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Comments on song "Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi"
Sady shr on July 14, 2012
I specially logged in to comment here... Seriously.. if anyone is looking
for a nice movie and a true opinion about this movie then I wud say...This
isnt the one.. Extremely slow and the "typical" movie...u can almost
predict everything that happens next in the movie... Plus saif is too old
for this role and the girls are taller than him... Sheer disappointment I
would say !!!! No Offence..!!
Sady shr on July 14, 2012
Thats ur point of view.. As for me..If i were watching it at home...there
are so many scenes i would fast forward..theey were just so darn slow and
boring !!
Dedominee Hans on July 14, 2012
hahahah..true...high five
Sita Raman on July 14, 2012
its funny that in garneir ad i saw diana having big hair and in this movie
small lolzz...
Shayak Debbarma on July 14, 2012
its not panty bro. =_=.its penty :P
untouched loos on July 14, 2012
this movie whas rocking man saif you are good
JUNAID SHEIKH on July 14, 2012
awesome movie, everybody should watch this movie...especially young guys
Hamayoun Mohd on July 14, 2012
WoW i luv u deepz n diana u both r soo cute <3 <3
Simran Kaur on July 14, 2012
ya he is right the movie was really fantastic.
kinkaku9 on July 14, 2012
yes but panty is so much better and it allowed me to have this small but
awesome conversation with you :)
Shayak Debbarma on July 14, 2012
bandhu n sakha both mean friend
Shayak Debbarma on July 14, 2012
diana n saif...happy endin
chemicalclack on July 14, 2012
diana is so gorgeous <3 O.o
nima gyalzen sherpa on July 14, 2012
I really love this song..Diana is really lovely,pretty and beautiful
girl!!!!!!!!!!Saif n Deepika looks great as they were...n i
really love Diana!!!!!!!!!!!
nima gyalzen sherpa on July 14, 2012
Diana is pretty,beautiful and really lovely girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!Saif and
Deepika looks great as they were.
Shuiab Sadiq on July 14, 2012
Seconded to you din like the movie so much but music was good
Ramakanta Behera on July 15, 2012
Deepika really
koool2 on July 15, 2012
WOWOWOW !!!! I saw the film yesterday ... and i must tell the whole world
... THE MOVIE IS AWESOME AND SO INTERESTING !!!! God i am seriously in love
with the movie .Awesome , Awesome , Awesome . what a Brilliant
performance by Deepika and Saif .Hats off to both of them . very
different and brave film to have come out from Bollywoood ..very different
Story .. Fantabulous Songs ever ever ever ... especially Tumhi ho Bandhu
..Loved watching it on Big Screem .and Deepika i am ur fan now
koool2 on July 15, 2012
I wish such Films are made more frequently .. such a Feel Good film i have
seen off late . and what a Beautiful Songs ... Tum ho Bandhu ...
wow wow wow . this song makes me wanna go Dancing Crazily .. I LOVE U
SAIF ALI KHAN AND DEEPIKA PADUKONE . great Acting Guys !!!!!! I aM
DEFINATLEY GONNA WATCH IT ONCE MORE ... !! And Deepika I loved your Club
Dances in the Film .. you truly deserved this Role ... WOW WOW .I was
never a Deepika fan before but now she really Impressed me
koool2 on July 15, 2012
SAIF ALI KHAN . your dance on Sheila ki Jaawani .. was Awesome and
The best part of the Movie . i was litereally Killing myself Laughing
watching saif doing a parody of Sheila ki Jawani ... WOW !!!!!
desiheartbreaker on July 15, 2012
lmao.. dude you replied to my comment like 3 times. chill out man.. whats
up with all this hostility!? As for your relief, yes you didnt say that
it's directed by Imtiaz, I assumed that you did. But anyhow, the movie is
out, so dont forget to watch it! Peace out
desiheartbreaker on July 15, 2012
some ppl need to really need to get laid! or wait, maybe they can just let
it all out on comments section on youtube :!
TheNeesha2000 on July 15, 2012
1:05 to 1:08 jokes
RAJ KUMAR Pragallapati on July 15, 2012
superb song..
oshsam on July 15, 2012
Wonder why people r calling Diana ugly... She's a pretty girl. Ria Sen also
is very pretty. And coz she resembles her, makes her ugly just dosn't seem
to make any sense... Does need to get a good acting coach soon though n she
will surely go places. This was only her first movie. She has been a
much-sought n successful model n maybe she will strike gold in Bollywood.
Haters will always remain negative coz eating ur own bitter hateful words
is very painful indeed... Luck to her. :)
Fahim C on July 15, 2012
Thats a really ignorant statement. A film is just a film and not everyone
will like it so get over it..
Besh wz on July 15, 2012
i liked the movie
Emon Das on July 15, 2012
iight bro peace out
Ruqaiya Kurawad on July 15, 2012
i love diana's hair in this song
oshsam on July 15, 2012
did u get paid to trash Diana? seems like u did kinkaku9.
angel19958466 on July 15, 2012
Diana iz da best :) lovely song
fareeha sultana on July 16, 2012
Sweet song:)
bazmetalib on July 16, 2012
Diana is pretty but typical, generic. I think Deepika is more
unique-looking and prettier...
pratima kunwar on July 16, 2012
diana is preety but she has common face,,,,deepeka has unique one which
makes her more preety even she is black
Hemanth Kumar on July 16, 2012
ZaRa Mehwish on July 16, 2012
Diana penty is plentyfully beautifull 333
AkashDwivedi1811 on July 16, 2012
Kinkaku ..put on your glasses, she isnt the same girl from that garnier ad.
Also, that garnier girl was cute, I use to wait for that ad to show up.
Diana is gorgeous though I already feel sorry for your gf (if you will ever
have one..dork)
AkashDwivedi1811 on July 16, 2012
whats with you..why are you after her.. you must be god-made i
flaws eh ? get a life.!
Shubham Vaid on July 17, 2012
i think you didnt understand my comment. i am know bollywood belongs to
India and our culture is best in the world but what point is that i dont
think our culture is being reflected by these types of videos... can i
watch this with my mom and dad no!
Mh Asim on July 17, 2012
To my all songs lover friends
Chirag Sharma on July 17, 2012
This is a very strange video. Coz the top comments keep changing everyday :)
videogirish on July 17, 2012
At least hand her a decent tripod!
Yaseen Mohsin on July 17, 2012
Jijo George on July 17, 2012
Pritam sir rocks and neeraj shridhar.
daisy bdaisy on July 17, 2012
ewww hate deepzz! kat much better ;)
kinkaku9 on July 17, 2012
1. It was a metaphor. I didn't know you would need everything spelled out
for you. But then again, you're defending a lost cause, I should have
known. And her eyes look like she has astigmatism. Or atleast presbyopia.
2. You'd like that, wouldn't you ? Just because you and your goddess here
can't ever look good without makeup, doesn't mean the rest of us have
makeup on all the time. Yes, and that's why in her 'FREE' time, she looks
even more hideous than she looks on screen.
imeaniguessobvious on July 17, 2012
does anyone else think this music sounds familiar?
Jolly B on July 17, 2012
This song is super awesome! Totally love it :D WOOOO! Diana is proper
beautiful! Awww!
Alef Rayhan on July 17, 2012
bandhu means binding, its mostly used in the terms for friends. it also
could b said related, but mostly used in common terms for friends.
Alef Rayhan on July 17, 2012
if you translate the specific line, its more likely to mean, 'you are my
friend, mate you are'
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