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Comments on song "Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi"
shahnandish13 on July 07, 2012
Seriously...expression from newcomer is really awesome ..& Such
meaningful dance also!!!!!!
lhxperimental on July 07, 2012
"Twameva Bandhu, Sakha Twameva" - copied from Ganesh Aarti!!
rimnaz1614 on July 07, 2012
If I'm not mistaken, and I am Bengali by the way, Bhandu in Bangla
translates to "friend". And "tumi" (not exactly tumHi) is you.
bobbyfaith on July 08, 2012
It means you're my friend...
Jehaan Kantaria on July 08, 2012
love the song
Sandip Kumar on July 08, 2012
always AMaZinG DIPIKA..!!!!
anirudh27k on July 08, 2012
That's Lame!!!!!!Can't match Paani Da rang!!
saunak1231 on July 08, 2012
watch this video watch?v=bSzwPuUwL8c&
Prasadi Pathirana on July 09, 2012
like like super like
Fatma AbdEl-Nasser on July 09, 2012
watched this like million time
Simrat Bhandari on July 10, 2012
lol that's true.:D
Haroon Rasheed on July 10, 2012
good and energetic song hai and music too
Deepak NT on July 10, 2012
Watching the song because of Diana...
Sarang Talpur on July 10, 2012
I'll watch this movie only because of DIANA :)
noxiousnirvana on July 10, 2012
a bow for his hair
ThatsRight on July 11, 2012
Why every dasuuu song is short and most of the boring songs is 5 minute
alienkishorekumar on July 11, 2012
Diana Penty..she is so pretty ,...why did she come so late?? Anyways..we
are all happy :)
rahul tiwari on July 11, 2012
nice song after a long time that a girl can sing for herself !!!
pritam pednekar on July 11, 2012
ohh...of course, i will...
G.N.Pradeep kumar Sunkara on July 11, 2012
Its a copy of a prayer from Gita.
G.N.Pradeep kumar Sunkara on July 11, 2012
ThatsRight on July 11, 2012
omer jamil on July 11, 2012
Love You Meera <3
Emon Das on July 11, 2012
i didnt say the director is imtiaz ali the story is by Imtiaz Ali, if u
dont know just go to wikipedia hope ur not un-educated
praveen spiky on July 12, 2012
hey guys what u think abt diana a passing cloud or going to rain in
mushtaq ahamd on July 12, 2012
wow amazing song and video is hot
anand chandanshive on July 12, 2012
nice song...
cherrish sharma on July 12, 2012
Diana's some expressions r really like...Deepika's one..! Like at 0:46 &
1:43 ...!
Naomi Menezes on July 12, 2012
0:40 Diana SOOOOOOOOPER Cute <3
apdte on July 12, 2012
from whr this song is copied??
Randeep Hooda on July 12, 2012
can't wait.
srkdeepika fan on July 13, 2012
Deepika i luv u
KissOfLove on July 13, 2012
My favorite hindi song <3 otherwise i only listen to english songs xD
din chy on July 13, 2012
cant wait...
Randeep Hooda on July 13, 2012
omg veryygood movie, must see.
Randeep Hooda on July 13, 2012
super hitttt.
arpitchaurasia01 on July 13, 2012
diana roXx. tumhi ho bandhu :PpP
Aqsa Malik on July 13, 2012
Jab yaar kare parwaah meri Mujhe kya parwaah iss duniya ki Jug mujhpe
lagaye pabandi Main hoon hi nahi iss duniya ki RockZZZzzz...
Aqsa Malik on July 13, 2012
Everytime every minute of the day Tumhi ho bandhu Sakha tumhi Tumhi din
chadhey Tumhi din dhaley Tumhi ho bandhu Sakha tumhi
Sam N on July 13, 2012
i love dianas panty.
ransher on July 13, 2012
just saw the movie ...diana s cool...
beingraza on July 13, 2012
love it when will this movie come up? just watched the trailer and dying to
see the movie
kenneth john on July 13, 2012
love it...:)♥♥♥
sushilnp1 on July 13, 2012
1:31. Saif expression is priceless..
ransher on July 13, 2012
kinkaku9 on July 13, 2012
diana panty is so hot I want to smell her and run away
Dedominee Hans on July 13, 2012
no doubt modern Indian filmakers proved it again they cannot hold good
theme in their movie..loved the era of classic bollywood producers with
excellent display of love , crime, etc themes.seems to me this movie
wants to portray cool dudes who want to drink to death...
Dedominee Hans on July 13, 2012
u r so dumb struck...ur comment to my wall post proves it all.
Randeep Hooda on July 14, 2012
movie was awesome
Randeep Hooda on July 14, 2012
u wanna fall in love again, after watching this film.
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