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Comments on song "Huka Bar"
rahman nek on December 26, 2012
super ..thumb up
chelseafc10031905 on December 26, 2012
Himesh copies a part from Cris Brown's Turn up the music.why isn't this surprising
Mithu Rangkho on December 28, 2012
Hookah is injures to health
WAHID FAYAZ on December 28, 2012
Nice song. Akshay n Asin lookin great in dancing, they both daning well . Hày Asin u wanna dance with me. So common and let's dance.
freshaveena1 on December 28, 2012
They stOle the chorus music ..
ppshetty1895 on December 28, 2012
copied song ..turn up stil nice 1
cs10b003 on December 28, 2012
listening to it over and over again!!
HnDzzzUP on December 28, 2012
thumbs up for chris brezzy!
namanjainist on December 28, 2012
...mayb they hav copied the "oo ooo oo" but overall the song is nice...
Fellas stop searching for mistakes...appreciate the hardwork instead
mianiism on December 28, 2012
loee matlab ta hai nahee es geet da huka tamaako buri cheez kio us noo peyaar de naal jor diya
mohammed ikram on December 28, 2012
amzaing song is my best ever
tausif304 on December 29, 2012
I think any ordinary girl walking on street looks much charming than Asin
Asish Narayan on December 29, 2012
For sm reason i lyk this top comment better, even though i hate it normaly but iam also soo soo fed up of the copy top comments that this video has everyday.
Chocolateluver4lyf on December 29, 2012
If anyone doesn't, that's kinda sad:P
Farooque Daing on December 29, 2012
super danace knock & music combination
Abhinandan Jain on December 29, 2012
Amazing Choreography
Any one can dance in pubs n discs :-)
innocent heer on December 29, 2012
asin luking superrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbbbbb
Ranvir Sandhu on December 29, 2012

Ranvir Sandhu on December 29, 2012
Rohan shah on December 29, 2012
i'm clicking replay button just to see asin !!! she's tooooo awesome... beautiful !

Vlogstafy on December 29, 2012
Har shaadi mein jao toh yeh hi gaana bajta haan. Humph.
Syangjali Thito Magar on December 29, 2012
" Teri ankhiyon ka vaar
Jaise sher ka shikaar " . Waaha xD
Kunal Ramjug on December 30, 2012
as long as it is entertaining...who cares where it came from...u see until now not every1 knew it was chris brown music..
waqas khan on March 31, 2013
best copied song better than original
jitsfandoo on April 02, 2013
best song of himesh till date
waheed bhorvi on April 03, 2013
its good funn ... fulll masti ,,dancing , but akshey acting was some extra
over acting i did,nt like this ...
albahri786 on April 03, 2013
love this song
SuperMan on April 06, 2013
Hookah bar = Hooker Bar
anticircle on April 07, 2013
IPL got me here.
Rajesh Sundriyal on April 08, 2013
you seem immature so ill spare you
Atif Khan on April 14, 2013
realy realy realy good song
Ansh Gupta on April 14, 2013
Mind blowing song.
waheed bhorvi on April 15, 2013
ooooooo ooooooo hukkaa bar bar tera piyr piyr hukkss bar ...hahahaah kia
baat hai yaar kia soch hai hsaaey ki
NIYAZ NAZAR on April 23, 2013
learn how to click on "reply" button first.
Darshan rao on April 26, 2013
He might have more than one.. Maybe one of those buy 1 get 1 free schemes?
Sarvesh Hh on April 28, 2013
Best song every
katrina keif on April 29, 2013
la chonson cheba
sahil kumar on May 01, 2013
Wow the song is cool man
SHYAM SHARMA on May 02, 2013
jabardust song
innovatorsbuzz on May 02, 2013
I dare to say..The dislikes have been exchanged with likes :D..or perhaps
the dislikes have been added to the likes leaving the dislike with naught...
PeruvianAyahuasca on May 02, 2013
everything is rigged these days. illuminati's in the music industry :(
SHYAM SHARMA on May 03, 2013
why u r only targeting himesh for coping n selling? cant u look on other
composers? that hairy basturd protam cant even give a single original score
I m totally confident u r one o his follower!!!
ghirish nowjee on May 04, 2013
Mithun Koch on May 05, 2013
Good song..i love it ds sng.
Mister Raaa on May 07, 2013
no, keep it to your mother!! she loves it anyways
Sarvesh Hh on May 08, 2013
Hoka bar hoka bar hoka bar hoka bar
Faisal Amin on May 08, 2013
kya ap logon ko urdu (hindi) nahi ati
Faisal Amin on May 08, 2013
asin tmhari acting just muje ghajni ma achi lagi thi not so good in this
Kaushik Guha on May 10, 2013
Hey chill ...the song you are mentioning , himesh has borrowed the opening
tune of that in this one @0.27...chill!!! rest is original :)
Sushant Bhargav on May 10, 2013
ary tu to jazbati ho gya re reply me bol usko
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