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Comments on song "Ye Shaam Mastaani, Madhosh Kiye Jae"
tapobrataha on March 29, 2008
straight out of the Hall of Fame. Reminds me how much poorer we are at his
Ghalib Mangat on April 01, 2008
great song, great lyrics and excellent guitars,one of my most fav on
acoustic guitar.
JRam365 on April 12, 2008
...only the great Rajesh Khanna!!! Do check out the movie 'Aradhana',
co-starring Sharmilla Tagore. Unforgettable!!!
Abbas Khan on April 12, 2008
chooootki maro
addsmiles on April 25, 2008
one of the best songs ever..
Nirmalya Adhikari on May 01, 2008
this song is one of the greatest song sung by kishor da. this song has a
its own elegance & every time you hear, it will feel great.
polunam on May 02, 2008
the zha sound is the speciality of his voice.who says he has died . he lives in his songs
foreverprimate on May 02, 2008
why is the actress wearing a white dress?
portuguesefervour on May 11, 2008
Very nostalgic indeed..
northside2k7 on May 21, 2008
great scenery like usual in the these ol classics
deep388 on June 03, 2008
@ Foreverprimate: She (Asha Parekh) the actress is in white because she plays the role of a widowed woman in the film after metting up with an old friend on a train and assuming her identity after the train crash at the behurst of her dying friend...

@ Pakirican - the song is from the year 1970 (Film Kati Patang)
tapobrataha on June 03, 2008
Just as a straight line is the shortest distance between two points,
Kishore Kumar's rendition touches the heart directly. He sang without
frills and fussing. The honesty and sincerity in his style is striking. His
treatment of songs was very contemporary. And what an amazing voice ..
shahso on June 04, 2008
because she is playing the role of widow,
vikky867 on June 29, 2008
lyrics are like this : Yeh shaam => This evening ; mastani ==> so plesant;
madhosh kiye jai => why not make love ; Muje door koi kiche ..teri aur eiye
jai => If someone pulls me away..yet i get drawn back to you .. --Vikas
vikky867 on June 29, 2008
chk my reply..
rthomasg on July 05, 2008
The genius of R.D Burman unleashed in this movie - somehow I try not to watch movies with great music like this one, lest it spoils my appetite for the song.
alemoh on August 04, 2008
Asha Parekh was by far the most versatile actress of her time.
th3dilwalebollyw0od on August 14, 2008
boygremista on August 14, 2008
é brasileira/?!
sunjay sand on August 15, 2008
this was the begining of the rajesh khanna -kishore kumar - rd era
Anjali Adhikari on August 23, 2008
He was My hero!!!my favorite song!!!
mrsshehzad on August 24, 2008
ye sham mastani madhosh kiyay jay
this pleasent evening makes me lose control of self
mujhay dor koi khenchay teri oor liyay jay
a string pulls me and drags me whereever you are

door rehti hai tu, mere pas ati nahi
you always keep a distance, why dont you come to me
honton pay tere kabhi pyas ati nahi
do your lips never feel the thirst for love
aisa lagay jaisay tu hans k zehr koi piyay jay
it seems that u are drinking a poison yet smiling
mrsshehzad on August 24, 2008
baat jab mei keroon, mujhay rok deti hai kyun
whenever i try to say something , sumthing stops me
teri meethi nazar, mujhay tok deti hai kyun
your sweet sight, just keeps me away from you
teri haya, teri sharam, teri kasam mere hont siyay jay
your shyness, sews my lips and keep me from expressing my self
mrsshehzad on August 24, 2008
aik rothi hoi taqdeer jaisay koi
just like a turned away fateline you seem
khamosh aisay hai tu tasveer jaisay koi
silent like a photograph u are,
teri nazar bank zaban , laikin tere paigham diyay jay
but your eyes, convey the message , right from your heart to mine.
alemoh on September 03, 2008
I totally love Asha Parekh. She was to me a legend. As her acting was amazing and she is a versatile actress. Love her dancing to all types of music. She really lent herself well to traditional roles as well as contemporary stylish characters. All was believable.
tapobrataha on September 17, 2008
What a voice - raw, deep, rich!!!
coolnmisty on September 24, 2008
I love Asha Parekh too. She had the most hits in her time:)
IZSMO67 on September 25, 2008
Great song. Thank you. Memories come flooding back with this song of my
childhood and when I saw this film.
desitechie123 on September 27, 2008
what's with semi-transparent white saree worn by asha parekh! thats pretty
bold na?
ksumar on October 16, 2008
This film is one I saw in Dar-es-Salaam in Drive In. Wow cant believe I can re-live this moment on YouTube. God bless the efforts of those who are inspired by putting such great music on screen
sonic7pires on October 17, 2008
its white..most often-than not they tend to be translucent.
Joseph Puthumana on October 21, 2008
Great song, old songs are the best.
shahso on November 10, 2008
no answer to k. kumar's song...
AksheeShadow on November 11, 2008
I am amazed u think it is bold. Well it is a white saree which in earlier
days widows used to wear as they used to discard colorful clothes. And she
plays a widow in this movie and i do not think it is transparent.
Javed Shah Afridi on November 18, 2008
One of my fav thanks for upload.Kishore da is one of the bollywood music
industry best singer.
Mounika Reddy on November 26, 2008
this is of the best songs of kishore i ever heard...
sachin3557 on December 07, 2008
one of the bollywood romantic songs ever had
what a song what a voice
old is gold
desigurl1008 on December 14, 2008
whoa rajesh khanna is hotter than any of the guys in movies today..
rexprress on December 14, 2008
yes desi girl,he was really hot ,
coralmac on December 19, 2008
This is my favourite tune and song.
Cyrus Syed on December 24, 2008
Kati Patang
coolfrenzy on December 27, 2008
Love this song!!
grygss on December 27, 2008
In seventies, when R.D.Burman was producing so many great songs, same time
he was being critisized too. He was never considered a great music
director. Now after his death , industry is giving away many awards in his
name. what a pity?
pailek on January 07, 2009
nice hindi song..i like it..
blowfish on January 08, 2009
rahulthebrat on February 06, 2009
baby i love yu soo much my princess...
musicaee on February 06, 2009
baby will u sing it to me its nice u know or u whistle it ok i love it
Tarun Patel on March 09, 2009
once again a gold en song
boo bii on March 10, 2009
so soothing, very nice, amazing
alrakhie on March 13, 2009
could someone tell what this song is all about...pls.
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