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Comments on song "Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalaman Banegaa"
snfriendus on November 18, 2009
do u have link to these songs?
AbdulRahman Aftab on November 19, 2009
muslaman hi ache insan hain talban is goood talban is goood
Gagan Bedi on November 30, 2009
I think you guys listen to this song again the poet is itself saying
"Nafrat Jo Sikhaye Woh Dharam Tera Nahi Hai" and I don't think any religion
teaches hatred.
AbdulRahman Aftab on November 30, 2009
ager tum loog deen e islam ki book perhotum ko maloom ho hi jaye gai islam
duniya main wo muzhab hai ju sab se achi insaniyat sikhata hai doosara koi
bhi aise taleem nahin deta jitni achi taleem deen e islam deta hai TALBAN
is goood
smithlee07 on December 14, 2009
this song should be sung "tuh kuch bhi banega but musalmaan naa banega "
mazharynt on December 15, 2009
nice one!!...gr8 lyrics by Sahir sahab...
Pritpal Singh on December 16, 2009
beautiful transcends religion and boundaries..make us become
open minded...and teaches religion of can you fight in the
name of can you love god when you hate his creation which is kabir says ek noor te sab jag upaja kaun bhale ko
mande...who am i to judge others...i better look into my defects and work
on them instead of pointing fingers on others
kaushalsa1 on December 25, 2009
This song should be added in text books for all schools and boards. This
should be a prayer in the schools. We all need to understand that we are
human... Love human, love humanity.
1PPSKHAN on December 30, 2009
sorry dear friend
kevin wu on January 03, 2010
Wishing everyone a Happy, Prosperous and Safe New Year 2010. We all can
learn something from this great song.
imran19632 on January 12, 2010
These were the actual thoughts of Gandhi for India but, that were never
implimented by his succesors.
ramaraksha01 on January 14, 2010
I respect Gandhiji and his values and ideals, but in this one instance part
of me is glad that we parted. The values being sung has to be followed by
both religions - one is saying all good souls are welcomed by God, even
atheists, whereas the other is calling us Kafirs and infedels! One cannot
clap with just one hand.
sainpur on January 21, 2010
learn something 4m this song..teach the same thing to ur small brothers sisters and ur kids
kesava2006 on January 23, 2010
do not jump to comclusions unless you know something about the religion well. listening to taliban is not equal to knowing Islam well.
ramaraksha01 on February 09, 2010
Moksha, Enlightenment is earned, not given or begged for, unlike Heaven.
That's the difference between the two. Getting to heaven is not that
difficult, all a pedophile or a terrorist needs to do is to grovel & beg
like a dog. He gets to enjoy a flesh-happy heaven while his victims live
thru hell. Moksha is earned thru knowledge, and knowledge has to be earned,
not given. A Teacher who gives pass marks to a failed student is not doing
him a favor. Reach for the Higher goal, reach for Moksha.
Balwant Gurunay on April 08, 2010
A great way to live. All knowledge that divides people and sets one person
against another is not true knowledge. it may be any knowledge , any
religion, any ism. A song extremly rich in thought and depth. As good as a
complete religious book. Hats of to Sahir Ludhianvi for writing such great
lyrics. apna to isey sun kar sazda bhi ho gaya, ardas bhi ho gayi, pooja
bhi ho gayi aur namaz bhi ho gayi.
Balwant Gurunay on April 08, 2010
I agree with MCJustiz absolutely.
agdispatch123 on April 11, 2010
anupamdixit on April 16, 2010
@MCJustiz Very well said but with many vulger abusin words. please avoid if
anupamdixit on April 16, 2010
I was 6 yrs old when i saw this movie Dhool Ka Phool and i was moved by
this song. It is the single most influential song for me to become secular
in my thinking. thanks for the team who brought out this song. Now a days
when our children needs most this types of songs we are producing songs
with hatred and vulgarity.
sloppyviewer on April 16, 2010
@MCJustiz you trying to say a good thing, is it necessary to use curse words- people will get the wrong meaning
MrThreptin on May 09, 2010
@engghyd not convincing.I am sikh and we have mosques, churchs, temples in our holy cit of Amritsar, which BTW is not a country. Sorry doesnt fly...SA should allow all forms of worship especially given the fact that they sponsor islamic missionary activities all over the world. justification. Also, Tirupathi is a temple and not a country. The fault lies in religion running the political system.
amodmos108 on May 13, 2010
@MrThreptin Agree with u.!
TheCaramelflavour on May 22, 2010
I love this song.
Aditya Lad on May 28, 2010
kya baat hai, kya lyrics hain
siddhantm on June 28, 2010
quran na ho jisme wo mandir tera nahi,
geeta na ho jismai wo harum tera nahi

