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Comments on song "Teri Jhuki Najar"
Rahul Kumar on January 08, 2013
Emraan not in this one??
himanshu das on January 08, 2013
no emraan == movie fails
prateek shrivastava on January 08, 2013
All my respect for you Randeep...brilliant actor :) !!!!!!!!!
Sajeev Nair on January 09, 2013
no emraan.. going to be flop.. this guy dont know how to kiss...
Hrishikesh Baruah on January 09, 2013
should have starred Emraan... anyways the song is awesome!
Shivam Chanana on January 09, 2013
if it would be emraan, song would have sounded 100 times better
Abhinendra Singh on January 09, 2013
so you watch movies to watch kisses? Donn have your own gf to kiss? Looser
istamitrasaathibhai on January 09, 2013
emran hasmi is the brand for murder
Pratan Bhatta on January 09, 2013
yashraj dogra on January 09, 2013
Will Be supper F loop Without Emran
Murtaza Indorewala on January 09, 2013
Randeep Hooda is a great actor.. But this role is not suiting him..
Akshay Kumar on January 09, 2013
But he knows how to act :D
Phanindra Ashwin on January 09, 2013
New look yeah.
Mrinmoy Dhara on January 09, 2013
I think he will be a surprise element in the movie..
alexandra12345ism on January 09, 2013
The song is quite nice.But Murder is Emraan as Raaz or Jannat.i would loved
if Emmi was here with Bipasha and Kangana maybe.the film for shure will be
a hit but Randeep is a great actor too.i saw Jism 2 and Jannat 2 and he was
great and is very cute this actor beside this hair style doesnt suim
him.Randeep looks good with this actress.she is really cute.better than the
other.i hope he will remain w her in the movie.
blackstreet shah on January 09, 2013
gOod song but definitely not good like muder 2 and murder 1 songs
Sharan India on January 09, 2013
misss imraaan bhai:(
Bs141090 on January 09, 2013
no emraan ????
Lucky Bawa on January 09, 2013
No Imran pic flop.
nishanasarn on January 09, 2013
Awesome song
Just loved it 3
Mariam Karim on January 09, 2013
Cute song I love Randeep Hooda movies
proudesi on January 10, 2013
no emraan = not watching in theater
mahi1one on January 10, 2013
emraan is best in romance.
KALP Trivedi on January 10, 2013
Emraan Bhai ke bina maza nai aaya
Zubair Raja on January 10, 2013
I love u Pritum
Abhishek Malakar on January 10, 2013
randeep hooda is better than emraan what a power in his voice. dekh lena
uske bina super hit hogi aur agli har emraan ki film me randeep kp liya
Moniuzzaman Monu on January 10, 2013
Randeep is a good actor.But No Emran hasmi.No...see murder3.Pritam da
rocks music.
Rajeev Kumar on January 10, 2013
Awsm song but imraan no doubt would look great in this song
Milind Shantaram on January 10, 2013
we want emraan hasmi back ..
Devarghya Majumder on January 10, 2013
All the Bst Murder 3.
Shaikh Shadab on January 10, 2013
without emmi murder 3 unsuccessful emmi is king...!!!!!
farheen2naz on January 10, 2013
Murder3 widout Imraan..:O
So it needs all the best wishes..;-)
Song is gud :-)
ojas shah on January 10, 2013
Bhatt camp's music r awsome...
Naveen Yadav on January 10, 2013
RANDEEP HOODA.. hit lyk if u love his bold voice n attitude !!
manoj Chaudhary on January 10, 2013
yo yoy oyoo randeep
Mishra Teku on January 11, 2013
Emraan Hota toh Aab Tak Murder Vhi Hoh Chuki Hoti,,,Waste of time
Shaibal Chakraborty on January 11, 2013
Awesome melody. Great song..
badboys14665 on January 11, 2013
randeep is gud .but emraan must be the hero in murder movies
dharmendra722 on January 11, 2013
Gonna miss jacqueline and emraan in this sequel :(
HLRKingScorp on January 11, 2013
The makers could atleast have made the actress not work as waitress.
Martina Garcia was also a waitress in Hidden Face.
HLRKingScorp on January 11, 2013
Amazing vocals by Shafqat.
HLRKingScorp on January 11, 2013
And Murder is a true franchise; even without Emraan. It still got hot
scenes, it's still a copied movie (from Unfaithful to The Chaser to The
Hidden Face), the lead hero always got weird haircuts, always got hot gals
and yeah, great music as usual...
Goutam Sahoo on January 11, 2013
flop pa stic.without emraan hashmi ..murder 3 flop
radhika4yourlove on January 11, 2013
Sahil arora's nakhre is btr...
jai jaiswal on January 11, 2013
so nice romantic proposal song.
Pawan Thapa on January 11, 2013
2013 ka No 1 Romantic song hei
Pawan Thapa on January 11, 2013
Hey Bhatt sir Emran Ko MURDER 3 Sai Kyu oUt kardiya. . . . . . . Avi toh es filme Ko FLOP honai sai koi v bacha nahi sakta
mani dhatt on January 12, 2013
talking to urself budd ??
Rumaisa Khan on January 12, 2013
Emmi nhi hai to muvie iz definately flop :(
Milan Aryal on January 12, 2013
Superb song but upset widout emeee murder iz lik tea widout sugar
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