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Comments on song "Teri Duniya Me Dil Lagta Nahi, Vapas Bula Le"
34raaj on December 16, 2009
bful song n nice lyrircs.. thank mr amit
Nasir Hashmi on October 21, 2010
good song of mukesh
Ameer9061 on November 15, 2010
beautiful and meaningful song of the yesteryears Ilove it from Ameer Ali of
Trinidad and Tobago West Indies
kirti kumar Khanna on July 21, 2011
mukesh jee wapis aa jao who can sing like this toba
Mohinder Kapila on September 29, 2011
Wah Mukesh ji, u r realy superb and matchless.
rafisolanki on October 26, 2011
Only thoughts can go back to this black and white movie song of 1950,we can not reverse the time.The great Mukeshji's this song,I like most, for my maternal brother, i.e.uncle took me to see this movie, when I was 8 yrs.old.60 yrs.have already elapsed to this song,but its freshness is as it should have been and we like to listen this song every now then.Thanks for uploading such a nice song. (26.10.2011).
BELROSRV on December 05, 2011
one of my favorite song by Mukesh , beautiful lyrics by Kidar Sharma
Colonel Rao on December 11, 2011
Excellent song by Mukeshji and is evergreen. Truly the god has taken away
him earlier as per his request and deprived all of us. But that is the way
of destiny. In fact songs of Mukeshji sung prior to 1955 are extemly good
and had very good poetry, tunes and were highly had Saigal sahibs effect on
him whom he revered very highly.No doubt he wasa master singer of all sad
Rajeev Pradhan on December 12, 2011
Thanks for your awesome comment. with best personal regards.
julianonthestairs on December 23, 2011
indian mixed 3rd gen diaspora here from indonesia, just wanna say how glad i am for youtube! i went to india for the first time this summer with my dad, albeit to a random city (madurai). I remember watching late night tv and seeing a show in south indian highlighting artists from the 40s and 50s and thought, 'wow'. fast forward to earlier today when i remembered to youtube '40s hindi'/'40s indian music'. Thank you very much for the upload!
Rajkumar Trikannad on January 18, 2012
Thanks..brings back so many memories- A song I will never get over or
forget- I was 5 plus age and left back in Madras -at my Grandparents home
-in their care where grew up for 7 years . Radio was a blessing and almost
all songs of 1951-52 are etched in my mind-thanks CaptTR (Retd)
asha1053 on February 19, 2012
awesome old it!!
Arun Narayan Sabnis on March 04, 2012
This is a song which does not get old any day. What a meaning and what a
rendering inimitable simple tune and composed so beautifully ! No words to
express the joy of listening to it.
Mir Ali on March 07, 2012
Fantastic, i was looking for this song from long time, thank you for
Mir Ali on March 07, 2012
Again thanks for such a heart breaking song
Arvind Srivastava on March 11, 2012
A great song.Raj Kapoor looks very handsome in this song. Arvind Srivastava
Sayed Bukhari on March 26, 2012
Thanks..brings back so many memories- A song I will never get over or
forget reminds me of radio Ceylon every morning my mum use listen to radio
while preparing our breakfast and getting us ready for school, and these
gems use to pour out of radio. Woh din jab yaad aatey hain kaleja munh ko
ataa hai!!!!!!
piyaal7up on June 12, 2012
This song is one of the best of immortal singer Mukesh. The voice pattern
and texture resembles to an extent with KL Saigal .
Gopinath Thonoor on July 01, 2012
sweet as honey
reverseswing on August 19, 2012
Masterpiece created by the trio Kedar Sharma, Roshan and Mukesh.
Umapathy Sharma on August 20, 2012
Said songs are always in the domain of Late Sri Mukesh Sab. Nobody could
sing a song of this type other than Mukesh. Truly, the greatest.
rumahale on September 13, 2012
I agree. When the trio i.e. lyricist, composer and singer has synergy the
effect will be great. And, the genuine viewers will give credit to trio,
unlike most of the viewers who give credit only to the singer. I am of your
generation to appreciate old gold and also the combined effect of trio in
the songs. Regards.
syed abdul Razack on September 15, 2012
During this time kundan lal sehgal was famous and this song have the
resumblence of k l sehgal mukesh is very fine in the sad song and light
classical very nice upload.