each line is so amazing and so thoughtful..thanks for posting and May God bless u
wazagra on July 04, 2010
beautiful and thought provoking even today!
tiktam51 on July 06, 2010
awesome great song !
nagdaking on July 10, 2010
aceji on September 09, 2010
@winstonus Lord Krishna was here 5000 years ago and Lord RAAM many
thousands of years before. Jainism and Budhhism started 2500 years ago. We
had astronomy and well calculated calendar even during RAAM AVTAR. Sanatan
Dharm is very old.
rkaushal31 on September 20, 2010
achcha hai abhi tak tera kuch naam nahi hai ,tujhko kisi majhab se koi kaam
nahi hai :) jis ilm ne insano ko taqseen kiya hai ,uss ilm ka tujh par koi
ilzaam nahi hai tu badle hue waqt ki pehchan banega , insan ki aulad hai
insan banega. kaash yeh sach hota
Azizsheru on September 25, 2010
as rkaushal says, kaash it were true

it just takes a bit of an effort to compromise and understand each others' religions, culture, way of life, etc but NOBODY these days wants to make an effort. Very sad indeed

Azizsheru on September 25, 2010
what is the name of this movie? anyone?

1PPSKHAN on September 27, 2010
@smmubashir what yaarrrr did i tell that?
MCJustiz on October 08, 2010
@abhi2fu are u agreeing or disagreeing?
Maqsood123ful on November 22, 2010
I want to regret all negative people thinking this is for you
Maqsood123ful on November 22, 2010
I want to regret all negative people thinking this song is for you
Maqsood123ful on November 22, 2010
This song composed, thougth, sung and heared by our incient people this
type of song will not come in futurere so please respect this song
manga2710 on December 01, 2010
wah sahir sahib, R.I.P
DieHardsBegins on January 08, 2011
make my eyes wet and make me feel funny too :'(
sopranist1 on January 23, 2011
an eternal and cosmopolitical message from Sahib Mohammed Rafi to all religions and political institutions of this world .
boulevardboy on July 02, 2011
vow..0 dislikes..(02-07-2011)..we all ppl are still thinkin.. thumbs up
if yes...
sunilbhattsuncity on July 19, 2011
I have posted lyrics of this song on my blog on Sahir, "". Any body interested my please visit. It can be searched through by typing lines of the song on SAERCH option at blog.
Sunil Bhatt on July 19, 2011
I have posted lyrics of this song on my blog on Sahir, "". Any body interested my please visit. It can be searched through by typing lines of the song on SAERCH option at blog.
polvda on December 29, 2011
"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful". Seneca the Younger
Paul van den Akker on December 29, 2011
"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful". Seneca the Younger
rja kvt on December 29, 2011
@TheShakeelJi no adam no eve,we r all humans dont even quote somethings
religiusly false examples
mramitsonawane on April 14, 2012
voice of god...mohd rafi sahab!!
jeevesprasad on May 29, 2012
a thinking which is well ahead of even humanity is reflected in thsi song. NO human has born with religion. A innocent child has the guts to laugh away on religion and i see many of you were directly or indirectly quoting religion still only masked under an ego. Grow up
Abdurrahman Muhammadzai on June 30, 2012
Christianity rests on the false belief that Christ have been crucified for
our sins so now how many sins we commit there is no one to answer. it has
created a theory that christians can kill the other people without any
justification like they are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of
the world.
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