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Comments on song "Anjaana Anjaani"
Vino sitas on August 22, 2010
SuperTgirl123 on August 22, 2010
@MsShreyaa whats wrong with it? n lol is that all you got from this video?
harshita1994 on August 23, 2010
luv da song.luv ya ranbir.and piyanka is lil weird here
Shreya Sant on August 24, 2010
@superTgirl123 : nope... dats wat i noticed 1st! :D
A Prasad on August 24, 2010
@smallbrawl so true
sheeq chick on August 25, 2010
what's an anjaana and an anjaani?
zuza421 on August 25, 2010
@sheeqchick anjaana and anjaani mean stranger. anjaana is like the male version whereas anjaani is female.
thats wat i knw about the words dont knw if there is anything else to it tho :S but the movie is about strangers so i guess its right?! haha
limasdude on August 25, 2010
@sheeqchick it means stranger
sheeq chick on August 25, 2010
@zuza421 haha makes sense ;) cool thanks!!!
Nivea819 on August 25, 2010
diz sng is awesum !hope diz film is too !! fav. actor and my fav. actress actin in a film .. ! I cnt wait to watch diz film !! :)
kiskodd on August 25, 2010
i lov u ranbbir , i'l defintely watch movii :-* u look so sweet
Pranat B on August 25, 2010
priyanka is hot
Egyglory on August 26, 2010
I think this movie will be a blockbuster
MrArunkol on August 27, 2010
Ayush .Gupta on August 28, 2010
they look good together
MrSumanCool on August 29, 2010
That's Really An Awesome Song As Ranbir And Priyanka Are Together They Look
Awesome This Film Would Be An Hit..
Vela knightrider on August 29, 2010
all siddhart anand films look alike
waqar847 on September 01, 2010
yes yar this song i like it

Jasmine A on September 02, 2010
the song is nice!!! want to hear the full version!
Simran Maggoo on September 02, 2010
I LUV RANBIR !!!!!!!!!! :) nice song
Mr X_Katrok EDM Electro Dangdut Music on September 03, 2010 funny...
tammygurl94 on September 03, 2010
I'd love to see the lyricist for this song get far... If they have... no
comment I don't like this song ( I like other ones better :P) but it's
strangely stuck in my head >_<
anapana83 on September 04, 2010
This looks fun lol. I can't wait to watch it!
GoodLuker1 on September 04, 2010
She's stunning - my dream gal - Priyanka where art thou!! Wicked combination of desi looks and western style, gorgeous figure and luving her smile! Aye hai mastt!!
MsTash007 on September 05, 2010
I cnt wait for this movie to come out!!! yeah yeah yeah!!! I met a boy and his name was anjaana. ;)
robbbiekc on September 05, 2010
@kirankatrina anjaana's knockin sweetheart :)
811harry on September 06, 2010
@kirankatrina ur name is so swt dat u'll get many anjaana's
Renuka Landge on September 06, 2010
I M Mad 4 Ranbirrrrr..\ He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
88SHONA88 on September 06, 2010
gr8 movie and chemistry i can tell woow lovve priyanka and ranbir..cuuute song!

Can't wait for the movie!
TBLatRaman37040 on September 07, 2010
The sadthing is that this is an EROS movie so you can't watch this on youtube
nomanmughal50 on September 07, 2010
@kirankatrina i am an anjana
n waiting 4 u
nomanmughal50 on September 07, 2010
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nce song

Alina Naveed on September 07, 2010
is it just me or has priyanka started strippin a lot a clubs, and bars???
and she is dancing in clubs/ars a lot too.. uuuhhhhh. strippin bar
xxshazinaxx on September 08, 2010
go on my channel for the fiull song =)
1kash123 on September 09, 2010
Ranbir Kapoor is such a daddy's girl. daddy bought his stardom. He has a
pretty girl face - chakka. In my opinion ofcourse. His acting in 1st movie
was so horrible, but ric daddy's boy gets another chance unlike the regular
hard struggler.
hasha boy on September 10, 2010
btw...this song rules!
Rukmunee Bhagat on September 10, 2010
by d way gals i dont think soo dat heis a chakka but if u ppl.think soo
datt u ppl.hav tried him out i guess soo.sooo plz.. do make a sensible cmnt
over here n nic songg
MrBhemsen on September 10, 2010
luv ranbir forever
icykisses0812 on September 11, 2010
ranbir and priyanka are rocking it i am definitley watching this its going
to be a HIT!!!!
Tiger Soupe on September 12, 2010
ranbir rocks...
funday53 on September 13, 2010
i think this movie is going to be good!
funday53 on September 13, 2010
i love priyanka i love you you rock
shefali467 on September 14, 2010
i love you ranbir!!!!!. u can be called shahrukh khan of mordern times
rohitrko999 on September 14, 2010
i will drink priyanka's urine and menses and poke her navel
04farhatify on September 15, 2010
just luv ranbir awsome song cant wait 4 movie
0909PRINCE on September 15, 2010
INDIAN film industry rockssssssssssssssss
AmilliAmili on September 15, 2010
priyanka spanking ranbirs BOOTY @1:40
Azzujun on September 16, 2010
Clois29 on September 16, 2010
Wonder what da stodryline about tho :S i love this songs btw
funday53 on September 18, 2010
i love ranbir and priyanka
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