Umapathy Sharma on September 22, 2012
Only a LEGEND called Mukesh can sing such songs that can truly burn our
hearts and yet we still enjoy. Said songs are in the domain of Sri
Mukeshji. Umapathy, Chennai
reverseswing on January 09, 2013
Masterpiece composed by one of my favourite composers Roshan Lal Sahib.
Undoubtedly one of the five best songs of Mukesh ji. Mukesh sang immortal
songs between late 40s and middle 50s. Credit goes to legendary Music
Director Anil Biswas for lifting Mukesh up to such heights ... 'Jeevan
Sapna Toot Gaya...'
P Vijay on February 23, 2013
Excellent lyrics of Kedar Sharma and equally melodious and suiting
composition by that great music composer Roshan [ Roshanlal Nagrath ] for
the words has made this song forever to remember ... Gone are the days when
music directors like Roshan used to come out with one great song after
another which which remained in the minds of people for ever. तेरी
दुनिया में दिल लगता नहीं, वापस बुला ले मैं सजदे में गिरा हूँ, मुझको ऐ मालिक
उठा ले ..
KHAN1561 on March 18, 2013
lovel song mukesh ji is the king of tragic songs,raj uncle is the onlyone
who is prefect for mukesh ji we love them thanks sir
Ramesh Zamindar on April 24, 2013
Mukesh has a wonderful voice. It's nice to be able to hear his songs
SITA RAM Soni on May 20, 2013
Sachin Jaiswar on June 07, 2013
unbelievable singing..such a touchy song...
Surender Bhutani on July 12, 2013
An amazing song penned by Kedar Sharma. Roshan was helped by Anil Biswas in
composing this song. Mukesh is very soulful. Dr Surender Bhutani Warsaw
Sanat Biyani on August 05, 2013
great song of mukeshji . i have sung it in my college competition .
kapil joshi on August 24, 2013
bhanwar ka sr na chakraye na dil lahron ka doobe le kashti aap kar di meine
toofan ke hawale...
Rajeev Pradhan on August 26, 2013
thanks for fabulous comments. with personal regards
S Raman on September 21, 2013
all old mukesh songs like terduniya,dil jalte hai, and upto tere pyar
ko,doroz me all were sung with a lot of pathos and thats why we hear them
even to-day nostalgically.thanks rajeev, ramanujan-kochi
gopal sinha on September 22, 2013
A beautiful song by kedar sharma, raushan and mukesh.
md aliashrafi on October 08, 2013
ae dard bar geet sunkar muje apna bachpan yad agya
Salim Quraishy on November 05, 2013
great song of mukesh...over half a century old BUT still ever green..
Zahid Raja on December 09, 2013
oldi goldi song
amsharanx on January 27, 2014
Indeed sung from the depth of his heart by Mukeshjee.
Farhat Nadeem on February 11, 2014
one of the best by Mukesh.
deepak gandhi on February 28, 2014
Singer Mukesh was a Uniqe singer and no body can match him. I had
opportunity to meet him personally many times in Recording Room of Minoo
Katrak studio. 
Indira Adhia on June 08, 2014
Very good song.

Javed Latif on July 18, 2014
the more i listen to this kind of song the more i think of mother INDIA why
do we have to have a BERLIN WALL DIVIDING US 
shirin azmat on August 15, 2014
slow and khamush madham si dhun pe khubsurat lafzon ke ehtimam bara dil ko
chuleta hay.
Kk Parashar on September 17, 2014
Old is Gold, always valuable
devinder singh dhillon on November 15, 2014
kia kare mukesh ji?
Dilip Desai on December 07, 2014
ek sachha DREAM tha, vo chala gaya..
Udayan Dalal on December 12, 2014
make every day count before you go wapas
Yung Daku on January 01, 2015
song reminds me of my life now
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