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Comments on song "Ye Zindagi Usi Ki Hai, Jo Kisi Ka Ho Gaya, Pyar Hi Me Kho Gaya"
lordforkland on March 06, 2007
Thanks for comments, i have more collection. I will post later
desinyc2007 on May 05, 2007
Very of my favorites!
desinyc2007 on June 14, 2007
C Ramachandra's composition, or is it Hemant Kumar?
akarshik on March 26, 2008
another fantastic song sung by : lata jee and superb music by " late naushad sahib " I like to listen this song for ever. Long live late jee.
lakhaniaziz on April 07, 2008
One of the best song ever recorded with mind blowing music..Thanks for uploadind this..
akarshik on April 27, 2008
is ganain ko sun kar Naushad Sahib ki bahut yaad aatee hai kiyon ki aisa khoobsoorat seerat wala insan aur music director kabhee bhee paida naheen hoga.anarkalee key ganon main kia mithas inhon nain paida kee hai jo aanain walee sadion main kabhee naheen miley gee.
dhoopchhaon on May 25, 2008
The music director is C. Ramchandra and not Naushad.
daaz102 on May 31, 2008
Thnx 4 upload
geattt song
procrastinator11 on June 17, 2008
What a sweet voice! Thanks for the upload!
tetragon123 on August 07, 2008
very pleasing song. its a tune for our ears. wish can see the movie as well.
ragrao6707 on August 11, 2008
Lata 's voice was so nice and the song is nostalgic...thanks for uploading.Raghu
anusha30 on August 12, 2008
I think it is C Ramchandra ji's composition...Naushad sahib did wonders in Mughal-e-Azam and not Anarkali..

Please correct me if I am wrong..

This song touches chords deep down...So soulful..and so soothing voice...Makes me love life..
anusha30 on August 12, 2008
no it is not good...It is fantastic..!!
sonny19xx on September 19, 2008
An immortal classic by CR. Lata rendered this one so well and this song cemented her hold on Hindi film music . Thanks lordforkland
ravindragokhale on November 06, 2008
You having a larf arent you. This video clip does not match this penultimate Lata song. Please dont doctor these classics.
IndianMediaZoom on November 07, 2008
You are right. MD was C Ramachandra.
jaikram on November 14, 2008
Hello what is wrong? Are u drunk or what?
mujahedkhan754 on November 15, 2008
i love dis song it was very beautful song thanks for uploading
mujahedkhan754 on November 15, 2008
yeah some body say whos dat girl
aramuskguy on November 17, 2008
Great song by Noor Jehan? Isn't "the voice" of the singer obvious ? :-) It is the Nightingale of India at her best my friend.
akarshik on November 17, 2008
my friend this is not Noor jehan but " Malodious queen Lata Mangeshkar. However Noor Jehan was also very much fantastic singer.
coorg123456789 on November 26, 2008
Soo touching and meaningfull! Why did tat era got over? why are we modrenising our songs nowadays with western style??? how nice those old songs were!
ananthu1996 on January 13, 2009
That is Bina Rai,she acted in Taj Mahal with Pradip Kumar and music composed by the great Roshan Lal Nagrath . Anarkali's music was by another great composer C.Ramachandra. Premnath the brother-in-law of Raj Kapoor married Bina Rai.Their marriage was the greatest Bollywood marriage ever,much greater than Aiswarya Rai Abhishek marrage. Two special trains were run from Madras and Calcutta for that event. Premnath used to play hero those times.
voh62901 on January 17, 2009
i agree.ammazing and beautiful song.wish songs these days would be like this one...meaningful same time very simple...
ERUMBAIG on January 22, 2009
biyer08 on January 29, 2009
Bina Rai was very beautiful and a great actress.Her acting career was cut short by her marriage. She made her debut in Kishore Sahu's "Kali Ghata" who intrduced her to films,another new comer in that film was " Aasha Mathur" another stunning beauty! Aurat is another of Bina Rai's memorable film.
minmoh on January 31, 2009
lyric is by rajinder krishan
sjalcapricorn on February 05, 2009
0.08-0.13 - heavenly sound of the sitar! Never feel bored listening to this wonderful song...
deepikaV1 on March 03, 2009
love this song its sung my lata mangeshkar.
This is original story of anarkali.
This is real story.
Bena Rai is amazing actress.
Mugal e azam of Madhubal's is like mixture.
its like India Masala.

