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Comments on song "Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jana Sanam"
jax1492 on April 23, 2009
one of the best songs ever
Darrel Mascarenhas on April 23, 2009
YRF dont have this in HD???? lol
ewelina b on April 23, 2009
Yes , its one of the best !!
almightyvegeta87 on April 23, 2009
best ever for sure
stayyabali on April 24, 2009
one of the great movie!
lollipopgal736 on May 05, 2009
thats my favourite movie!!!!
robulDomnului on May 19, 2009
mibuufis on May 20, 2009
am from africa still i will not forget this movies of it did me to fall in luv with some in early 98
DivineDil on June 01, 2009
Just the best.
chezakhan on June 05, 2009
lov ths song
chezakhan on June 05, 2009
it brings bk old memories
star2909 on June 05, 2009
omg this song always took my heart away and especially shahrukh
BBaabbeeyy on June 06, 2009
I LOVE THIS SOOOOONG! espicially kajol & srk *-*
552rox on June 09, 2009
super B i surely sing this for my girlfriend.:-)
psychonline on June 13, 2009
one of my favourite song, my favourite couple, one of my favourite singer, one of my favourite movie
amazing video
and mind it srk was is and will be the king "of the world"
celebfanx on June 13, 2009
best couple...amazing song...gr8 movie...
wot more could u ask 4..?
luv woching the movie..neva get tired!
nitu1903 on June 13, 2009
It brings back so many memories of mine. lov is always true!
Lovegood44 on June 16, 2009
When I was younger, I thought Kajol and SRK were married in real life :P
gladiatore009 on June 16, 2009
hahaha me tooo crazy this indian they khnow how to make peupl dream
desigirl84 on June 17, 2009
kajol neeeded some tweezers for this song
punjabilife00 on June 18, 2009
one of my favorate song.
AStorm42 on June 19, 2009
Beautiful ! Wonderful ! Lovely !!
AStorm42 on June 19, 2009
:x Favorite :X
dcrothman on June 22, 2009
can anybody upload this movie??
korla996 on June 24, 2009
I don't know what they are talking about , but love the music ,
Can anybody tell me what the song about?
AFlintoff101 on June 25, 2009
LOL...Nice explanation Mia
lidya2lili on June 26, 2009
i watched dis movie wen i was a kid but i dnt remember wat it was bout gotta watch it again
VideoTutorialsFree on June 28, 2009
really nice movie!
strkerz on June 29, 2009
luv dis songg ...SK =)
Rock! Bottom! on July 03, 2009
yeah you should.
thweeti on July 04, 2009
I love this song.. haha but when i was very little and when i saw this song first i thought the cow was singing "tujhe dhekha to yeh" haha! how dumb!
hadia24742 on July 04, 2009
hahahaahahahahahaah soo funny yeh kaisey soch liya yaar?!!!
Deepie Grewal on July 08, 2009
slavesRus01 on July 21, 2009
Kajooooooooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FlameSlippers on July 22, 2009
AMAZING SONG, but that cow doesn't look too indian. hehe. they're usually
on roads, not fields. and just one color most of the time. anyway looove
the song.
adityaworld on August 01, 2009
best movie ever <3
Aparna Kumar on August 05, 2009
this song just represents 90's bollywood in its entirety. kajol and
shahrukh look so young! i wasnt a huge fan of the film but for its time it
was pretty influential. i didnt think yash raj films released DDLJ in HD?
how were you able to upload it in high def?
Hackiesacker007 on August 08, 2009
I've been looking for this song for about 5, maybe 6 years. Thanks
Alexandra Arya on August 13, 2009
I love this movie- I love this song- I love Shahrukh!!!! It `s the first
Bollywood Song I have heard three years ago!!!
musicluva76 on August 20, 2009
This is the BEST indian movie ever! I ♥ Shahrukh!!!!!!!!!!
thestrangeruknew on August 26, 2009
Dear Yrf, If you don't have the guts/intentions to put up the complete
videos, please, avoid it altogether next time. Those who like the songs and
videos that you have copyright off, already have 'em with them, or they can
get them from other sources. So a humble request, please, next time, don't
bother. Sincerely, Amanpreet Rai
mahzabinshahrukh on September 10, 2009
lost count how many tyms i watchd dis film. besides dis is d film dat made
me fall in love wid shah rukh <3. trully d best film in indian film
history. can't stop loving raj malhotra (a.k.a SRK)!!
ilovegreen1004 on September 13, 2009
I have a humble request too, take that stick out off your ass. its youtube
thestrangeruknew on September 13, 2009
Thanks for your humble request in still more humble words. I am sure your
school, teachers and your parents are proud of your up-bringing. By the
way, now that I have take it out, would you like to put it in. Take care
kid, Amanpreet Singh Rai
minirahim2009 on September 14, 2009
Sharuq with Kajol is No.1 Jody
This is SUPER FILM India movei ever !!!
Abdul Raheem.Ramankuth. Nilambur
AJBluesman on September 16, 2009
Magical Movie that stands the test of time ! I am hardly into movies, but
this one is an exception...I never grow tired of watching it over and over
again ! Perfect 10 !! Pls post the full song in High Quality.
periqa on September 20, 2009
I'm convinced that this is the best movie ever. It has everything and appeals to everyone.
celgardnate on September 25, 2009
I love indian movies, people that don't like indian movies shouldn't watch. Indian movies are the best romantic movies in compare of any other country
Nnuurr on September 25, 2009
why r u watching it if you think like this about these movies?
ArCaNaFoRzE on September 28, 2009
Greatest movie ever, no questions asked. No once can do it like SRK
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