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Comments on song "Ye Jeevan Hai Is Jiwan Ka, Yahi Hai Rang Rup"
Jabina C on February 28, 2008
this movie is very cute
Jabina C on February 28, 2008
why what? as in you dont agree or that you dont know why i think so?
prbhaskar on March 06, 2008
Such a melodious rendering of the essence of life...brings back so many
memories! An evergreener!
deep388 on March 06, 2008
such beautiful songs on youtube from the evergreen era of Bollywood.I know lots(including the older generation say this) but these songs are what really stick with you forever.can we say that about the songs and music styles of today??? no sir ree.
anupam goel on March 13, 2008
Piya ka ghar.
koolbuddies1107 on April 29, 2008
Mast Song:))
Song is from movie piya ka ghar sung by Kishorekumar:)
tomsharma on May 09, 2008
What a song!Extraordinary!
pjkj112 on June 08, 2008
This movie and this song has portrayed so much reality of life of people who live under such circumstances and in such areas. I have seen this in real life and it is just amazing how close this movie and this song is to that. But I just love it. Songs today cannot be compared to any of the old and gold Bollywood era songs/
charithkar on June 15, 2008
Can someone post the meaning of this song.
celticvibes2007 on June 28, 2008
This is life, this is life
This is the beauty of life

Few heartaches, few happy moments
This shade and sun is what life is all about

Dont think whether there is anything to win or lose in life. Just accept it as the norm of life

Let go this tantrum, dont break the thread that ties you to life. Every moment in life is a reflection of your emotions
celticvibes2007 on June 28, 2008
Neither money nor material will tie to you the real essence of life. Every breath and its importance is tied to the love of your life

The world may move on but the love of your life will never go away. This is what life is all about.
charithkar on July 02, 2008
Thanks very much
nimisha20 on July 11, 2008
nice song... Thanks for posting .. which movie is this ?
nimisha20 on July 11, 2008
nicely explained :)
vinnimishra on July 22, 2008
This is a song from Piya Ka Ghar which can be watched at Rajshridotcom
website and searching by title.
ananya7ananya on October 06, 2008
peddammayi on October 07, 2008
Such beautiful songs, this movie is beautiful.
Anil Dhawan and Jaya look so good, a typical indian couple. The lack of privacy in a crowded acoomodation was very sensitively dealt with in this movie. Nostalgic
The mexicans can tell similar tales except they are treated like cattle.
neeraj balli on October 27, 2008
simple song yet beautiful.
prs2106 on November 09, 2008
Great music, nice cast and touches heart since the lyrics are very close to
bijayabrahma on December 03, 2008
The message of this song is very simple & clear- Accept life with open
arms, life will kiss you...
Debottam Roy on December 10, 2008
The voice of God
Mr K on December 16, 2008
well said, except for the last part... Accept life with open arms.. and
life will kick u!!
mandalsabansie on December 21, 2008
How true, fabulous song, thanks for uploading.
shahpg15 on December 21, 2008
my fav. songs thanks
Mr K on December 26, 2008
A song for every common man in Indian trying to make it out in this big bad
world... a common mans song, very realistic.
abbanerjee2007 on December 28, 2008
music by salil choudhary fantastic
ceylonlion on December 29, 2008
what is the name of this movie
pav2007 on January 01, 2009
Movie is Piya Ka Ghar
NCupofjo on January 03, 2009
very simple and beautiful thanks for sharing
bearhuglov on January 04, 2009
By the way, music is by Laxmikant Pyarelal.
akrmjs on January 26, 2009
yeh jeevan hai!!!!
yes, this is real life.
so sweeeeet :)
dawoodabrahama on January 31, 2009
@ akrmjs u stole my!!! never mind. u r true
shrutishandilya17 on February 05, 2009
my all time fav song, wheneever i feel low i listen to it. its simply amazing!! kishore kumar -kudos
dtmitta on March 07, 2009
the great movie .with such a meaningful song
mizby2523 on March 16, 2009
yep.this is the reality of life...agree with the songs lyrics
sambhav331128 on March 21, 2009
What a great song with wonderful lyrics. The lyrics are so natural to our lifes. These songs picture the reality of our life unlike the current bollywood movies. These songs are backbone of our culture. Our parents grew up by listening to these songs how fortunate they are..Thank from my heart for posting this song.
Manish Sharma on March 31, 2009
lyrics meaning- This is life and this is how is life's way a bit of sadness
a bit of happiness a bit of shadow a bit of noon don't think if you are
losing or winning in life just accept what life offers you leave this
stubbornness don't break this moment for every moment is as delicate as a
mirror its not with money or luxuries but a lovers each breath is linked
with his sweetheart's love
mirtariq11 on April 01, 2009
got it man u r great but in the end one should admit this is the part of
life ups and down this is what all about
mirtariq11 on April 01, 2009
you can not get every thing in the life
akarshik on April 03, 2009
Finest song sung by Late legend " Kishore Kumar ". God bless him in Heaven.
it reminds to spend every moment of life by offering peace and harmony to
everyone one is in contact.
sha83in on April 14, 2009
Lovely song yaar! Really I like it thanks to Laxmikant Pyarelal (Composer)!
indravadan damor on April 21, 2009
close to my heart.thnx
queennikki01 on April 27, 2009
They Both look so cute and so innocent. Love the old good days. thanks for sharing.
131089DVEEJ on May 14, 2009
yes we all know that you belong to monkey family
Mathew Morais on May 21, 2009
always been a memorable song till today..been a long while trying to find
this one and the movie title, thanks to youtube i can just do that.
Soothing and mesmirizing melodies of yesteryears..the music is so
beautifully gorgeous!!
rickbindra on June 05, 2009
The ultimate song! simple poetry but very striking! just touch your heart!
ramaraksha01 on June 07, 2009
Whenever I see actresses like Jaya Bhaduri, to me its a testament to our
movie industry rewarding actors rather than pretty faces. Waheeda Rehman,
Nargis, Amitach Bachann, Sanjeev Kumar - none of them great lookers but
great actors. If you have pretty looks head to Hollywood, but if you have
acting chops come to the Filmistan (my name for the Hindi movie Industry -
I refuse to use the B word - We are not second-class people)
graceisin on June 24, 2009
Jaya is looking so pretty and innocent in dis song.reminds me of my mom:-) recalled my mom's pics (in her college days)... dey looked so gracious and elegant in saris.
aquamon on July 03, 2009
Sean Penn, Al Pacino, Nicholas Cage are not great lookers also, I would say
Bollywood panders more to the good looks stars craving of its audience
nowadays contrast it to the art films of 30 years ago with
Naseerudin,farook shaikh Deepti naval, smita and so on.
gisellejensen on July 05, 2009
Second class? With all due respect, this is the first time I've encountered the words "second" & "we" [Indians] in the same sentence. I am not Indian myself (I'm actually Middle-Eastern), but the culture & substance that Indian films -- &, to be frank, India as a whole -- has always provided with the best of the best in life possible, whether it is via education, innovation, culture, values, art, et al. My utmost respect to anyone who is Indian!!! I hold nothing but positivity for "the desh."
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