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Comments on song "Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana"
sonuvideos on January 01, 2007
yes they are
SPICYKAPU on January 30, 2007
amitabh4ever on March 28, 2007
this video captures rajesh khanna in his prime. definitely my favorite and
hema malini is so hottt!!!
amitabh4ever on March 28, 2007
this song is so great and reminds me to take life easy and live happily.
truly a defining role for rajesh khanna and his personality true shines in
this movie. well done.
jkenhar on June 19, 2007
aabbs7 on July 08, 2007
heema malini was really really pretty though.
aldmdn on July 23, 2007
great song. terima kasih atas lagunya.
fynsnman on October 21, 2007
Rajesh at his best and the message in the song is also valuable.
BollywoodBachan on November 12, 2007
I love Hema Malini. <3
edabrister on November 19, 2007
Very wonderful song!!! sure bring back old memories. Terima kasih for
posting lagu ini.
peace143 on February 16, 2008
moral: bawak motor pakai helmet hikhik
beautifulangel6 on April 07, 2008
love this song.
afishah83 on April 15, 2008
kwn2,kt mna bleh aku download free lagu ni?
aku teringin sgt la nk cari lgu hindi lama.

manoharganshani on May 09, 2008
Fantastic composition by Shankar Jaikishan. Great performance by Rajesh Khanna, the real super star of Indian cinema.
Renu4UTube on May 15, 2008
The best song to hear when you feel depressed!
vincevega0 on May 27, 2008
I'd love to hear this song in a theatre..the booming would be awesome!
akaiidai on June 16, 2008
Dowld lah melalui Youtube ni
Anjalee17 on June 27, 2008
i agree wiz u!!!!!
CGuardluver on July 16, 2008
this song is beautiful but sad movie
lucianmol on August 09, 2008
I know this very nice song since childhood, interpreted by the Romanian female singer of indian music Nargita in 1973
OAnMoLO on August 13, 2008
Yeah,Nice This is my}
lund246 on August 16, 2008
kishore actually did this song very nice
nuttierthanthou on September 03, 2008
Nice song, ..although a little crazy in the end
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA on September 05, 2008
rajesh hema have a great chemistry here and the song is edited in rhthym
with the great tune -it will always be evergreen -this is a historical song
as rajesh -hema became overnight superstars with this one song alone
-ramesh sippy the sholey director was a genius in his heyday -how he uses
the 2 great stars with a great song and singer too,
lieberso on September 17, 2008
Vivid show. I also like how he is "jodeling".
th3dilwalebollyw0od on October 16, 2008
lo mejor de lo mejor lo dice una peruana _ la musica mas hermosa musica
mycuteteddybear on October 20, 2008
great time classical, true indian style ...has all the emotions rolled into
one. thks for reuniting me with a great memory
straightfacts on October 21, 2008
Hey, compare this to Bachan's Muqaddar ka sikandar song! Both are shot on same streets and differ in character. RK was a romantic icon while AB was an angry young man! Both real superstars.
haswaz on December 09, 2008
damn i luv this song but it cud do without the yodelling!
adityar19 on March 01, 2009
Kishore da, I miss you so much.
mizanc on March 15, 2009
Hema Malini looks gorgeous
01enigmatic on April 20, 2009
its awesome to see the streets of bombay...
01enigmatic on April 20, 2009
she IS beautiful! Hema Malini: the golden beauty of India!
ssp5375 on April 30, 2009
I read on a blog that.. with this song Rajesh Khanna ended the Shammi
Kapoor Era... Is this true ??
saiftg on June 04, 2009
kind of.rajesh khanna's 5 min scene in the movie made more impact than
Shammi's lead role
pichkari8636 on June 05, 2009
MY FAV SONG !!!!!! purani hindi songs me kuch aurhi bath hei!!!!
RPCN143new on June 09, 2009
hema malani beautyful more than isha deol stil today..
Polka Dot on June 11, 2009
lol well rajesh khanna is way fitter and shammi was turnin fat!!
igotyou62 on July 15, 2009
yea dude and they looked soo good back in the they are choke full
of cars and traffic
utkarshlove1994 on July 26, 2009
Very Very Nice Songs nd the actress is beautiful
newtonwasted on September 10, 2009
The hallmarks of the legendary Royal Enfield - Bullet motorcycle . Same old thump , same old engine note , same old class , same old looks , i guess featured here in this song is early 70's model . Mr. Khanna , good job for riding one .
Ajit0208 on October 08, 2009
i was driving Enfield on Bombay streets , same song was on my mind .
mrgoshbb on October 17, 2009
tok lagu mengingatkan kamek zaman kanak dolok
PhiLoSoPhiCaLPaRi on October 19, 2009
1 of my favourite songs x
Dom Powers on November 16, 2009
Shammi is WAY more handsome than Rajesh. Even now. Plus, he's acted in a
double role, who else can claim to that.
Vivek Kaul on November 17, 2009
God,This song became a Rage in 1971/72 due to Yodelling of Kishore Kumar &
you say it could without the Yodelling.You must be GEN NEXT KID!!
devounhameed on November 19, 2009
wow wow, what a golden voice, i love it ,
devounhameed on November 19, 2009
wow, what a voice, and a very nice song, i love it,
adampatel8 on November 22, 2009
this song is stuck in my head :|
AiishwaryaAFG on November 24, 2009
that is true,beautiful song
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