Ppl make fun of Anarkali but its a really serious story happened in history.

Mahathma Gandhi is gr8 caz he told abt non-voilence
mdsundriyal on March 08, 2009
Let me add a few lines.
C. Ramachandra, composer of this song, was earlier Naushad Saheb's arranger/assistant. At that time he was known as Chitalkar which name he used whenever he sung in films.
mdsundriyal on March 08, 2009
About this song. Pt Jasraj once told in an interview that once when he was visiting Bade Gulam Ali Khan Saheb, Khan Saheb was listening to this song, his sur mandal on his chest and eyes closed. Pandit ji did not disturb him till the song was complete.
totalnaturelover on April 08, 2009
wow! such a great feel to the song. beautiful stuff...the video too.
umydreamgirl on April 16, 2009
look at her eyes ! its like full of love
zubairsamia on April 17, 2009
Best Clasical song ever. This one song is enough to potray The Great Lata Mungeshkar. Amazing voice!
zubairsamia on April 24, 2009
Amitav Bachan once said that India can be proud of two things- One is Taj Mahal and another is Lata Mungeshkar. This song justifies his statement.
satyapriyadas on April 29, 2009
"Dhadak raha hai dil to kya, dil ki dhadkane na gin, phir kahan yeh fursatein phir kahan yeh raat din..."

One of my fav songs...
sanjaydole999 on May 03, 2009
This song is the favorite song of Lata ji . When she turned 50 a pole was conducted to decide her best . As per Lata ji this is her most favorite . this song has music by C Ramchandra , ( R Chitalkar) the pole was conducted by loksatta . chandrika keniya was education minister under Shankarrao Chavan Father of present chief min Ashokrao Chavan . Mangesh Mhaskar a boy from Mumbai slam stood first in Matric exam that year , may be 1983 or 1982.
ajitlp01 on May 25, 2009
Make it threee...AR RAHMAN ;) well deserves a spot
onan2505 on June 03, 2009
don'y forget the inimitable Madubala too!!
metipsm on June 14, 2009
She is not Madhubal. She is Beena roy.
sanjaydole999 on June 17, 2009
yes I meant POLL . sorry for speling mistake . I am marathi you know !
rakeshabha on June 23, 2009
This is not Madhu Bala. It is Bina Rai
jonnyp on July 12, 2009
1. I really LOVE to listen to this beautiful song again & again, as I am doing so, right NOW !
2. Everybody who was connected with this song one way or the other, whether he/she was the composer, a writer or the singer, really did a superb & a commendable job. 3. All of them will be long remembered, till each of them are still living or till any of us, who LOVED IT in the past or who still LOVE to listen to it, are STILL ALIVE. 4. A great haunting music; that's all I can say at this moment.
vicshuklanyc on September 04, 2009
All five senses are crying with joy for etenal love.
rohanthakur9814 on September 17, 2009
well all pikistani should listen this song who say noor jahan is better then lata ji.!!
niladri1982 on September 18, 2009
Timeless classic. Eternal beauty.
zubairsamia on September 29, 2009
ageless Lata-Timeless song.
harisisunique on October 15, 2009
i cant say that i agree with acernet122 .. but i will say that this is a BEAUTIFUL song..
sujoysagnik on October 20, 2009
if i were keats, i would dedicate this song to Fanny my Fanny listening?...
alim12345678 on October 26, 2009
me indian.but i dont think it right.lata said her self my teacher is noor.listen jugnoo songs and many more
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