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Comments on song "Kanto Se Khich Ke Ye Aanchal, Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai"
sanujdeals on May 27, 2009
wow wat song...really good...
treebushspagetticonf on May 28, 2009
wow I never thought there was a song like this by that I mean its awesome
Kushboooooooooo on June 14, 2009
its amazing!!!!!!!!!!! omg!!! i so love this song!!! its like.. wenever im sad or down.this song always comes in my mind and i come and hear it !!! AWESOME!
surgefast on July 14, 2009
trually Aewsome Mind blowing. Absolutely Wonderful GEM
rakiraj87 on August 05, 2009
just gave me goosebumps in the first sentence itself!

good2btheking on August 17, 2009
Kuch ishi tarha zindagee guzar rahee hai.
Peshawar2010 on August 20, 2009
can you imagine how sweet and beautiful song is this, Lata is at her peak, so melodious and super hit song
siddarthrai on August 27, 2009
Yes you are right, Lataji's high pitch singing is really heart-throbbing :)...
maideewana on August 31, 2009
Waheda Rehman super actress with Dev Anand looks just super. I really like this song. Thanks for this great upload.
ssbbrocks on August 31, 2009
lov it , it brings back alot of memories
nizamani24 on September 03, 2009
evey green songs & a song for all age people
0700227883 on September 21, 2009
you have good choice of song
love this song
THanks For Uploading
28ranbir on September 28, 2009
vahida,,,,,,,,,,,all time great,,,,,,
edemami on October 02, 2009
this has such special meaning for me.simply beautiful!
vish2254 on October 12, 2009
sorry man i was just tryin to a little funny but come on technology god
GEORGEGOMES2000 on December 24, 2009
I remember when I was still a kid, I went to the theatre with my parents to see this movie and when this song started, the audiance were throwing money inside the hall. Meaningful lyrics and sweet music.
goldeneye2555 on January 13, 2010
this song iz slick pple i love it
MrNadeemqureshi1 on January 16, 2010
very nice song with good print
sonaangel2009 on January 19, 2010
nice song with lata's voice and waheeda's act :) aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai
TOOLOW4ZERO on January 29, 2010
e ka sanskrit hai ki hindi ma likhein hain aap?
TokyoAmiable on January 30, 2010
the more oldies i hear, the more i hate current bollywood
LOWLADY5 on February 07, 2010
LMAOO!! wow tht shows their hypocrisy.
Vegita541 on February 09, 2010
listen to the 1st song on my channel
mediehard on February 10, 2010
Waheeda Rehman , grace and smile , love her pretty aasmani sareee , Dev anand ? have no idea how much money he used to give his producers to be in the movies , but , wait , he WAS the producer

: )))
Cinephile1808 on February 27, 2010
I completely agree! The current music is so simulated and uninspired. I absolutely HATE the English lyrics that they try to insert everywhere (even in romantic ballads).

These are the most beautiful songs ever and current producers can never match up to them again! The quality of Bollywood music has surely gone down, maybe even hit rock bottom already. (...but thankfully, we will always have these!)
mosafernorway2010 on April 12, 2010
nice song keep it up :):):)D
ankskalra91 on May 19, 2010
Greatest song with lata's voice and waheeda's act :) aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai aaj phir marne ka irada hai.
MegaKaajal on June 08, 2010
subhanallah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kitni meaningful lyrics hai.throughout the day i heard this song repeatedly.feel very pleasant.keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kishore7325 on June 13, 2010
"OLD IS GOLD".Thanks for the videos.
madhubalacrazycrazy on June 20, 2010
i like this song very very much.i was searching this song for a long time.thanks:):):)
fazzle420 on June 21, 2010
old song million time better then new one
bikramvenus on June 25, 2010
no words for the old songs
krajavel on June 29, 2010
excellent song of our time
jass1102 on July 12, 2010
My Favorite Actoress and I love this Song .. man those days was really golden Days.. I guess...
Roshankaur on July 13, 2010
olden is definitely golden!
surajsharma7063 on July 15, 2010
it is the song which i like most..
vipnasanthosh on September 01, 2010
@sonuEEE lovely & beautiful song
sunilbha on September 04, 2010
tika bhandari.woo! what a song!!! what a lyric!!! what a performance!!!thank you Lataji,thank you the lyriscitand thank you waheedaji.
st471438 on September 11, 2010
@TokyoAmiable I agree with you! Current songs are meaningless even the whole movies are meaningless.
aloksap on September 11, 2010

right right as meaningless as the world is
aloksap on September 12, 2010
@198sanya u think its correct what she did?...she herself suffered and devanand too...khud to doobe aur dossro ko bhi sath le doobe
purnachandrapatnaik on September 12, 2010
smalee2 on September 15, 2010
currently they have quantity and modernization and in past they have quality and simplicity
SIRA4LIFE on September 16, 2010
i dont't like the new bollywood..
saltlakebhodpa on September 27, 2010
what a funtastic song and a movie!!! Yeeoooww!!!
ccvyas on September 30, 2010
@rohinijanwadkar I have felt so nice in my heart after reading your comment in pure and decent hindi, truly Sanskrit nishth hindi. Sadar pranam,
queennikki01 on October 11, 2010
Wahida Rehman is a very Classic Actress. This Song was so popular once upon a time back in the 60's I guess. Very beautiful song by our Golden Legend Lata ji. Thanks Sajeda for sharing.
onkarshirsekar on October 16, 2010
i just heard the mukhda of dis song in one of our eve serials.n liked the tune n rhythm of dis song very mch...also the thought of hearing the original song...n thn it was by our gr8 Lata Mangeshkar..simply gr8...!!!! : )
786raidha786 on October 17, 2010
@onkarshirsekar Was that serial sasural gendha phool by any chance?? Hehe
MohammedRafi12 on October 28, 2010
Thank you For uploading Such A beautiful songs!The best channel in the world !who ever send worng massage ! shamme them self.
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