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Comments on song "Zindaabaad Zindaabaad Ae Muhabbat Zindaabaad"
TheMansoorMJ on September 11, 2010
lov dis song
soumya saxena on February 12, 2011
so powerful
786maq on June 25, 2011
Wah Rafi saab wab.
Vasant Pusalkar on June 30, 2011
Rafi was great yaar ! thanks for uploading this song. The old man is Kumar.
He was hero of Mehboob;s directed film- Al Hilal in 1935 and Mehboob;s
first produced film - Najma in 1943. He acted in several films. His acting
was natural.
Sajid Rafique on June 30, 2011
Mughl e azam was a masterpiece indeed and Rafi was young.
Mohammad Aslam Khan on July 26, 2011
full marks to this song in all departments !special credit to masterly Rafi
sahab,who made this song immortal in his high pitched melodious
voice.kahaaan gaye woh log ?we need such songs who make our souls feel
lively by listening them.this is example of melody ,not noise .rafi saheb
sang in all seven surs..i like him in all songs
raddonimran on August 18, 2011
my hart crying every time see dis really hart !!!
MsABDULLAH24 on September 01, 2011
I just love it.. God bless u MuhammAD RAFI..AAMIN
GulZoraKhan on September 07, 2011
Apparently the singer had 100 people singing in the chorus with
raheel501 on September 30, 2011
the old man in the video was very annoying ... ufff
dilawar6600 on October 06, 2011
Mr Pritviraj Kapoor had created an image of Akbar e azam , Mr dilip kumar as a Prince Saleem and the beautiful Madubala as Anarkali . now no one can take place ...
the petite on October 10, 2011
@dilawar6600 And unfortunately a fake copy of hollywood named Hritik got
the role of this great indian king , i was disapointed
upendrauppi1990 on October 18, 2011
Great song from ever green movie..
I lov all songs of Mughal E Azam.!
Priyansh Doneparthy on November 03, 2011
Naushad ji himself played a major role in digitalizing the music that's why
the song got more richness thatn its original recording.
rafie282000 on November 13, 2011
In the 1960 film Mughal-E-Azam. Janab Mohammed Rafi sahab sang the song "Ae
Mohabbat Zindabad", composed by Naushad, with a chorus of 100 singers...No
1 can take place of Janab Mohammed Rafi sahab..
racedevil350 on November 20, 2011
superb song
Mir Ali on December 07, 2011
one of the best movies of all time!
Swapnil Sahastrabuddhe on December 18, 2011
काय गायले आहे हे गाणे रफीने! पहिल्यापासून शेवट पर्यंत कुठेही ढिला झाले
नाही. कुठेही आवाज फाटला नाहीय्र, की चिरला गेला नाहीये, काय लयकारी! काय
आकार!! काय ताना!!! काय आवाज!!!! काय जादू आहे या आवाजात? अतिशय लाजवाब आणि
अप्रतिम असे हे गाणे आहे, शेवटचा आकार म्हणजे 'आज हुकुमत जिसका माजहब फिर उसका
इमान कहा' या ओळीत काय आकार घेतला आहे? आणि साधारणपणे सामान्य लोकं रफीला
romantic & duet गाण्यापुरतेच ओळखतात त्यांनी हे आणि अशी इतर गाणी ऐकावीत,
म्हणजे मखमली आवाज प्रसंगी किती धारदार होऊ शकतो हे त्यांना कळेल.
Baman Tadiwala on January 31, 2012
5 stars for this song!
Rahman Manu on February 24, 2012 nobody see the real artist Ustad Noushad saab, because of him we got this song.
naveedfurqan16 on February 25, 2012
v nice and great song bye furqan mughal
Priyansh Doneparthy on March 02, 2012
@kkpslmao Oh!!! So, was he one of those hundred chorus singers.
Priyansh Doneparthy on March 02, 2012
One gets a weird feeling when Rafi sahab sings the line "woh pathar hai
insaan kahan". I have never listened to any other song in which he went to
such high notes. This song exhibits Rafi sahab's talent. This song fills up
energy in a lazy person.
