any Mumbai themed Bollywood Movie with fast
camera work through the city bylanes and a subtle romance.
SoothingSangeeth on September 30, 2013
Tanvi is the weakest link in this song and makes this the lone dud song of
the episode. Whatever effort Amit's voice and the Mandolin does can only go
so far as to make the song listenable.
SoothingSangeeth on September 30, 2013
Tanvi is such a letdown. Coke Studio separates the 'Women' from the
'Girls'. And this is where bollywood-ish singers like her fail. On the
other hand, checkout the performances of Kavithaji, Tochi Raina, Kutle
Khan, Mame Khan (from last year's episode)... their voice underscore the
years of classical training they have given!
sajwa aslam on October 02, 2013
i am hearing dis song 1000 times! its not leavin my head ! awesome song!
kaykay on October 02, 2013
Love the way amit trivedi sings, that's magic right there.
SELVAN PAUL on October 03, 2013
This is really cool and very striking. The music, the voices, the musicians
and the histrioincs ... I love them all. Kudos and god bless Bests Selvan
sen thokchom on October 04, 2013
Everything is perfect i don't know what to say god bless you all coke
studio team
Karthik Krishnan on October 04, 2013
amazing song... juz lovd it... <3 keep going amit...!
angadsirji on October 06, 2013
wow what a beautiful music
Sagar Dhamecha on October 07, 2013
Yogesh Vaishnav on October 09, 2013
Sorry, No Thumbs up for your comment The kind of personality you are
talking about is 'out of this world' He never talked about himself as if he
is a 'greater-greater' person than someone... -- Regards A Die Hard A R
Rahman Fan
yourdeadmother on October 09, 2013
truly a great loss that i couldnt get a thumbs up from you
Jagga on October 13, 2013
another boring song. it picks up when Amit sings, but there`s nothing to
make you want to hearit again.
Tejas Mahajan on October 15, 2013
You could do away with Clinton Cerejo from the equation. Madari was quite
similar to Peter Gabriel's My Body is a Cage!
Tejas Mahajan on October 15, 2013
You just observed her facial expressions! Just listen to this without
looking at the video, and you'll understand how well she has sung. :)
vijeeth shetty on October 16, 2013
It's a live performance bro, and facial expressions do matter even if you
have a brilliant voice.. That's how great performers do it..
Tejas Mahajan on October 22, 2013
Yeah. Right. But her vocal performance is magical, to say the least.
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