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Comments on song "Anjaana Anjaani"
funday53 on September 18, 2010
i love ranbir and priyanka you rock
zameerakhan on September 19, 2010
dont know y ppl have prob with Priynaka! guess they r jealous of her success n her super duper figure :P :P never seen any beauty with so much talent !! Love u piggy chops :) :) <3
rOmsi i on September 20, 2010
@MrJimmy661: LOL i agree so much !!
MrJimmy661 on September 20, 2010
@romsirox yeahhh n thy... talk about us... tht we r forgetin our culture..
deepak951 on September 20, 2010
when will 24th cm yaar.. waiting since a month now.. cant wait nymore.. if
nyone having video for "tujhe bhula diya" then plzzzzzzzz upload it.
inca122 on September 20, 2010
@deepak951 now wait till 1st oct
inca122 on September 20, 2010
@MrJimmy661 dont watch then
satish7456 on September 23, 2010
Ranbir the new shehanshah, Badshah, King ,perfectionist, of bollywood
satish7456 on September 23, 2010
Ranbir rocks.
Rumena Begum on September 23, 2010
Anjaana a a a a Anjaani i i i i...Mil Gaye e e e...Toh Bani i i i...Kahani
i i i i =D
iqbaldisouza1 on September 23, 2010
i would watch tridev 10 times than watching this for one time
joy1640 on September 24, 2010
all the anjaana say yea yea yea
redshoes555 on September 24, 2010
they r kinda acting tooo cute ..meh doesnt work
Preeta Mkmain on September 24, 2010
goooooooo luv this songgg ..x
Harnisha Soma on September 25, 2010
whats da difference b/w cameron diaz,ashton kutcher and
RAKESHMAAHI on September 28, 2010
ranbir app kal sony tv par aye to mujhe app ka nature bhut acha laga app to bhut khush rahne wale insan hai ranbir app aur amir khan sirf apne kaam ki taraf man lagate hai
raza shamsi on September 29, 2010
Preeta Mkmain on September 29, 2010
Preeta Mkmain on September 29, 2010
@aliabideen YOUR WEIRD
taxfreebusiness on September 30, 2010
top contest ..
how many time priyanaka weared that small chaddi in movie to prove she is size zero ?
is kareena weared it more time than priyanka ?
how may times in future ranbir (rose lips female boy) will show his female like body ?
CuTieAishah on September 30, 2010
LOVE this Song!! Awesumm!!!!!!! Why arent there any FUll Song Videos! I wanna Download them!
rocky primes on October 01, 2010
silly title song.
erdhaval265 on October 02, 2010
@aliabideen why u think its boringggggg
abby1234abc on October 02, 2010
oh god not again ranbir phir koyi anjanni life main aah gayi
xcutezaryx on October 02, 2010
lool tht waas jokeezz luvd duuh songg luv u priyanka n ranbir x
07family29 on October 03, 2010
@funky1325 Lol really? I wanna watch it soooooo bad but it isn't playing
anywhere in my city :(..
diyakurian12 on October 03, 2010
guys i am your big fan so rock it babe
luv rach(diya)..!!!
innocent4eva on October 03, 2010
priyanka looks so nice in the movie...but in this song she looks like a
frikkin hooker...
GoodLuker1 on October 03, 2010
i luv PC she has amazing body - amazing smile - and amazing acting skills!!
sarah chicka on October 06, 2010
@sukhmanisehdave then dont use it (:
Rajani Nag on October 08, 2010
nice movie nice song ranbir rocks
2nishadh1 on October 09, 2010
title song is lot better than the other else
vaishali25234356 on October 10, 2010
i jst luv to watch dis song
ranbu iz oo cute
BokuNoMure on October 12, 2010
lol @puppetmatster421 - i said same thing to my wife when i went to watch
the movie
Suresh Kumar Avula on October 12, 2010
@BokuNoMure , sonna kotoba wo tsukawanide! sukinai to mo dame yo!
khanperdaysi on October 12, 2010
its really cool song for us whats say guys...
chotadon33 on October 17, 2010
ugliest women in bollywood priyanka
Suresh Kumar Avula on October 19, 2010
@BokuNoMure ' Baka Yaro' to iu to ii desu ka? Watashi wa baka jin nai n
desu. Honto ni anta wa Murabito yo! ;)
Rahela Begim on October 22, 2010
priyanka so ugly
Theibtehaj007 on October 23, 2010
@karabasaraba beta tera mhzab tughe ehi sikha skta hai. ullo ke pathon..
FM43ful on October 23, 2010
if u wanna wacth the movie for free just subscribe me then PM me so i can give u the website swear its 100% true
b4k2home4u on October 26, 2010
@TheJuma83 ur taste fails
prandtl002 on November 03, 2010
@karabasaraba Its wrong to speak like this dude, this kind of language never did and never will be thoughful enough to make someone understand something...:::)))
Suresh Kumar Avula on November 03, 2010
@prandtl002 , ofcourse,I agree with u dude,but I only replied in his own
language to make him understand.
Suresh Kumar Avula on November 05, 2010
@x96827 dude, well said.
Suresh Kumar Avula on November 05, 2010
@BokuNoMure , Till now u r only ABC. If u blabber like this we Indians make
vishnu nair on November 05, 2010
@BokuNoMure yar cant u guy stop pissing each other like this..come on
its just a waste of time..nothing else.just thimk about it.:-)
vishnu nair on November 05, 2010
@karabasaraba yar cant u guy stop pissing each other like this..come on
its just a waste of time..nothing else.just thimk about it.:-)
brownsguga on November 09, 2010
@BokuNoMure women don't talk like that...we actually stand up and fight if
we have to..And the other thing is that we usually only fight over
something if its worth fighting over...unlike some men
ameyabnair on November 09, 2010
@BokuNoMure wow dude, we women don't talk like that.. we usually are fight for what we believe in.. it is true that the older generations didn't do it and maybe u think that women are weak because in Islamic countries women are treated that way but realy women aren't like that... maybe he doesn't like arabs because u speak like that and because u have a bad attitude so try to change ur attitudes.. and i'm a woman
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