Ubaidullah Ubaid on March 22, 2012
haye muhammad rafi tujhe kahan se layen. We miss you. what a voice. magic
magic magic
Adam Man on April 01, 2012
MOHAMMED SALMAN Faiz on May 24, 2012
Dilip saab zinda baad
Jagmohan Singh on May 31, 2012
No one on the earth can sing this song but only Rafi Sahab could
do.Composition by Naushad Sahab is superb.
Sami Parvez Baloch on June 07, 2012
My one of the favorite song
Vipul Kumar on August 14, 2012
No, he is Mijjan Kumar (popularly known as kumar sahab) who resembled
Motilal and held stature much higher than Motilal at that time. Incidently
both were friends.
Vipul Kumar on August 14, 2012
To spell correctly, Mazzan! His real name was Syed Hasan Ali. He belonged
from a respected Nawab family from Lucknow. He worked in silent films and
most of his films were successful. Some of his films were Alhilal, Najma,
Jhankar and Dharam kee daivee and Sajio moorti (1935), Hamari baitian
(1936) Maira intiqam and Taaj mahal (1941), Kal jug (1942), Dhuai (1943),
Daivar (1946), Darbaan, Abida and Doosri shadi (1947) and Mughal-e-Azam
(1961). In early 60’s migrated to Paksitan.
amit kumar on August 14, 2012
aaaah...sorry my friend...din know that.thanks for the info bhai.
David Greig on August 25, 2012
Like all music from Mughal - E - Azam, it's great. Mughal - E - Azam is
showing on the big screen at Bradford Media Museum on 2 September 2012 at
sam jan on August 31, 2012
i agree with you mastypk these five people might not be human being or have
no sense of music
Farouk Datoo on September 16, 2012
Fantastic Song sung by the Master Singer: Mohamed Rafi!! Farouk Datoo,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
chinkerbells07 on November 17, 2012
relax man people have different taste in music...that doesnt mean they arent human beings. Grow up :)
Sukhjinder Deol on December 03, 2012
Great song!! \m/
saif hussaini on December 24, 2012
this songs is very nice
radhika seethi on February 28, 2013
irfan tai on March 01, 2013
That 1 2 1 2 is great. The most difficult song made to look very easy. Must
listen the last part..jiske dil me pyaar na ho...rafi saab sang it so
easily. Hats off to the legend and the very best..One and only My favourite
Rafi saab.
zaid ahmad on June 29, 2013
actually its urdu which was developed by adopting words from arabic persian
and hindi(language of india).
abrar husami on June 29, 2013
love this song
delon a on July 08, 2013
The worst song of the movie and the super annoying guy in the movie. He was
seriously anti social! The movie however has not been duplicated in India's
Mukesh Bhanushali on July 30, 2013
wow.gr8 to know tht.
syed javeed ulla hussaini on October 20, 2013
syed javeed ulla hussaini
Anand Chhabra on December 26, 2013
Excellent movie and excellent songs.
Narender Kumar on March 04, 2014
kumar sahab as sangtrashan,prithiraaj sahab as akbar and dilip as
saleeb,ajeet, madhu,duga what an actors and actress managed by k.asif.
some masterpiece give by producers and directors in every 10 years
from 1913 to till date- 1931-1940 achoot kanya,1951-1960 mughal e
azam,shree 420
1961-1970 waqt,naya daur and so on.
Dharma Hj Ji on March 10, 2014
no one can act like dilip saab and prthviraj 
Mihai S on April 20, 2014
most beautiful
aarifboy on April 27, 2014
Dilip Kumar should have acted on this beautiful song.
Ravinder Murthy on May 25, 2014
Dear shemaroo, Kindly provide a link for purchasing these video compilation
Cd and old classic movies like "Pyaar ki Pyaas", "Aadmi" and many others
Black and white and Colour movies. It will be really great. 
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